Windows 8 still sucks, a look at it after the Consumer Preview.

In my previous post I spoke about why Windows 8 sucks, the post was based on my experience with the developer preview.

Fast forward a few months, and Microsoft have released the consumer preview. So let’s review the progress.

The consumer preview sucks even more than the developer preview.

How so?

  1. It is tragic yet evident that Microsoft didn’t take any of the feedback seriously generated from the dev preview. Most serious desktop users and professionals who did try out the dev preview thought the Metro UI was merely a proof of concept, or something that could be turned off and have the OS run in “Desktop Mode”. Indeed the dev preview did give you some control when it came to running a fully fledged desktop OS, while the consumer preview just doesn’t do this. The whole consumer preview is geared towards Metro UI.
  2. Metro UI on a desktop is a catastrophic failure. Many bloggers feel the same way, a lot of them go into great detail on the subject, but the main problems are a) It’s an interface designed for a tablet, on a desktop your productivity is hindered b) The interface is not consistent enough for daily comfortable use on a desktop.
  3. Windows 8 under the hood is a beautiful creation – perhaps the best OS to date, but it just doesn’t matter how good it is, unless Microsoft get their act together and release a professional version suitable of being called a “Desktop OS”, it doesn’t matter how good it is, people won’t use Metro.
  4. The Windows 8 UI is so bad, most desktop users don’t even want to try it. It really is a horror story.

So now we wait. What will Microsoft do?

The answer is pretty simple – To save face, just give us back a desktop OS UI, and put back the frigging start menu. Or make it nice and usable without the start menu.

Let me be very clear :

We don’t want a tablet OS, what we want is a desktop OS!!!

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206 thoughts on “Windows 8 still sucks, a look at it after the Consumer Preview.

  1. I agree entirely. Microsoft is desperately trying to beat beat Apple in the tablet and niche smartphone arena. For this they are willing to experiment on and lose their desktop customers. I somehow suspect that this will only lead to a disaster of epic proportions for them.

    • agreed – the desktop windows 8 looks like a hack job of a mobile desktop

      when I need documents – I cannot find my list of programs or search button, to uninstall it say may lose data…. not a confidence builder… backing up my data and will uninstall

      this is worse than the new coke

    • this perhaps the biggest Microsoft screw up of all time. Did they not learn from Vista. There is no way in hell any commercial business’s will have this in their offices. It looks as though some kids got together decided that Win 7 was nice but hey gee lets trough in an Android like interface.If mac/Apple has any balls at all they will lower the cost of their equipment and sink Microsoft or at least take a 60 % share because microsoft laid the bed for them. I prefer Windows products simply because Mac/Apple is money hungry. Thank you Microsoft for pissing me off so bad I want to crap can you to the curb.

    • I cannot get Windoes 8 to install on a computer that has 8 gigabytes of memory and an Intel® Core™ i7-940XM Processor Extreme Edition (8M Cache, 2.13 GHz) . It goes all the way to the end and then stops. I have to manually shut down and then it says it could not install windows 8 and takes me back to windows 7. Tried like 7 times, spent $180 on program updates and it still does not work. Windows 8 is a fucking flop.

      • Just bought an HP with Windows 8 and of course you can’t buy any new puter without it. I’ve spent so much wasted time I do not have in trying to maneuver between desktop and navigation screens etc. that I’m so pissed off I can’t see straight. You can upgrade to 8 but can’t downgrade to 7 with the new machines I’m told……so there you are, Microsoft has blasted themselves out of the market in one year due to so called a better mouse trap that wasn’t with “No Back UP”. I’ll be returning my HP tomorrow where I bought it and try to find a good used machine with the old Microsoft Windows that worked.

      • The reason:
        Windows 8 needs at least 20 GB of free memory to install. Didn’t you know that!? So uninstall programs, get a new hard drive, or get a freaking solid state drive.

      • “The reason:
        Windows 8 needs at least 20 GB of free memory to install. Didn’t you know that!? So uninstall programs, get a new hard drive, or get a freaking solid state drive.”

        Uhh….8GB is plenty of RAM to handle Windows 8. The so-called 20GB that you are referring to is hard disk space. “tom” is obviously talking about RAM. The overwhelming majority of home users have 8GB or less of RAM.

