Why Reddit sucks

If you’ve ever visited Reddit, then you’ll already know it is one of those sites that pull you right in and gets you hooked quickly. Unfortunately it is also one of those sites which tends to give you a distorted view point of the world.

The main problem with Reddit is that right at the core, you’ll find a rotten community, if you can call it that. To put it another way, most of the community on Reddit are made up of some of the biggest assholes on the internet. This is the fundamental problem with the site.

6 months ago I discovered Reddit, I really had no idea just what kind of rat infested hell hole it was. But the more I used the site the more things started making sense to me.

Here are a few things that have put me off about Reddit:

The users are primarily teenagers.

As one ex Redditor put it:  Whiny teenagers, stupid memes, [FIXED], rage comics, the best (video game, tv show, book, toy) from my childhood, internet vigilanteism, terrible grammar, grammar nazis, pictures of cats, conde nast, etc. etc.

This is what makes up the most of the content.  Because the users are mostly teenagers, you can expect teenage related content.
Who do you think is writing the content and those nasty comments? This guy?
I would be way more inclined to suggest one of these kids:

Everything is ok, except having any real morals

I’ve noticed this on Reddit, you can be Pro ANYTHING and no one has a problem with that, except if the thing you are Pro for, questions the morals of Reddit. You can be pro drugs, pro gay, pro stealing, pro terrorism, this is taken lightly by the teenagers on Reddit, but if you happen to be pro God, whoa to you, Reddit will hate you.

This is because Reddit has become the garbage bin of the internet where bored American kids hang out and discuss things that can only really amuse teenagers or people of questionable intellect.

At the time of writing here are some of the top questions sitting in /r/askReddit

Tell me if you think these are really mature things to be talking about, or merely teenage topics?

  1. Why don’t more people live underground? (324 upvotes)
  2. Do platonic guy friends exist? (154 upvotes)
  3. My brother pulled a hair out of his balls and what appears to be red string is coming out. It’s sticking out and hurts if he pulls on it. What is it? Should he be worried? Picture inside, NSFW. (154 upvotes)
  4. Why does gasoline smell so damn good? (28 upvotes and rising)
You can always head over to Reddit at any time to get a fresh dose of teenage fun.

There is some adult content

It is true, not all of Reddit is just for teenagers, but there is no Reddit Senior version, its all or nothing, piled in one giant mess. There are some categories which are better than others, but the rule is the more general the category, usually the more likely you’re to find yourself in “just another teenage thread”.

Now this is where I have respect for Jeff Atwood and the Stack-exchange group. What Jeff has created is nothing short of a miracle, focused niche sites with strong communities who are completely against trolling and do not tolerate impolite behavior. Simply put, Reddit is a cesspit, while stack exchange sites are akin to class and quality.

To put it another way the Reddit community think they’re smart, but I think its time they took a step back and just had a think what they’re participating in. Smart people build quality structures, not mud huts.

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  1. I had used this Reddit thing on recommendation as a way to share blog posts. It worked for awhile and then, all of a sudden, I get this”You have submitted too many articles recently–try again in about an hour” thing…and the hour never seems to pass. You know what? Either I mis-read the purpose of that site or I have inadvertently spammed it with too many blog posts or it simply isn’t set up for bloggers. I have no idea but I am to the point now where I am not sure if I will ever waste time by trying to “Reddit” anything or not. Are there other bloggers out there with the same concerns?

    • You are not supposed to spam Reddit with your own blog posts…
      You should be trying to find other interesting things on the internet to share. Why would people want to read your blog if you don’t care about their posts?

      • That is a good point and I think I have learned from my error. What I am doing now is going to Redditt to get other people’s opinons about things and that adds meat to some of my blog posts. So I do care about the posts that others put up – – – they are giving me a world of ideas for articles to write in the blog.

      • One example of this is AskReddit. This sub despite its name isn’t really designed for defined Q&A. Its purpose is to create for more lighthearted, meaningful discussion.

        If you decide to ask a question that isn’t considered up to their format, it will instantly be removed by one of their bots.

      • Yep Reddit sucks alright. It a pretentious BS website that trolls for immature pricks with big egos and no knowledge of world affsirs If yoy red it on reddit tgen yoy know it’s shit.

