Quick thoughts on Dirt 3

This won’t be a concise review, just my casual thoughts on Dirt 3 from Codemasters.

  1. The graphics are as good as Dirt 2, and from where I’m sitting no vast improvements.
  2. The Gymkhana event is the most realistic simulation I’ve experienced on a computer at any time. I got amped and watched some Ken Block Gymkhana on Youtube, then played the game. All I can say is outstanding realism. The physics and motion is spot on, and the graphics are good enough. When I say any simulation yes I’m including any flight simulation, train, car, farming or what ever essentially the game world being a simulation of an actual world event.
  3. The long unskippable cut scenes are gone – thanks! Game loads up quickly, and no more having to move in and around a trailer, thanks again!
  4. The whole game is more realistic, the events, the sponsors and the cars. Dirt 2 was wild and fun, Dirt 3 is even more fun with an added layer of maturity.
  5. The snow and cross track races add a lot to the game, perhaps even my favorite tracks.
  6. The voice acting is kind of lame. British voices just don’t work in games – period! For some reason they sound too rehearsed and tame.
  7. The assisted driving is great on intermediate, shows you the line you should be taking and at what speed, but doesn’t interfere with your ability to accelerate.
  8. The tutorials are not noobed up, this is refreshing, makes me want to go watch tutorials on YouTube to get tips on how to drift. Rather than having it all in game ruining the immersion.
  9. The AI is harder than in Dirt 2.
  10. As an RPG / FPS type of gamer, I’ve been quick to dismiss the Racing Genre as a quick unrealistic thrill. Dirt 3 pushes the envelope on how realistic a game can be while at the same time being completely user friendly and fun to play.
My conclusion : Best racing game to date.

One thought on “Quick thoughts on Dirt 3

  1. British voices don’t work in games if you’re parochial yankee ignoramus who thinks that the real world starts at the pacific and ends at the atlantic.

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