    • What everyone seems to miss is that you can’t use a pop email account anymore. pop allows you to download your email to your computer, taking it off the servers. Windows 8 leaves it on. It probably won’t be long before they are going through your mail and using it to see what kind of ads they can throw your way. Windows 8 is taking my privacy away.I don’t like leaving my email online.

  2. I concur sir. This thing is not user friendly to most. I’m not a tech guy but I can find my way around a computer pretty well , but with this new OS it was more like ‘running around’ a computer. I understand it’s just a preview but hopefully they can manage to make it a lil more ease of use by the official release time. They could start with putting the start ‘button’ back.

  3. If the Metro UI were that great, Windows phones would have obtained more than a single-digit % global market share.

    If unifying the handheld touch device OS and the desktop OS were such a great idea, Apple would have already done it long ago with iOS and OSX. The truth is that both platforms have very different needs, and merging them is a bad idea.

    Sinofsky has sold Ballmer a turd sandwich, and the latter bought it.

    Windows 8 will be a flop, in part due to the excellence of Windows 7. Consumers and corporate customers will be very reluctant to upgrade. OEMs will demand that Microsoft provide an option to downgrade to Windows 7 on new machines.

    It’s not going to look good for Microsoft. Which is a shame, because there are some decent improvements under the hood in Windows 8. The improvements are nice to have, but none of them really justify you rushing out and purchasing Windows 8 when it is released.

    Maybe Microsoft will clean up its act with Windows 9 (Windows 8 SP2) in 2014.

  4. I installed windows 8 consumer preview on my laptop today. Needless to say i switched back to windows 7 less than 15 minutes of using win8. Microsoft’s whole idea of metro ui for tablets and its implementation on commercial desktops and laptops is going to be its best tragedy yet. This tells us how much work they are doing to make windows 8 unusable for a desktop and how less they are working in fixing the crashes and making windows stable like linux. If RC versions of win8 is going to be on footsteps of consumer preview, i’d rather start getting used to dual booting ubuntu with win7.

    • My thoughts exactly. I’ve already downloaded seven LInux distros and burned the ISO images to disc. I’m going to install and try all of them on my various machines. If Microsoft is going to try to force us all to use this abortion of an operating system, then I may as well channel that energy into beocming more proficient with something completely different. If Ballmer is willing to make radical changes like this, then so am I.

  5. I just installed windows 8, so many problems. 1. the start menu needs to show. Period!. 2. my computer takes time to log to windows from startup. 3. i need the all programs option on start…. overall the OS needs more work on it. I had a terrible headache today. I have to switch back to Windows 7

    • i installed windows 8 on macbook.. startup is really so fast.. like 10 seconds to show up log in already.. my macbook is 4 years old. intel 2.4 ghz duo.

  6. ya trully agree with u. I have been a windows user for the 10 + years and i really got to say that it is the worst they ever made.

  7. im not gonna even bother downloading windows 7 whatever preview they wanna call it but im happy with my windows 7 ultimate x64 and i wont even bother switchin to windows 8 when the real thing gets released…they shouldve just quit at 7 because its perfect…and another thing is..i think senior billard gates is smokin white rock these days and that is why he is no longer the #1 richest person on the globe this day! no offense billard hahahahahah 😛 i wonder how the hell im suppsoed to watch all my 1080p x264 blu ray rips with windows 8 :S like seriously i bet it wont even support downloaded videos or bittorrent clients like utorrent and file host download managers like Jdownloader! nuff said windows 8 belongs in the trash can and not on my pc

      • I do cease to be amazed at the ignorance. Half the population has an IQ of less than 100. I’m not a member MENSA, but it amazes me that one individual has so much money that he can’t (personally) give it away quickly enough to run out of money. He now must have a foundation to spend their time giving away the fraction of my life that Microsoft has stolen from me, in the form of the time it takes to learn how to deal with the “planned obsolescence” that Microsoft designs into their products. PowerShell much? What’s wrong with Bourne shell? Nothing, but let’s make up a new shell with extra verbosity and make UNIX into our own mold… OK, rant over.

    • You’re such a kid. I’m not here to defend anyone, but get your facts straight before acting funny/smart.
      First of all, bill gates doesn’t work day-by-day for Microsoft anymore, nor he develops Windows anyway.