    • Ditto, same thing happened witi me in r/gitm so i deleted most of my comments as well as the account.reddit is a bunch of vicious kids that depends on a very few really great members to uphold its credibility.secretagentman007 and triumphantgeorge are 2 members in gitm/r who have kept the sub alive.

  2. I basically quit reddit this week. If you look at the front page, it’s 90% stupid memes, macros and useless IAMAs. Who the fuck cares what you saw when you woke up? It’s sad cause there was none of this crap few years ago,

  3. Great article!
    Couldn’t agree more, been trying for a couple of weeks no to break the 5 votes barrier (up or down I don’t care) and getting nowhere.
    My blog generally gets good feedback from other sources (bloglovin, facebook, etc) but just can’t get any feedback at all from Reddit.
    Even put in the title ‘new to this please leave feedback’ got 100 views but the only feedback was 1 downvote. How constructive!!
    So put a picture of a cat playing an xbox and got ten times the amount my blog did.
    So pissed with this site at the moment.

    Can anyone recommend a good blog promotion site?

    • Blog promotion is a hell of a game!

      I found that I had to think like a blogger. Do I go to blog promotion sites? Not really. So maybe nobody else does either. Well, unless you’re a teen and WANT to look at farting cats.

      What helped me out was two things…getting involved and getting content. Some of my best articles are my most ignored simply because I’m not “paying it forward” and going to other people’s sites. Write something then do your footwork. After a while the numbers will accumulate and you will gain a following.

      So that’s my blog success advice…”do unto others”!

      That having been said, go to my site so I can pay my mortgage. 🙂

  4. I hear you loud and clear. I had the unfortunate honor of having one of my articles on there and holy crap…what a freaking gong show it turned out to be. Hey, I have no problem with discussing opposing views in a mature and calm manner…but as you said, such behavior is nowhere to be found at Reddit.

    Since then I avoid that place like the plague. It’s basically a den for angry atheist teenagers who think they know everything but are instead the lowest common intellectual denominator in cyberspace.

    And I thank you for letting me vent that!

    • ¨It’s basically a den for angry atheist teenagers who think they know everything but are instead the lowest common intellectual denominator in cyberspace. ¨

      You said it bro, and as many said, it USED to be quite interesting, its a shame actually…

  5. I’m glad someone shares my view of that website. It used to be a good site, it lured me in some odd two years ago with a promise of having a rational discussion with likeminded people.

    Now it’s a cesspit of moronic comments, lame hipster’ish 90’s retro gaming references, full on nostalgia, idiotic AskReddit submissions, circlejerking, rage comics, memes and generally unfunny pictures soked in much saught after nerd-elitism. Which brings me to another point.

    If you look at Reddit’s fronpage right now, please do me a favor and count the number of posts linking to images on imgur.com. I counted 15 out of 25 top submissions linking to pictures of unfunny memes, rage comics, pictures of cats, dogs, “look who I’ve met today” and to top it all off, the most voted link of today is…brace yourselves:

    “When Domino’s said no, I said yes” (a picture of a guy holding a pizza arranged to look like a Pokeball).

    Maybe this site should be renamed to Seenit.com since it has very little to do with actual reading anymore?

    That’s it, I quit that site. I’m tired of Reddit’s community with its high opinion of itself while they deliver progressively worse content with every day.

    Reddit has turned into a circlejerk of everything a lonely nerd dreams of because while he’s awake he’s most likely to be playing Ocarina of Time for the hundredth time, dressed up as Link with Mario themed slippers, sitting on the floor of his basement with a ‘foreveralone.jpg’ expression on his face, untill a beam of sunlight falls through a dirty window, so he can take a picture of said window and immediately post it on Reddit with a title “I haven’t seen that in a while” to a wide acclaim of other morons out there who find it funny, sad and yet somehow ‘cool’.

  6. I agree about the rotten community, however, your whole “teenagers are all the same” stance is tiring. I also find your lack of not being able to press the ‘unsubscribe’ button to some subreddits tiring. But you’re right. Reddit sucks.

      • Just wanted to say this: It does seep into every pore. I gave the website a long chance. I tried to get some interesting discussions on a writing forum there, but every try turned into a personal attack on me -no matter how I tried- (Ya know, you have to avoid buzzwords there or it turns people frenzied)


        It’s turned into a CNN for teens. Click on any article on CNN and scroll down to the discussion and watch
        the adults bicker. I don’t understand arguing on the internet. Who the hell has time for that, (apparently many do) and what are you getting out of it? Absolutely nothing, except probably anger.

