I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find tech stuff I want to buy.

Every so often I have a budget to buy something tech related. This feeds my inner geek. However recently I must admit, I was unable to find ANYTHING out there tech related, that I’m remotely interested in, or a new must have gadget.

Now I’m not some spoilt rich kid who has every new toy imaginable. I have a few toys, but certainly less than most tech driven geeks. I never buy anything just for the sake it. Whatever I buy has to serve a real meaningful purpose and be worth the money spent. For this reason I’m not the type of geek who has a USB mini fridge, neither do I own a fake light sabre.

No, the gadgets I have around me all serve a function.

I’m not a cell phone geek either. I own a phone, and I use it to make calls, that’s about it. I don’t have any desire to upgrade a phone for no good reason. I don’t have Android, because I don’t need Android. I don’t need a device to “check my Twitter, on the road”, because I don’t use Twitter. I do commute, sometimes by train. I don’t need internet connection while on the train, I like to either look out the window, read a book, or sleep.

I don’t own an iPad, and because of this, I don’t have to spend money on Apple apps that add little value to my life. I have already mentioned that every gadget I own must add real value to my life, and I’m not superficial. If I wanted something like an iPad, I would buy a Netbook.

So what really more could I possibly need in terms of geek essentials I asked myself. 2 months ago, I bought a media streamer, that was a good buy. Sound is important, but I’ve also got that base nicely covered.

After trying hard to find something to buy for a few hours. I realized there is actually no new geek toy I really need, but to my amazement nothing I really wanted.

I searched, yes sir I did. This made me wonder, am I getting older? Then I thought, no that can’t be the reason for my new found lack of interest, after all I still enjoy listening to the Offspring, clearly I’m not ready yet for John Denver and The Bee Gees. So I started questioning why do a great deal of gadgets out there not interest me.

I’ll tell you why. Mostly the market is getting flooded with shit you don’t need. People are becoming so easy to sell to, that a lot of firms are not really trying to push the envelope to deliver useful devices. We’re getting spammed with devices and smart phones designed to perform functions we don’t need to do anyway.

You see I’m not caught up in social networking and social media sites. I quit Facebook in the days of Diaspora launching, and then discovered that the best social media is NO SOCIAL MEDIA. I’ve fallen back to more traditional emails and Skype / MSN. With these mediums You can be sure everyone in my contact list I know personally, and I only deal with people who would notice if I died. I don’t have 200 friends on Facebook, who would wish me well if I moved to New Zealand during earthquake season.

Because I’m not caught up in social media hype, I have no reason to buy a device that provides me with little value other than checking social media sites. And this saves me money.

Cut a long story short, my tech budget is now getting spent on other projects and interests.

Please let me know if you spot any cool must have gadgets that are actually useful. Take care!

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