Logitech Desktop Wave Wireless Lag.

About 2 months Ago I purchased the Logitech Desktop Wave, which is a wireless keyboard and mouse combination. Since then I’ve had intermittent problems with lag.

I cannot say my lag issues are completely resolved, but I will share my experience so far, which has helped me make the lag more tolerable while I dig further and try to find the solution to the problem.

Firstly my disclaimer: I would highly recommend that you do not purchase this keyboard and mouse combination if you are a precision user. For the average granny sitting at home I am nearly sure that a bit of mouse lag would go by without the user even noticing it. I however expect my equipment to work nearly flawlessly, so I notice every single bit of lag. It gets highly frustrating for power users to have to sit through laggy mouse sessions. Owning a wireless combination set has turned me into a believer of cables.

Here are the solutions you should try that might solve your issue.


1. No matter what, get yourself a USB extension cable, and plug it into the receiver. Now move the receiver no more than 10cm’s away from your keyboard or mouse. This defeats the whole purpose of having these devices wireless, but it does reduce most of the OOB lag. Look, its either this or you pack up the keyboard and mouse in the box and take it back to the shop.

2. If you keep your wireless router on your desk, move it away or turn off the radio transmission if you’re not using it. 2.4Ghz is a busy frequency in the living area of a geek. Don’t bother trying to adjust the wireless router channel, this simply doesn’t work. Move it or loose it.

3. Try every single USB slot you have available extensively, front and back ports included. This takes time to run full tests, until you find the least laggy port. Some motherboards have network cards which seem to share bandwidth with certain USB ports, I’ve read this, but yet to confirm this as a myth, however a lot of users found their lag issue solved by switching to a front USB port on their desktop machines.

4. Don’t use SetPoint. I know it sucks not having the extra buttons work, but SetPoint might be the root cause of the Lag.

5. Wrap the reciever in tin foil. I’ve heard this boosts the reception and lowers the lag, I have personally not tried this.



  • It appears the lag is worse during network usage or while downloading content from the internet.
  • Logitech support offer no solutions
  • Mostly its about making the lag more bearable, rather than solving it completely.