  7. Good article, but one thing: They aren’t teenagers. They are actually manchildren. Believe me though, if I hadn’t seen pictures of redditors I would assume they were teenagers too.

    They are all basically man children between the ages of 25- early 30s. They have nothing better to do because they majored in bullshit degrees like mathematics or science. So, they sit on their computer and do whatever they do all day.

    • Ah, I agree with you the most and I would even up the age bracket a bit. It’s not just that the “community” of the mid life crisis brigade, it’s the holier than thou admins, that won’t even get back to you. I had 667 visits in one day, which may not seem like a lot, but it is for me, then one of the manchilds, seems to think he was the reddit police. Anyway, because of the instant influx of traffic I want to post more, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Reddit does suck!

    • I can attest to this. A few of my high school teachers are constantly on this site, raving about 90s nostalgia and obscure refenrences. Yes, they all teach science (chemistry, bio) with the exception of my government and calc teachers. And yes, they are under 35 years old. Your post was spot on creepy o__o

    • How can you call degrees like Mathematics bullshit!? It is one of the hardest degrees there is; understanding differentiation on manifolds, abstract algebra is certainly not a bullshit degree. Furthermore, it requires critical thinking.

    • Yeah, more or less in that age range in my experience. Lets face it, Reddit.com doesn’t exactly come across as the Myspace.com of today’s youth, teenagers are way more interested in their hair than they are in making someone else feel like crap because of their own failed life aspirations. Instagram or tumblr seem like more of an teen haven to me.

  8. I completely agree with this article. I signed up over a year ago after a friend told me “It’s kind of like Digg, but the conversations are a lot more rational. People only downvote you if you aren’t following the Reddiqutte, not if they disagree with you”.

    Now the site is almost unusable unless you’re an angry atheist who hates the police.

    • Or a sexist that hates women and wants to paint a viewpoint of the world in which men are victimized, therefore ignoring centuries of oppression women face. Upvote the rape jokes! Upvote rapists!

      This is literally Reddit and it’s absolutely toxic for women to be there.

      • Really late reply on this, but /r/pussypassdenied is an example of your point. And this is a circlejerk feast. I get the feeling the vast majority of Reddit at some point got rejected by a girl and couldn’t deal with it, now all women are bad. Sure they’re smart but imo most of Reddit isn’t datable.

  9. In reddit, you are allowed to create your own ‘subreddit’ and submit as many articles as you like. If you are not submitting to your own subreddit, you are bound to the rules of the community in which you are posting to. Like everywhere else in life you have the good, and the bad. reddit enables people to easily filter out content they don’t approve, and gives people the chance to create their own community. Once you have set up your own subreddit, you can ban unfavorable people from posting.

    There are also Christians on reddit as well that have their own subreddits.

    The content is not unlike any other content you see posted everywhere else online.

  10. How many rage comics, “advice animals” and posts about skyrim can one read before they find it difficult to respect themselves? And being rather progressive/liberal I used to be able to deal with the politics, but some of those posts aren’t even links to articles, just straight up self posts along the lines of “We are a police state.” What’s the point of a social network if people just want to find others to “like” the sandwich you made or argument you had with your christian aunt?

    Instead of discussion and ideas posed for the sake of discussion or edification, the site has trended towards “DAE” posts.

    I think it’s a natural consequence to having such a large portion of the new visitors come for porn. I recall somethingawful axing their porn and torrent forums in 2003/2004 after a new rush of lower-quality posters. But, reddit isn’t ever going to really moderate in any meaningful sense. To them, new visitors are all equally valuable as long as the site remains popular.

  11. I absolutely agree. Reddit gives a very distorted world view. It’s also a HUGE time waster if you’re not careful. It is for the latter reason that as of today, I am no longer a Redditor.

  12. I’ve honestly started & subsequently deleted 3 reddit accounts, mostly because of everything in this article. The site is a giant popularity contest & incubator for inside jokes, which for some reason are now called memes.
    I’m not religious or anti-religious, but the dominating & hateful atheist viewpoint there is staggering. Reddit is a cesspool for adolescent biggotry protected by the infinite barrier of anonymity. So easy to say FUCK YOU to someone when they aren’t right in front of you. That is the problem with the current generation youth.

