The problem I have with R3ndi3r from Youtube (South Africa)

R3ndi3r also known as Renaldo runs a fairly popular channel on Youtube. Attracting views from disgruntled South Africans as well as viewers from all over the world. R3ndi3r provides a unique insight into real issues facing the “average” South African. R3ndi3r can be thought of as somewhat of an activist who feels it is his duty to report on current issues to his subscribers. I get the feeling that R3ndi3r is trying to raise international awareness on the situation in South Africa but primarily serves as the voice for disgruntled white South Africans. He essentially provides a great deal of South Africans with a regular dose of comforting.

South Africa is a boiling pot full of racial tension. It could be referred to as “the rainbow nation”, some people might even call it diverse. You could also consider it to be a mess where sub groups don’t integrate very well. I’m not entirely sure the situation is getting any better. There are still a great deal of white people who dream of having a “white only” state. The South African news media specifically mention the color of a persons skin all the time, for example : “White man beaten up by Robbers”, “White farmers killed in recent shooting”, “Black woman wins bingo competition”. Here are some real examples : here and here and here and here and here. In the meantime black people seem to be racist towards white people (and still feel resentful of their oppressors). The situation is worsened because a great deal of black people who were living in the apartheid days were promised a “free ride” by the ANC (African National Congress) – free housing, free education, I sometimes wonder if they were promised free food too. Well they’re still living in poverty. White people on the other hand spoon feed by the NP (National Party / Apartheid days) now have laws such as AA (Affirmative Action) which actually limits the jobs they can apply for. As part of a wealth distribution program, companies are forced to employ a majority of black people, then have an Asian sub culture, finally white people are considered for jobs as a last resort.

There are however a large number of South Africans who live in luxury despite all the poverty going on around them. However they are constantly the target for violent gun related crimes. There is a clear and visible distinction between “those who have, and those who do not have”. A very small percentage of the country are middle class by European standards. Meanwhile farmers are still getting slaughtered, could this accurately be described as Genocide?

I hope the picture I’ve just painted was clear. R3ndi3r is out there producing his weekly / monthly rants, but I’m wondering how effective a voice he really is? His overall message is not very positive, and I don’t blame him for this. I respect his right to exercise freedom of speech and do what he wants. All I am saying is, he’s not using his head.

The obvious question facing R3ndi3r is why doesn’t he just leave South Africa? I wonder if he is expecting the situation for white people to improve? R3ndi3r needs to open up his history books and review some case studies of historical events, because as they say “History repeats itself”. See it doesn’t matter where in the world you are eventually the majority group of the population will cease power, and once they have that power subgroups typically get persecuted. Don’t believe me? Ask any African American. It’s 2010, and they’re still complaining about equality issues.

Watch this video – Notice that this video has no racial connotations, it simply demonstrates the power of the majority, it is scientific evidence that most people do not want to be in the minority.

Need more proof, take a look at these : Russians target subgroups, Hindus target Christians, What about the USA? too much evidence to mention, Czech Republic (read the description for the video). You might dismiss these as isolated incidences, but lets face it, if you’re in the minority, you’re going to get targeted sooner or later if you pose some treat, even if you don’t you’ll never be completely accepted unless you assimilate.

But who wants to assimilate? Not very many people as it turns out, people are very proud of their heritage. Look at these : , or ever seen “My big fat Greek wedding”? Well there is a lot of truth in that movie. Subgroups really do stick together like this rather than integrate. If the subgroup is in the extreme minority it will be tolerated because it provides cultural diversity value for the majority. However as this subgroup grows in power and numbers it will eventually strike some chords, and invoke fear in the majority.

Anyways – what I’m getting at is – R3ndi3r, you’re in the minority, likewise every white person in South Africa. In Dangerous proportions, and considering the history of South Africa treading on thin ice. Either live with this fact or leave the country, find greener pastures where you are once again in the creed majority. Please don’t think the issue will be solved in 10, 20 or 50 years from now. Past injustices are seldom forgotten. A great deal of Czech people, still despise Germans primarily because of their occupation during WW2. What about the youth who never lived through the war? They’re as prejudice as their parents who have taught them well. How about the natives in Hawaii, they’re still blowing their horn about how the Calvinist missionaries destroyed their island way of life (190) years ago.