      Second thing, no wonder Bill gates is not the #1 richest person on earth, he donated over $30 billion dollars for charity, so making fun of the person who’s paying huge amount of money just because he dropped from the first place doesn’t make sense to me, and if it does(to you) that means you’re just a retarded person who weight people by money not by value.

      Finally, so you don’t bash me and start saying “Microsoft/Windows fanboy”. I actually hate Microsoft, for being a patent troll. Also, I’m commenting on my Linux machine – so I have nothing to do with Windows.

      Have a nice day.

      • thing that gets he gives so much money to the poor ” in Other countries and not our own”. so its great that hes helping other places but how can he not help the very country he lives in that is in Dire need for the help?

  8. I agree totally
    I installed the consumer preview and have rarely been so very disappointed. What a load of crap, my 27″ dell monitor might as well have been a 10″ crapintosh screen
    A lot of the ways I´m used to things is missing or completely mangled, needing 4 or 5 mouseclicks where 1 or 2 used to do before.
    The start menu has been destroyed, the junk called metro is constantly getting in your way
    I reverted to windows 7 after two days of agony.
    Windows 8 is an abomination or should we call it Metros 1.0

  9. What’s astonishing is that a company as big as Microsoft is completely ignoring the usability of this OS. Taking 3 or 4 or 5 clicks to do something that took 1 or 2 clicks before is not an improvement no matter how many bells and whistles you can brag about. There’s got to be some smart people at Microsoft, how can they be missing the big picture so completely like this. They are so focused on turning Windows 8 into a crappy version of their crappy mobile software that they simply are unable to recognize they are neglecting the main point of a desktop OS, which is productivity. Desktop power users are going to be pulling their hair out with Windows 8. It’s just not easy to use. Just turning the darned thing off takes FOREVER! There’s just SO many amateur mistakes that I’m just shocked nobody in the company has blown a whistle yet. I think Apple has these guys quaking in their boots and it’s affected their judgement. They need to stop worrying about what apple is doing and start getting back to basics. To me the current windows 7 is a better OS than Lion is for productivity. Lion is smoother and has some nice integrated features but if I want to get something done, I’m using W7. Windows 8 is a different story altogether. If they put this piece of crap out without making major changes, I’ll be switching to apple and not looking back.

  10. i have a strong strong feeling that windows 8 will suck really bad so when it comes out im not gonna even bother downloading and installing it to my pc im just gonna stick with windows 7 i like windows 7 its beautiful but window 8 is gonna blow

    • Ooh really, Windows 7 is an upgrade of crappy Vista which make it more crappy. U can’t judge the OS by it look. Wanna get thing done? use XP, too bad u can’t find drivers (remind me of NT). I don’t buy anything Microsoft, same as GM

      • Andy, Windows 7 was definitively not an upgrade of Vista. They actually listened to the Tech community’s suggestions and responded with a solid, reliable O.S. X.P. was a decent O.S. after a solid few service pack revisions. You probably don’t remember the roll-out horrors the first year or so of X.P. Yes Windows 8 is a step backwards as far as power users ( I for one will only support it through clients that are forced to use it Oem wise). The U.I. is horrible, and is a clunky mess.

    • LOL. Microsoft BOB would be an improvement to Windows 8 since we are going back to the days of WTF do I do with it.

    • Balmer actually said BOB was a great idea and too far ahead of its time. THis is a horrible effort to beak into the tablet market, but it’s a horrible UI and I’m frustrated by it. If I could disable the Metro (windows 8 UI – whatever its still crap) I might buy if for the faster start up/restore and file copying but I don’t trust MS with my data in their cloud.

      I worked for a bank and we had to have a backdoor into anyone’s “digital safe” and the government could just ask for a key and that was it. My files are encrypted on MY server.

      Windows 8 = MS BOB dumbing down the PC to the point of uselessness.

  11. When I first started it… I felt like my Power
    Gaming PC turned into a HTC Mozart 7… Just that feeling made me switch back to Windows 7… The idea is to find back-compatibility… Not back-tracking…!!!