  13. I just got on reddit for the first time today. As I was learning the website, trying to understand what it was all about, I concluded that it must be a social network for trolling. I checked back later to see if better content had surfaced. It had not. I checked into topics in which I had interest. Same there.

    Your article puts things into perspective and coincides with my own intuition. Thanks for writing this. Now I don’t have to waste anymore time with it. 🙂

  14. I don’t like Reddit, but I have to take exception to the idea that “Why don’t more people live underground?” isn’t an intelligent thing to talk about.

    I live in Las Vegas and I’ve never understood by homes here aren’t at least halfway underground (or built into hillsides or whatever). It would save me upwards of $1000 per year in air conditioning expenses, and make my house infinitely easier to heat in the winter.

    There’s a reason many green architects design buildings underground or partially underground: it’s a much, much more logical way to ensure adequate insulation in nearly any climate.

    A better question is, “Why do our houses sit on the surface at all?” The answer is that it’s fashionable, cheaper, more accessible, and easier–in some cases–to weatherproof (although the latter is less of a problem with modern building materials).

  15. It’s just another example of a non-innovative, worthless shit stain on the internet. Half the time the fucking pages don’t load anyhow. Obviously operated by a bunch of incompetent, sub-human, cock-juggling, pre-pubescent dipshits, with their mouths sewn to each other’s anus. That’s right – shit in, shit out.

  16. I laughed…the #1 I’ve become to hate reddit is because of how whiny so many people commenting are on there. I come from the tougher parts of the Internet so the extreme whining and emotionalism of the commenting stood out harshly to the point of driving me insane. So, I laughed to see that the phrase “whiny teenagers” was right near the beginning of this entry! I really feel like Kleenex should be offering free samples to Redditors on a consistent basis.

  17. i just started going to reddit , iv’e noticed a lot of people who are regular “redditors” are really proud of themselves for reading reddit ,, a lot of the stuff that makes it to the front page, which is apparently a huge accomplishment, is just lame and not funny. a lot of mediocre memes and pictures of dogs. maybe it’s a bunch of teens with a huge facebook network or however the hell they get all the up votes, yeah must be teens cuz the other day some screamo poser metal band needed a ride and it was top post on the front page.. but i got the vibe that its a bunch of boring ass liberal white people in their forties who find romantic comedies entertaining plus maybe a couple old school fagotors. the emails that my mom forwards me from her work are actually more interesting than what i’ve seen on reddit and i don’t even read 90% of her emails…… i guess i’ll just have to dive deeper if i want to find anything worth wasting my time on.

  18. Your right. There are awful, useless and childish things on reddit. But… reddit is massive. It has huge amounts of links to interesting and worthwhile sites also. Ignore the crap and choose what’s good. Just like life. reddit has much to choose from, unlike this little site.

  19. Unfortunately reddit has attracted a lot of younger, immature users, and now it’s turned into eBaum’s World 2.0. I’ve come to accept that’s just what it is and have no interest in it. The non-default subreddits don’t really attract enough users to make them worth getting involved in either.

    Someone should make a better reddit with no childish content; no memes, rage commics and just all around stricter posting standards.

    • stricter posting standars? that’s the shit I’m talking about.
      i mean, what the fuck man? what the fuck?
      one time i asked a quesion about husband and wife on /askwomen and this asshole moderator said “you can’t ask from any specific demographics” which means i have to keep in mind that “lesbians” should be able to answer my question as well.
      well fuck you all! maybe i just don’t like getting advices from lesbians? maybe I’m in an interracial relationship and i just want to ask questions from a specific race or ethnicity? that’s when i realized reddit is full of asshole social justice warrior wannabes.

  20. Dislike Reddit as well. To say it’s full of elitist teenagers who seem to be neglected a proper upbringing is an understatement. The Stack-exchange is one of the most mind-boggling sites out there. I too was extremely impressed by its focused community and respect members have for one another. (And for math geeks like me, the Maths-Exchange is a great place, check it out *cough*)

    • Already have, Maths-Exchange is ridiculously good, and helped me prove at least 2 theories I had which debunked at least one traffic law.

