Logitech Clearchat wireless usb replacement transmitter grievances

I’m writing this post because I want to get an idea of how many people have the same problem as me.

I bought a Logitech Clearchat wireless headset. The headset itself is perhaps the best I’ve ever owned. Love it.

Recently I accidently broke the USB Dongle for the Logitech Clearchat headset.

Logitech do not offer replacement parts. And they expect you to buy a whole new headset.

I was disturbed, but after doing some searching found out a lot of people have the same problem. Ebay have literally 0 for sale. And yet the product is still being sold as Logitechs premium wireless headset.

If you have the same problem, leave a comment. No registration required, and don’t use a real email address if you don’t want to.

PS: I am really disappointed with Logitech for this. Sheds a whole new light on how they do business.

16 thoughts on “Logitech Clearchat wireless usb replacement transmitter grievances

  1. Logitech main website sells usb replacement adapters for wireless mouse and keyboards so they must sell one for headset it dont make sense!

  2. Same here, dog ate my USB dongle. Wish I new logitech was this unscrupulous before I got their other product, the h800, as a represent.

    • I have written off this headset, as well as logitech. I’ve gotten a new headset, this time bluetooth so that I can pair with a generic dongle.

  3. We have two of these headsets neither will pair with the original dongle for whatever reason. It drives me BONKERS since we really like this headset. It was perfect for listening to music or Skype calls. I know we didn’t pay over $100 for each headset but now Logitech is marketing them for $239??? And they don’t offer a replacement? PSSSHHHH…

    • How to re-pair the ClearChat PC Wireless headset to the receiver or a replacement receiver

      1. Turn on the ClearChat PC Wireless headset.
      2. Insert the dongle into a free USB port.
      3. Press the MUTE and VOL- (down) on the right earpiece until the headset LED blinks green fast (15 seconds).
      4. The receiver will be blinking green slowly. Use a small paperclip to insert into the Connect hole/recess. Press the recessed button until the receiver LED blinks green fast (usually takes 1 second).
      NOTE: Make sure the receiver has been connected to the computer and is recognized correctly before resetting it.]
      5. Within 10 seconds both the receiver and headset LED will change to solid green, indicating that they are now connected to each other.
      Thank you for your post.

      Logitech Customer Support for further assistance.

  4. I completely agree, I will never use logitech products again. Their customer support is not good and I bought two very expensive keyboards from them that lasted a little over a year (past warranty). Their products have nice features but, for one reason or another, they do not last very long

  5. I am also never using logitech products again and, since I am a specialist in virtual teamwork and leadership for lots of major international companies, this decision has a ripple effect on potentially thousands of other virtual workers and leaders. Pretty stupid decision on Logitech’s part… Oh well, Plantronics make great quality alternatives and they will be getting my money in the future.

  6. Broke the dongle, and have been looking for replacement. The headset is great, but it is useless now. Had been a loyal Customer of Logitech, bought multiple keyboards, mice, and headsets. I did even get replacement USB dongles for keyboard/mice. But couldn’t find one for Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless™ headset

  7. After upgrading to a diff operating system, the dongle wouldn’t pair. Called Logitech support, and have been given the run around for 6 wks, with repeated calls to them, each time getting a different story about ‘driver updates’. I will never purchase another product by Logitech.

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