  12. In Windows 8 Developers Preview you could disable the Metro theme with a simple registry edit or use software like Metro Controller. And you get the Windows 7 start menu back. But of course this no longer works in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. But you can install a third party software,like Start Menu 7 and now Classic Shell(recently updated to work on Windows 8 CP) This will give you both the start orb and Windows 7 or Windows XP start menu.

    Also if you install Classic Shell it takes over your Windows key,which brings up the Classic start menu instead of taking you back to the start screen. So now I only see the Metro start screen at start up and hardly deal with it at all now.There is also a registry tweak I read about that will let you boot straight into the desktop instead of the start screen but I have not tried that yet. And a lot of the Windows XP and Vista software runs on Windows 8 CP.

    But the down side is that there a a few bugs,one of these is that if you right click with your mouse too long,it stops working until you restart your computer.But there are no updates to fix this problem. And also windows sometimes freezes and I have to restart my yes,it is slower than Windows 7. Also gone is the Windows Classic theme(Windows 98)that was in Windows 7. That disabled the Aero theme. Windows Classic theme has been removed from Windows 8.Which I miss very much as my netbook runs better with the Aero theme disabled.

    I don’t know if they will bring back the option to disable Metro and have the Windows 7 start menu in the final version of Windows 8. Like they did in DP. But if the final version has the same source code as CP,you could still have the Windows 7 start menu,by installing Classic Shell or Vista start menu. which is what I do now on Windows 8. Andrea Borman.

  13. We started with monochrome 16 bit icons in Win 3.1 … back to that in Win 8 (ok they are bigger blocks now). So much graphic awesomenes wasted in the hardware … 😦

    • Exactly, in the day of 1080P (and higher!) we’re going back to TRS-80 Color Computer graphics. It’s a sad, sad joke.

      • Microsoft has always been criticized for ripping ideas off of other companies. Maybe in this case they should have continued to do that rather than try to force people to believe Windows 8 is innovative. I think Android and iOS have much better eye candy than this Metro crap. If M$ can’t innovate properly then they should maintain the status quo as it has been helping them make billions for years.

      • Hey now, I started honing my CompSci chops on a Trash-80 Coco! I wish my mom knew about the Vic-20, because I could have started on a really cool computer. But, I guess it’s about 30 years too late to use CoCo-level graphics for a UI, isn’t it?

  14. 5 minutes after the installation in Vmware , removed it again. This is a totally not workable interface, why in the hell change so much in a interface on a server. DISGUSTING. If this is the future, then i have to say “Linux this is your change”. I didn’t install a desktop version, because i saw enough. For now people skip Windows 8 and wait for 9 !!!!

  15. This thing looks like it was designed by Ernie & Bert from Sesame Street! C’mon, a cartoon fish?! Big, ugly, colored tiles??!! And the bloated explorer, with it’s “ribbon” thing…..just terrible. I used this piece of crap for several hours, trying to “get the feel” for it, and finally just wanted to puke! It’s confusing, unfriendly (ui-wise), bloated with stupid advertisements for “apps”, and is geared more towards cloud computing and social applications.
    MICROSOFT, YOU FAIL BIGTIME WITH THIS. Why the HELL didn’t you listen to the public, instead of poo-pooing on everything we wanted in a new OS? You fools, I hope you all are JOBLESS next year.

  16. Wow. What a load of garbage.

    Microsoft lacking intuition and common sense by not listing this crapware as Metro 1.0 and having Windows be a seperate desktop operating system is about the dumbest thing I could ever imagine them doing…
    I don’t know if someone blew smoke up their ass or if they are just being stupidly cheap by not seperating the operating systems for desktop pc’s and tablets/hand helds. Either way, it ‘s the outwardly dumbest move by a large company that I have witnessed in a very long time.

    I’ll keep my desktop pc, and my 30″ monitor which I will never sit close enough to touch and smudge up, thank you very much, microclueless…

    Windows 7 will be with me for another 10 years until I switch to whichever competetor jumps at this great opportunity to make an operating system with common sense for desktop pc users, hopefully a linux system with a large following of software by then. The opportunity for linux dev’s and software devs for linux base are going to be wonderful if microsoft continues down this road of alienation.