      • No, the demographic is men in their 20’s and 30’s. This article just can’t believe that that’s the demographic. Basically the whole site is a sexist cesspool and if you say anything against the “satire” of beating women or raping women, OMG YOU CANNOT TAKE A JOKE.

        Oh. I’m sorry. I thought we were supposed to treat other humans with decency and respect instead of retraumatizing them and making them feel unwelcome.

  21. Reddit is a haven for those lacking in emotional intelligence, Many of them are adults who from little cliques like in high school, They band together and down vote anything they don’t like, R/shitredditsays are one of the worst offenders, They pretend to be the politically correct squad stomping out racism, bigotry, etc. But they just use this as an excuse to ban people. Like a bunch of histrionic disorder idiots they purposely blow everything out of proportion which gets everyone riled up to the point they go down vote crazy and eventually end up getting the user banned.

  22. Seems like it’s more a people problem than a Reddit problem. It’s the same reason someone might not think that free-market fundamentalism isn’t going to work: the people who are out to gain power are the ones that will, and they are usually jerks.

  23. While I dislike Reddit as well, everything I’ve read here is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black. I was hoping for a more insightful explanation of why Reddit wasn’t for you, but instead I found a bleating expletive painting wildly generalized accusations upon wide swaths of people on the Internet, something I consider to be the epitome of childishness itself. A real shame.

  24. There are too many other great social network sites on the Internet with thoughtful conversations for me to waste anymore time at reddit. I’m closing my account today and will instead spend my time at digg, stumble, tumblr etc…

    Great article…please log another vote for Reddit Sucks.

  25. Reddit was great for a week, but all the liberal/athiest (I’m 12 but smarter than you!) threads made me violently angry, so I transitioned to buzzfeed… A filtered more mature reddit, haha.

  26. It’s very addicting, I used to go on for hours every day. But I’ve sworn to never go on again and a month later I feel so much better. I actually have time to do things like read and enjoy life/make myself a better person. Reddit destroys your attention span, wastes your time/life, gives you 0 worthwhile information, is very lop-sided(Left/atheist) to the point of absurdity. Also it makes you sadistic(like AskReddit) which is pretty much people’s self-deprication that you’re reading for pleasure, that’s sadism in my opinion.

  27. When I started Reddit I had hundreds of upvotes for articles involving world events, science and politics. The comments section of these posts was usually intelligent discourse which I enjoyed participating in. Now, the same types of articles are subject to random downvoting whereas articles involving memes or childish humor are promoted to the top. Even the articles of merit that make it to a high enough to be featured on the front page have a comments section that is at best memes or childish humor. Posting posting to the appropriate subreddits is no help ether. I find that this random downvoting is rampant if an article has any merit to it anywhere you place it.

  28. I have just had my first damaging experience in reddit and this post has made me feel much better. I posted a legitimate piece of work and the comments I got, wow, disproportionate to say the least. When playing by it vague random rules it brings traffic but it feels like a shallow gain. The place is a damaging contradiction. Fearful now of sounding scorned but I also discovered that it doesn’t reward effort. I have posted substantial and hard worked articles for my movie review site and had limited success/upvotes. I posted a picture of a cake and it took off! It doesn’t feel like a very nice place.

  29. You…you don’t really know how Reddit works, do you?

    Don’t like the memes and shit, unsubscribe from the subreddit. Stop reading r/atheism, and actually look for some subreddits you enjoy. r/askreddit is for, shockingly, asking reddit users questions.

    They don’t HAVE to be mature, or quite though provoking questions. They can be asking for stories, jokes, opinions, etc. If you want to talk about politics or the economy, GO TO THOSE SUBREDDITS.

    There’s millions of users, and a subreddit for almost anything. Find a community or subject you like, and subscribe to that.

    If you continue to look at the things you hate, it’s your own fucking fault.

  30. Yeah, I’m getting tired of Reddit. It is one of the most flawed message board systems out there. You totally called it about being pro-anything that dumb teenagers think is awesome and rebels against the system. Try to be realistic and enjoy being downvoted into oblivion. I got banned from a subreddit for arguing with some douche that snitched on me to a mod because I questioned his shitty taste after he questioned mine. I’m pretty close to skipping it now, it is pretty much useless, even more so than Yahoo now.

