7 thoughts on “Why Google’s new speech recognition search sucks!

  1. Oddly enough though, as it failed to find what I was asking for the first three times I tried, I finally gave up and said “Google speech sucks.” It understood me perfectly, thus bringing me to this posting. Ahhh the irony of it all.

  2. i said “lyrics to his world” and it said lyrics to hands world then i tried again it said lyrics to songs then it said lyrics to the world then i said google speech sucks and it got it right just like with Suz. WTF

  3. I said google speech sucks ass, understood that just fine.I said… poached eggs and it typed ‘oh shit’ I said… will be there at 10… typed ‘I went to san francisco. Almost more trouble going back to correct than just tapping it out. Hope we never have voice control robots. I might say sweep the floor and it will get a command ‘kill your mother’

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