    For now, windows 7, a solid antivirus, antispam, and firewall programs will serve me well long after microsoft stops supporting windows 7. Greedy, and short sighted is no way to run a company. In the end, you’ll either make necessary changes or have huge regrets that it will be too late to remedy.

  17. I couldn’t agree more with this. As an IT pro I deal with windows everyday and I use my main PC at home for just about everything you can think of. Windows 7 is stable, sleek, quick and does everything I want it to do. It handles just about anything I can throw at it without complaint. Windows 8 is a glorified Tablet/Phone OS that has no place on the desktop/Laptop PC. I’ll be advising my customers to stay with 7 and see what 9 (or whatever it may be caleed) brings

  18. Add my voice to the pitchfork crowd. I booted up Windows 8 CP on Oracle VirtualBox again today to have another bash and see if could like it. Nope, still find the Franken-system awkward to use and the Metro Start Screen and Windows 7 mash-up just a mess. Windows Explorer looks the worst it has ever looked (XP was the best iteration) thanks to the horrible “Ribbon” from Office slapped on to it. Is Microsoft really going to release this to the public like this?

  19. Windows 8 has all the earmarks of a really bad executive decision. To all the very sharp folks at MS who were shaking their heads and decrying this folly, I hope you can take consolation in the fact that you were right! This is what happens when “management knows best”. I’m sure there is a place for whever dreamed this stuff up at NETFLIX.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Balmer is going to trash the rest of Microsoft with this decision. Bill you’d better wake up and make sure they put the tried and true UI back as the default. If you want a metro add on fine but I refuse to work on that dumbed down unusable ui. My next os will be non-microshaft! This will also be the death of US PC manufacturers as well!

      • Unfortunately it isn’t really Bills decision anymore unless he wants to come out of retirement. I doubt he likes it anymore than you do. He has been pretty critical of some of the changes in Windows for several iterations now.

  20. Windows 8 is way too complicated for ordinary users. Too many bells and whistles to make it intuitive and using text blocks to describe applications is a step backwards. If I held Microsoft shares then I would sell.

  21. Windows 8
    I installed the consumer preview on a seperate partition [dual boot] and have been trying to use it, that’s use it, not play on it for 2 weeks
    Windows 8 IE:
    No “favorites menue”, therefore cannot make “custom folders” and back them up
    Cannot get 8 IE to open in a “home page”, only last site, last site’s down side of monitor, I cannot shut this off, waste of “working ” space
    I do not want last site’s on my desktop 24/7
    I want a favorites menue and home page capability
    Windows 8 mail:
    Not pop or imap compliant
    Cannot add most of my contacts
    Cannot make “custom” mail folders and back them up
    Cannot “customise” font, etc, etc, etc, etc
    The inability to customise Windows 8 IE and mail alone is enough to kill it for me
    Obviously geared toward “social networking”, music, video and selling “App’s”, not much of anything else
    Cannot be taylored to “user” need
    Cannot add custom tiles
    Cannot make custom “desktop” folders or shortcuts in the Metro UI
    I removed the tiles and deleted the “App’s I will never use, the App store, facebook, twitter, etc, etc, etc, there was essentially nothing left
    If I were to use these or any other “App” I do not want the tile/icon/link taking up my entire 24 inch HD monitor
    The constant jumping back and forth from the so-called 7 UI to the Metro UI is crazy
    The loss of real clickable icons/tiles and customisation in the Metro UI is unworkable on a “desktop”
    The “dead” start menue:
    Not needed on a phone, essential on a desktop
    Why the need to “search” for Apps/programs
    Windows 9 will require “F” keys and Dos if this “down grade” continues
    Windows 8 in spite of the retoric from MS was designed 100% for mobile devices with small screens and limited power, “so-called desktop” usability was added as an afterthought
    On a large HD monitor the Metro UI is gouch, gaudy, unprofessional and childlike, described by another blogger as , designed by “Fisher Price” don’t you just love that fish, sadd
    Desktop touch screens may be fun but you cannot “work” on them, try reach accross your work space typing 80, 90 words per minute on a vertical touch surface for 8 hours a day, your arms would fall off
    Try gaming on a touch screen
    If the ability to choose either the so-called 7 UI or the Metro UI is not provided in the final release of 8, and a start button, easy access to “all programs” and the ability to customise IE8 and Windows 8 mail is not returned, I will not be buying it
    I recently read that MS is killing “live essentials including messenger”, I have downloaded and backed up the full installer exec for this and my lifecam so I can continue to use Windows 7 [the last real and functional desktop OS from MS ?] indefinately