  31. Reddit is a cesspool of shit. Yes, some good information can be pulled from it, but that’s mostly due to the fact that it’s a forum that covers every niche in life. So, it’s like a one-stop shopping center.

    But once you get what you need, get out. There’s no point in hanging around all the fat fucking losers who have made Reddit their entire social life (because they suck at life). Too many stupid kids and neckbeards patting themselves on the back for writing “witty” comments that a sixth grader could come up with (that is, when they aren’t surfing Gonewild). Too many assholes posting from work. Too many assholes trying to work in a way to brag about the fact that they are in a “relationship”. Exploitative marketing, AMAs, and corrupt mods. Trolls, etc.

  32. Honestly, I find reddit depressing. I’ve been using the site for a little while now, and the tenor of the discussions is generally shallow, unanalytical, and mean. Yes, there are some subreddits where this is not the case, but in my experience they have been in the minority. And heaven forbid that one should post original content, rather than simply scraping a handful of links off of the Internet and submitting them willy-nilly. Meaningful feedback will not result.

    If you enjoy attempting to hold a rational conversation with a bunch of screaming children who throw handfuls of mud, reddit may be for you.

  33. I’ve been having a look round this site for a couple of weeks and you are right, it is full of idiots who think they know better than anybody else and I’ve forgotten more stuff than half of them even know about the world.

    I posted a photo i had taken at the zoo while with my kids on a day out, with my own camera and i pressed the button with my own finger only to be told i have stolen the photo and shouldn’t upload other peoples pics as my own hahaha.

    Most of them on there do not live on the same planet as the rest of us.

  34. Can’t agree more with what’s been said so far. Reddit is junk! POS forum really! You can flip a coin to decide which one is worse, Reddit or City-Data. Both are garbage. R/Askwomen is full of misandrists, feminazis and just about any woman looking for a fight with a guy using a keyboard behind a screen. It’s pathetic. Those lost souls downvote people(mostly men) in order to feel better about themselves. The whole upvote/downvote/karma crap is just what it is. CRAP! I stopped going there after about a year because I realized the place wasn’t informative like it once was. If you have a penis, a mind and an opinion, YOU ARE THE ENEMY!

    • Oh. Really? Please tell me how one tiny corner of Reddit hurt your feelings when the majority of Reddit hates women. I bet MRAs infiltrated that subreddit in a heartbeat like all the rest of the women subreddits on there.

      There’s no safe place for women on Reddit. After all, all our rape accusations are false, we perpetrate most domestic violence incidents, rape jokes are a-okay, we want to take the children from their fathers ect..

      If Reddit knows you are a woman prepare for endless sexual comments. It’s better they assume you’re a man and I let them assume I was a man for years due to this.

  35. It all makes sense why my posts get flagged as spam. It seems like anything that you post that has any intelectual semblance gets reported as spam. I kept wondering why posts that seem to be fantasy or made up pappycock nonsense get all those comments. Decided to Google ” reddit sucks ” and here I am.

  36. “Reddit is fine as long as you don’t have morals” …. No truer words ever spoken. There is gestapo mentality at Reddit and they (the redditers) think they’re open minded and all accepting of the world. They couldn’t be in more denial. Cleverness is not copying from reddit folks. Stop. let reddit die, it will die just like it’s brother digg. The trash is piling up on reddit and it and it’s users stink big time.

  37. Haha! Well, this explains a lot. I’ve been submitting educational articles and hands-on science/math activities as I write them, but the only thing every upvoted more than once (34 times, in fact!) was some random meme that I made on a whim over a year ago. I don’t even know how I submitted that to reddit–possibly through memegenerator? I certainly didn’t do it intentionally, and it’s the only thing that’s ever drawn notice. Several of my elementary science activities got downvoted. I think I’m getting the picture as regards why that happens. Time to move on I suppose!

    • Actually pour gasoline all over the ReEdit site while wearing a hoodie then burn it alive! They’ll think it’s one of their own hoolilgans that did it in revenge or a gang from a competitor site like Quora which is equally bad but uses fancy words to cover it.

      The worst that could happen to you if caught is a weekend in the stint and your back to work on Monday or released on your own *recognizance” not spending a single night in jail as the judge knows the site is full of people who shouldn’t be alive and will keep your *sentence* lowered as possible while still saying legally that you got “punished* for that horrific crime of burning down a webpage.

