Rendier’s persistence is paying off

I while ago I did a blog post about Rendier who is well known for his Youtube channel. In my previous post I made mention of why I thought Rendier’s frustrations would be resolved a lot quicker if he emigrated, rather than try and fight the injustices in the new South Africa.

As it turns out since August 2010, Rendier continues to posts and he’s now started the Rendier show. One thing you’ll notice is a generally more professional presentation. Less swearing and more hard hitting facts.

I’m not sure where Rendier got this new found energy to continue spreading his message but I’m impressed. Along with the better presentation, Rendier has also gone right back to basics. He’s addressing simple matters, “The price of eggs politics” in a way that the regular man on the street can understand.

He’s putting his ass out there in the wind and getting people to listen. If you listen to his overall message he wants nothing more than to assist in establishing a true democratic and fair for all South Africa with less crime and better education.

Lately I’m noticing that besides just general ranting, he’s starting to paint a solution, as I said he’s sticking to “bread and butter” politics and that is exactly what is required to improve South Africa.

Long winded promises of change by the ANC has not helped the situation for the average man on the street very much. Apartheid days are long gone, but a lot of real issues now need to be addressed for South Africa to move forward. Primarily deep funding is required for education. Without addressing educational requirements first, there will always be a vast gap between the upper class and those who can barely afford to eat. As long as improving education is not the main objective the crime epidemic rages out of control.

It’s very simple, South Africans need to realise that until education is improved the country will continue to slip into decay. Rendier knows this, and he’s trying to get this message out there to anyone who will listen and I wish him full success.