  22. Totally agree with everybody here. Installed Windows 8 CP and 2 days later uninstalled and went back to Windows 7. Makes absolutely no sense why they would basically take Windows 7 and make a more difficult version of it and claim its progress. Just to turn off the machine I have to take an additional 2 steps. What the..No reason to leave Windows 7. In conclusion, if I was given Widnows 8 for free I wouldn’t even give it to my worst enemy. LOL..

  23. Couldn’t agree more with most of the posts here. Say hello to Vista2. Make Metro for tablets and phones but give us a real os for the desktop/laptop. Microsoft, haven’t you guys learned anything from Vista?

    98 sucked.
    XP was/is good.
    Vista sucked but is better with updates.
    Windows 7 was/is good.
    Windows 8 appears that it will suck.

    See a pattern?

    This is either a bad joke or a nightmare. I hope it’s the latter and that I awaken soon.

    • Almost. 98 was good, Millennium sucked, XP was awesome, Vista sucked, 7 is awesome, 8 is WTF is this? 9 should be good again.

    • There’s a deeper pattern . . .

      Windows 3.11 sucked
      Windows 95 better
      Windows 98 sucked
      Windows 98 SE better
      Windows ME sucked
      Windows XP better
      Windows Vista sucked
      Windows 7 better
      Windows 8 sucks!

      The full Windows pattern . . .

      • Yep ! You are 100% correct. I’m only frustrated bcoz, why do they have to make blunders and then correct them….
        I have already started enjoying Linux Mint. Sadly windows 8 got released exactly the way i was fearing during the initial consumer preview version. Absolutely no consideration to public feedback. Now i wonder why they release beta versions and so on if not just for bugs. One Good thing came out of it is atleast in just under a month i am more than just proficient with linux and loving opensource.

  24. May be a bit late, but I disagree. It looks pretty good and may grow on you. I, like yourselves, did not like it but now I have a change of opinion. I didn’t want to change the way I use a pc, but you cannot always stick to the old ways – some hated the ribbon, most of them now use it without a problem. Oh, as for it looking like old UI, or whatever, it’s style and a lot of opinions say it looks good, including myself. As for Bill Gates no longer being the richest man, well, he gives to charity. Am I a MS fan. Perhaps, but that is not the reason for my comment.

    • Well, you’re one of the only voices here that seems to like the thing…..Must be lonely there. Sure, there are quite “a few” of you who like W8, but the MAJORITY of us don’t. Microsoft will lose $$$ bigtime because of this fact. Out of the millions of people who use computers, a few hundred who go out and buy W8 isn’t going to save them in this venture.
      I too am a MS fan, but I can’t get behind them with this W8 nonsense, no way. Bill Gates seems to be one of the finest billionaires in the world; I won’t argue that point with you. He does give a whole bunch of $$$ to charity. But his philanthropy isn’t what we’re discussing here. We’re discussing Windows 8 OS, nothing more—-and, as you can see from 99% of the comments here, it’s an epic FAIL for most. Warren Buffet, George Lucas, and Barron Hilton are all also great philanthropists….but, were any of these guys to create a crappy OS (although we do realize that B. Gates didn’t himself create W8), I wouldn’t buy it either! LOL!

      • The part about his philanthropy was in response to one of the earlier posters commenting on how he is no longer the richest man due to lack of polish in MS’s products, I got a bit lazy and just put everything in one post.

        Perhaps I am one the few to like it, though I do have some pet peeves of mine mostly regarding consistency, but I think it will do moderately well, at least on tablets if not desktops. Hopefully 9 will do a lot better. To be honest considering the size of change of 8, it isn’t that surprising that people are hating it and that it needs touching up in some areas.

        I personally think it could replace 7 for me, though for my parents I’m not so sure. Accidentally downloading an app that changes the homepage is, for them, a wall that blocks them browsing the interwebs. I admit, for those poor souls It wouldn’t fair so well but hopefully people would start to use the WinKey and search for the apps/files. Hopefully, people will change. And if they start threatening that they will change to Apple or Linux, then they may have to relearn, for the choice of Apple OSx isn’t that similar to 7.