      Reddit is basically the *Bowery” They say such things and they do such things.

  38. Reddit wasn’t too bad when I first visited because it seemed like a lot of the stuff that got pushed up to the front page, and most of the top comments on each article, were done by decent people. But it seems to have gone downhill over the years, and when I visit it now… there is some really sick stuff on there. They enjoy making sick jokes about the recent airliner that was shot down etc (only a few weeks ago) and anything else they can do to be the sickest. So a large part of it is now ‘sick’ with zero morals and ethics. So one half is ‘sick’ but now the other half is dumb. Today there is a page about the best movie quotes, and the top comments (which at one point were reliably decent) are now all about dumb action movies. And it’s not just the top comment, but all the other top comments are copies of the first comment, just different Arnie movies. This is either because they see they top comment and all want to be popular so post similar things, or they all have the same simple mind. And I love Arnie movies… but the whole point of me visiting reddit originally was to be enlightened by smarter things, and you just can’t get that anymore. The whole thing has downgraded, but then plummeted further again and again to the point now where the top comments defend bad behavior etc.

  39. I submit to you that Reddit is in fact nothing more than a site monitored and developed by older adults who purposely turn a profit exploiting the demographic (# generation Angst) that all children appear to exhibit. The online industry is selling for webpages stuffed with cheap tween buzzwords to ignorant typists who will burn thousands of their parents dollars a year jumping on fads as they try to define themselves a generation. It’s more sad than anything to see the ignorance of Reddit, whether it be bashing someone for any belief through anonymity and being “praised” for bringing more people into the discussion no matter which side you’re on , or just sitting there adding to the time spent on Reddit’s webpage analytic waiting for the re-upload to work.

  40. It’s very simple like with most of the internet websites.. If you have sick, stupid, retarded, racist ect. posts, videos, pics, you will make it to the top, but if you publish someones work which was created spending days and weeks working on, which is interesting, educative, these posts will sink down within a seconds.. I like this article, because reddit is a shit hole for non-educated, raging and hating teenagers

  41. Reddit is the slums of the town where people trash talk and laugh if you don’t get it. Stack Exchange is the gated community where it all seems fancy and clean but you find out it’s all HOA housing with many stupid rules like you have to plant a minimum of 3 trees and they can only be certain trees.

    You can’t have grass if nobody else has it or you can’t have a flag unless everyone else has it………..etc Group think! No individual just US the US Department of Just US!

    Rules like “You can only have one large animal” which didn’t state what it could be. Perhaps a kangaroo imported from the Sydney Zoo?

    Or you can’t have a piece of wood lying in your private backyard larger then a certain size or you can’t hang your own clothes to dry even though it’s more energy efficiant.

    Stack Exchange if you violate any of those rules they will ban you with no second thought at first offense or if you say something politically incorrect they have the right to edit your post.

    I want to pour gasoline on both sites and just burn them.

  42. I never got satisfaction from putting my time into contributing. On art, gaming, programming communities we can feel more like individuals through sharing our work. But reddit you are just a username with your internet points next to it, and a list of comments nobody scrolls through. We have to structure our posts to be short and witty so it’s easily digestible and gets up voted by the hive mind.

    Reddit does not want to be a discussion platform or for promoting talent in the world.

  43. Yeah reddit sucks they ban you for stupid shit and now my whole ip address is banned there which means no accounts i have on reddit can post anywhere ): I wish spez the ceo would just shut down his corrupt excuse of a website already!!!

    • Same exact thing is happening to Facebook. I just deleted my account I had for 13 years. I had enough of the abuse. Some of these companies are run by dummies. RealGM was pretty bad too. They ran a lot of people off with excessive banning. Engadget, MLive and Bluray dot com are also really bad too.

  44. Pingback: Rhetorical Blog
  45. Internet paradox.

    Awesome that caring individuals can globaly share an opinion and be respected for it.

    Sad that wankers and idiots are allowed to criticize worthwhile opinions just to satisfy their own egos, i.e. those who essentially masturbate with tooth-pick sized penises and swallowed each others cum = reddit arseholes.

    But then again why change anything reddits love showing the world how stupid, moronic simpletons they are (just read some of their mindless dribbles) and we get free entertainment.

