The unsolvable remote doesn’t work after standby issue

Here is an issue thats been driving me up the wall, and although I’ve been aware of this issue for over 3 years now, I still haven’t managed to find 1 solution that works for me.

The problem: Laptop comes with a built in eHome Infrared Receiver (USBCIR) MCE Remote. The receiver works until you put the computer to sleep, after you resume, the receiver does not work. Nothing appears to help restore the functionality of the receiver, not even a warm reboot, only unplugging the power source and performing a true cold reboot resets the device.  This is for my experience with a Vaio VGN-AR41S.

Windows 7 64Bit

Here is a picture of the device manager, when the remote works:

At this point everything works, like a dream.

Now lets put the computer to sleep and wait at least 10-15 minutes.

Here is the updated picture of the device manager:

You also get a warning on the side of your screen which looks like this just after coming out of sleep mode:



Further examination shows us the device properties:



The theory is, if you can somehow find a way to reset the device back to its original state without requiring a cold boot, you could then run some kind of script each time the computer comes out of standby.

Failed Attempts:

1: Delete devices in device manager and scan for changes.

This actually has a worse affect, or no affect, because after doing this you will need to reboot the computer for the devices to work, however even a warm boot as discussed, doesn’t work!

Here is the screenshot after you uninstall driver and scan for changes:




So what do Microsoft have to say about this:

Basically they tell you to do what I’ve just said – 1. Shutdown 2. Unplug Power cable 3. Reboot.

Time to test out the solution on Linux. Perhaps its an OS issue. Stay tuned for part 2.