Windows 7 SP1, the service pack that does nothing for me

As the title suggests, you can definitely expect nothing more than a subjective rant from this post so stop reading now, if you’re after information.

Along with some critical security fixes, I happened to stumble apon Windows 7 SP1 in my update list. Well this is not entirely true, I was aware of SP1 being released from reading a Reddit post about a week ago.

I’m trying to download the update but it won’t get passed 18%. Ok not a problem, I’ll just try again tomorrow, or will I?

I am happy Microsoft do release security upgrades in the form of a service pack, this gives you a junction to slip stream install media and helps Network admins automate installs. It also means you can download a version of Windows with all previously released bug fixes and security patches. Great!

There is also a side of me that at times takes off the cap of sensibility and demands just a little fun. It would have been nice of Microsoft to provide a few small fun or exciting items in this service pack. But unfortunately its all yawns for the most part.

RemoteFX sounds good in theory, but I question how helpful it will really be to the average user. When I RDC into the server, I don’t expect it to have any GPU capability, and I certainly have no intention of playing neither Crisis nor Chess titans on it, thank you very much. True and useful RDC over VPN functionality would have been nice, the ability to finally drag and drop files onto an RDC window for example. But no, instead we get RemoteFX, a true waste of R&D. You might say, yes but now you can tap into GPU mainframes with dummy terminals. Great, now you need to buy twice the hardware. The last time I checked GPU mainframes didn’t come cheap. Certainly not cheaper than having a distributed GPU setup.

Would have been good if the Windows team had spent 3-4 days giving Chess titans network capability. Possibly included one more Windows game. How about giving built in .rar file handling. Finally made the OS skin-able, without requiring length hacks or pay programs. Maybe even a cool new file system. I’m not sure, but the point is nothing like this was done, just boring old security fixes.

I’ve seen some bloggers posting “Service releases should be boring”.  Yeah maybe in your books, but I don’t see how a little Jazz on the side would hurt for the rest of us, who aren’t well trained robots.

Come on guys, put a bit of sparkle in the package next time, please!

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