Sharepoint 2010 8GBs of RAM or more recommended

While its true Sharepoint 2010 will run on 4Gb’s of RAM, it certainly is the bare minimum. If you’re just getting into Sharepoint 2010 development, then you should be aware that its pretty RAM hungry.

Some developers can get by on “any old system”. The rest of us get frustrated when our development environments perform poorly.

Unlike Sharepoint 2007, the 2010 version can install officially on Windows 7 (with some difficulty it was possible to get 2007 installed too). So if it installs on Win 7, and can run with 4GBs of RAM then what exactly is the problem? How does 6Gb’s compare?

I personally have 6Gb’s of ram installed and outside of Sharepoint development its more than enough. Since getting more into SharePoint 2010 I am feeling the need to upgrade my RAM.

This poses a dilemma, how it is possible that 6Gb’s of RAM cannot be enough? I’m a purist running my RAM in Tri-channel DDR3, so the next logical upgrade for me would be 12Gb’s of RAM, its an “over the top” amount when you consider that most of my computing needs seldom push beyond 4.5Gbs, except for Sharepoint.

So whats eating the RAM

  • The base OS, Windows 7 isn’t exactly what I would call super slim
  • Vitals (Applications such as MS Outlook, Browser(s), Messengers, Private email clients, AV, Wireless device drivers)
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 (eats ram)
  • RDC connections and VPN
  • The rest

But finally Sharepoint 2010!

When you add all this up you’ll be pushing the envelope on 6Gb’s. Don’t even think about firing up a virtual machine.

RAM is relatively inexpensive so rather than rely on HDD swapping, just plan ahead and get a minimum of 8Gb’s of RAM if you’re working with MOSS 2010.

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