        Hope I didn’t sound too much like a fanboy.

    • No you didn’t sound too much like a fanboy, just maybe a little! LOL! But, as I said, I too have always enjoyed MS products, so I’m a touch of a fanboy also!
      I should have read more of your post before replying, concerning B. Gates’ giving $$$ to charity. I took it out of context.
      I know consumers, and they won’t “get used to” something they’re not comfortable with. If it’s not what they want, they’ll simply not buy it—end of story. That’s one of the good qualities of a free market and competition! I don’t see too many making the move to Apple, though. As you pointed out, it’s definitely not a drop-in replacement for a Windows OS. And Linux is, for most consumers, REALLY difficult to use…and too buggy. I just see a lot of people staying with Se7en instead, don’t you?
      I agree with most here about the “disjointed” feel of W8. It’s not easier or cooler to have to type in a search for your installed apps. Folder-trees are just much easier. I know that W8 still does have the folder-trees, but you have to weave and dodge around Metro to get at them! And I found that if you are moving a file, or copying one, I couldn’t open another separate instance of explorer. I had to wait until the moving/copying was completed!
      I’m also big into privacy and customization where my computer is concerned….W8 seems to try to thwart customization too much. And I get paranoid if I can’t go to any folder or process with ease and transparency. I want to know EXACTLY what’s running, at all times, and where to get to ALL my folders, including the ‘hidden’ ones. If I shell out $200 for an OS, then by George I want to be FULLY IN CHARGE, 100%, of my computer. W8 has waaayyy too many navigation issues for me.
      No, if the people at MS are thinking “oh, they’ll get used to it”, I can assure you that they’re dead-wrong about that. Some will, but most will simply not buy it. If you go buy a burger and fries, and the restaurant instead hands you a hotdog and tots, then tells you “It’s pretty much the same. You’ll catch on.”, you’ll more than likely get your money back and walk out, right?

      • Aha! I didn’t think that you took it out of context.

        The problem with consumers is that they don’t know what they want, they say they want one thing but in reality it may not even please them. A real example would be new Coke, the company got a lot of good feedback from the consumers yet it faired badly in the market. In the same manner, the use will only know if 8 meets their requirement is if they use it for more than a week.

        Now you might say that a lot of people have used it and are still complaining, to answer them then I would say they hate change, even I do, but to some extent they may not have used it long enough. But once you get past the fact that the start menu is now a page, and that the start button is invisible, which it kind of is since the invisible button is still at the bottom left, then there is very little difference in terms of how you would use windows. Perhaps the problem is the lack of visual cues. But with a little help I doubt many new users would find that to be a problem.

        You mentioned that they won’t buy it if they don’t want it. I would say it depends on the user. Some may choose to revert back to 7 yet others who don’t know they can revert or just want to use the thing might just stick it out. Either way I doubt MS would make it hard for old users to get used to the new OS, we’re only in CP so I bet a tutorial would start up at first boot or something for OEM release.

        I personally think searching for apps/files is easier, I even do it on 7. I find it quicker than having to manually search for it, unless I know that searching for it would be slower than browsing for it. I don’t find metro a hassle, I like that it shows new emails on the front page, I think it’s an improvement.

        Okay, you can’t have more than one instance of explorer when moving/copying, and if you do try to then it’d just open up after the moving/copying’s completed, which is a PITA, I agree to that, hopefully it’s only a bug relating to the new awesome Copy/Move window that they’d remove for the OEM release.

        You can show hidden folders, press start write show hidden files, click settings and click ‘Show Hidden files and Folders’, though you would have to use the search feature which you don’t like.

        Regarding your analogy, perhaps. But then to an extent I don’t agree with it. 8 is very similar to 7 but with Metro, not everyone will like metro, perhaps an acquired taste. Asking for an upgrade to 7 wouldn’t make you think that 8 is too different, it does its job, albeit in a different way. It is asking you to change the way you use computers, to only a small extent though, but then those who would be using the tablets may just find it more of a breeze, the fact that two different mediums can be used to the same degree. Only time will tell if 8 is good enough.