Next point: Who actually cares? The world has a certain tolerance towards bad news. The general population will watch the news, and get an overview of what is going on in the world. News media have a tendency to focus on the less mundane aspects of life. The sheer scale of global coverage means that we’ll hear about something extraordinary virtually every single day. However for the most part, life goes on. The situation in South Africa in comparison to other global events simply does not warrant the type of attention R3ndi3r deems. Issues like global recession, Russia on fire, Australian information censorship, The war in the Middle east all seem far more critical than the situation in South Africa. Its common sense really the racial tension in South Africa cannot really be solved by external involvement.

As Haile Selassie once stated : “Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war and until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation, until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes. And until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, there is war. And until that day, the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship, rule of international morality, will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained… now everywhere is war.” Yes its also a Bob Marley song. Its a song that clearly states the problem a minority group faces. However if you want to see progress, then we need to follow the advice of Morgan Freeman, who in my opinion has the best solution to this problem:

Clearly R3ndi3r is part of a nameless movement. Its motto is “Fight for the rights of the forgotten White South African”.  There is a fine line though between a slacktivist and an activist. Bitching till your hearts content on Youtube might provide a valuable way to blow off steam, but does this invoke change. I am not sure. Change requires extreme measures. I think if nothing more R3ndi3r is a starling reminder for those of us who have left South Africa, not to get too homesick and enjoy our new lives away from all that racial tension.

7 thoughts on “The problem I have with R3ndi3r from Youtube (South Africa)

  1. Renaldo, I’m personally embarrassed to be South African right now for two reasons. The first reason is Julius Malema and conflict involving the Government in South Africa. The second reason is because of the immature comments and language you so gracefully display. People all over the world at any time can view what you’ve posted on the internet and quite honestly you make yourself and most South African’s look like a bunch of aggressive idiot’s. It’s people like yourself that abuse our constitution (Freedom of speech) You’re just as bad as Malema considering the way that you’re acting. I’m not saying don’t stand up for what you believe in, all I’m saying is remember who you’re representing when you speak on youtube. I’m sure you wouldn’t use a simular vocabulary to the one you use on youtube If confronted by Helen Zilla.

    • MICHHAEL. firsly i think like so many whites around the world YOU HAVE MISSED THE PLOT!!!
      worldwide we are under threat as a race no matter where we go. I now live in France to get away from the problem of being a minority group just to find that the non white people walk all over us here too!
      Let us not mention the uk riots where mostly black youths are running a mock. what is happening to whites in south africa now, is europe and and the rest of the western world in the future, WAKE UP FROM YOUR COMPLACENT SLUMBER!!!
      Wayne .

      • Yeah, I watched those riots in the UK and couldn’t help coming to the same conclusions. What is the situation like in Holland? Any ideas?

      • Wayne your rant worries me, if not because the only wars I see being fought all over the planet are wars being fought by White countries to disinherit non Whites from natural resources that is rightfully theirs. Everywhere there are Whites you see the remnants of massacred indigenous populations be it Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and countries like Botswana and Namibia. Yet incredibly your sort continues to see Whites as the sole victims of the worldwide carnage caused by your leaders.

        Your leaders don’t care who occupies what country as long as they’ve control of every country. I don’t see you blaming your leaders only the people who have been disinherited and separated from what is theirs.

        Riots do not start without reason and when you look deeper you will see that if we started out with a fairer system there’d not be any riots.

  2. Pointless article; how do we solve the ongoing problems in South Africa!? Ask R3NDI3R to leave. And this is the solution this guy can come up with? Complete nonsense. The article does not in fact give an accurate reflection of what is happening in South Africa today. By and by it is still Blacks who are the oppressed majority, with Whites owning most infrastructure and even the TV channels.

    It’s funny to hear people saying they’re embarrassed to be South African because of Julius Marlerma! Who is Julius Malerma when it boils down it? Despite the fact he is outspoken and Black. Was this person (Kyle) ashamed to be South African when Eugene Terreblanche was spouting off every minute? Julius may not be the most diplomatic or coherent person in South Africa but he made sense when he called for mines and other infrastructure to be nationalised so everyone can enjoy wealth which up till now falls in the hands of mostly Whites and the USA.

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