    In the end really a win-win situation.

  46. Found this after searching for ‘Reddit Sucks’. Reddit is so argumentative and lacking in common sense. I thought it was just me. They downvoted me 171 times today (and counting!) If they don’t like your comment, and it goes against their (ignorant) world view, they will downvote it until it cant be seen. I loved the analogy of Reddit being the fat angry kid of the internet! Thanks for that!

  47. Reddit has caved in to the social credit system of China and wants all of us to be that way. I can guarantee my life savings (which isn’t much) that if Hillary were President Reddit would be all we are allowed to have as it would give a much slanted view of America the (Revisionist) version would be all allowed!

    We would also be at war with Korea by now too. She would’ve said something insulting to him or her screeching voice would’ve set him off to fire missiles at us on the west coast most likely in the form of a massive EMP. All it takes is two big ones or three medium yield ones to darken the US,Canada and Mexico would also fail because they are tied to our grid.

    Most vehicles would fail to work anything from the 90s on would have a higher and higher chance of failure due to reliance on computer parts. 90s vehicles the most computer part was the ECU. Environmental Control Unit which is what would fail and the battery. Anything with batteries would be effected as an EMP reverses the polarity of batteries making them run backwards.

    A back EMF essentially.

  48. Trump may be an ‘idiot’ depends on how you define idiot. Most people believe anyone who doesn’t keel to the one world order an idiot then I vote for him! He doesn’t believe in the one world system. The one world system people also hate him as he is a threat to their player base.

    Many businesses were invited to Trump’s meetings for the first time in god knows how long. None of the other President’s did that and when they went they were glad. Trump doesn’t want war it’s too risky in his mind and he worked out deals to have the North Korea guy not fire at us. The wife of the dictator went to the South Korea Olympics and for the first time saw what suffering meant and that she was living in a bubble and really wanted to end this BS.

    The liberals want MORE of it and the bible says you reap what you sow. If you make 1$ you will get 100$ so if the Liberals make one bad thing you will get it x100. We got that under 8 years of Oh Bama.

  49. We are literally at war with two sides and Reddit really wants us manipulated into one of the sides so you get a false argument that puts people into group A or group B.

    One side wants America in the Petro Dollar and one world banking system. Bush wa(is) into that and Jeb is big time into that. Bush actually was a Christian at first but due to being bogged down by idiots in the White House he doesn’t have time to even read the bible so he gets maneuvered by all fronts. He wanted to drain the swamp then but we had a major stink from the Clintons and 9/11 happened. He got lost and caved right in to the globalists under pressure from 9/11.

    He didn’t know how to handle stress and he didn’t defend himself from Media harassment so he did the “Let’s get along” game with the left giving us modified versions of what they wanted just so they would back off from trying to impeach him as they wanted to do that like to Trump. The left wants to impeach anyone that doesn’t give them their communist dreams. They want to make us equal by being equally poor. They will get the good stuff and go to Europe to shop and do their business while the rest of the US suffers.

    They have malls in Europe literally for the elites only where you have to be a member or your not allowed in. These malls are not accessible to the public and all the world’s wealthy elites go there and get all the best cloth,electronics.etc.

    Under Obama we sent our cloth and gold to the Middle East and now they are filthy rich and have ALL SORTS of odd building designs that seem impossible here in America while we play patty cake with politics not building or doing anything useful. We need an overhaul of our freeway system but the Left shut down any debate.

    We need to have solar panel costs come down by encouraging competition but the left shut it down.

    We need to bring our space program back and explore our oceans again to learn about our world and what we can do about it but the left shut it down to study global warming as we are all going to die if we don’t. (In their minds).

    These left also have gobs of mansions all at sea level.

  50. I cannot stand Reddit. Any real meaningful information is hard to come by. Low brow memes, whining angry moral lacking complaining teens and college kids who somehow feel cheated and entitled, self important just because their parent improved their lifestyle. Gotcha replies, 1 ups, sarcasm showing total lack of anything meaningful, unless it’s hate on a particular political religion then it’s all in. Sad really. The reality is that reddit users wrongfully feel you are the target if you don’t abide by the collective hive mind and showing any real opinion or open thought is met with banning/deletion. The collective disdain for the current president is it’s hallmark.

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