      • Only one question for you. Do you find it more expedient for the everyday user to move around in than W7 is? Truly that is where the market is. If they want to increase the market programs for both the common simple minded folks and another for the intellectual minded folks then that’s cool, but when your expected by the market to buy a new laptop or desktop with a less friendly software from my point of view from the last one there appears to be a problem.

    • Yep, time will certainly tell whether or not W8 will be a success or failure, I agree to that 100%. And even though a large swath of consumers “hated” Vista, many used it (and still do), so W8 will have users who like it good enough, sure.
      But I’d be willing to bet that M$ doesn’t go with this design AGAIN, when W9 comes around! LOL! Just hide and watch. They’ll probably do like Coca-Cola did when they released “Coke Classic”….realizing the ‘new and improved’ version wasn’t bringing in the $$$ they expected! Not saying M$ will release a “Windows Classic”, per se, but they might just reconsider going with many of the goofy ui elements they are going with in W8, and opt instead to return to more user-friendly environs.
      Making the OS capable of TouchScreen technology is, imo, a very good idea…..but they really didn’t have to accomplish this by implementing Metro-ui, a predominantly phone style. And, as has been said all over the place, there are MANY people who don’t have or want a touch screen on their desktops!!! My monitor sits a good 2ft away from me….now there’s no way I want to have to reach out (and up) every time to click a window or page! So—they should have made it more “mouse-friendly” instead.
      I’m going to just close by saying I’m agreeing to disagree with you on most of your points here. Consumers DO know what they want, trust me.

  25. After a failed dual-boot setup on my laptop, I did a clean install with Windows 8 CP. For the most part it works as well if not better than Win 7 on the came computer. However, the more I use Windows 8 the more I want to reinstall Windows 7. I thought the Metro UI would grow on me. I WAS WRONG! The back-and-forth between Metro and the Desktop is a headache after a while. I can’t imagine doing REAL work in this environment. In fact, I find myself falling back to my desktop more and more with the Windows 8 laptop sitting unused. I’m forcing myself to wait until the launch of the next update to Win 8 in early June but truthfully, I’m not holding my breath since Microsoft does not appear to want to budge on the Metro/Desktop issue (such as a switch to turn off Metro UI and re-add a Start Button to the Desktop). I suspect that by the end of the summer I will have erased the laptop HDD and reinstalled Windows 7 and will remain with it until MS comes to their senses.

    • Pretty much the same experience I’ve had. I have my own IT business so I’m very familiar with Microsoft products. I really wanted to like W8 but no matter what I do I just can’t get past the disjointed feeling while using W8.

      It feels like such a giant step backwards.

  26. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that Microsoft themselves are saying that they’re somehow in the midst of all this, receiving the same praise they did with Windows 7. I think they’re lying about that because I, amongst several others do not want Metro on the Desktop. I installed it on my mom’s computer and she was about ready to kill me after trying to use it for less than 15 minutes.

    Julie Green-Larson and Steven Sinofsky need to be fired, they are the cancer killing Microsoft. Especial that dumb idiot Juile, she does not seem to understand that people have accessibility issues with colors on computer screens. She seems to think if it is pretty and has butterflies that those somehow go away. I does not Juile, I use a blue color scheme because I find it easier, and the fact that Word 07/10 do not obey MY choices is irritating.

    The thing is, Microsoft could fix this all by simply offering a few options. These options do not even take up that much memory, add them in as a flag and you can have 32 of them for every 4 bytes of ram. Add a option to disable Ribbon for those who do not want it, and add an option TO render your applications like Classic Windows ones THAT obey MY COLORS.

    You guys aren’t concerned about what WE want, your more concerned about what dumb 12 year olds with phones want, and annoying hipsters.

    Bah, but why bother complaining, MS won’t care what we say anyways.

  27. Isn’t this the case that only every other Windows release will be good? So I guess after 7 the next good version will be Windows 9!

  28. I’ve tried it on my laptop, and I found it a real pain to use, couln’t connect thru wifi, it didn’t wish to know, the drivers don’t work. Not easy to find stuff at all. Now stuck a linux disk in and am writing this on ubuntu, it found the network, everything works just great. Poor shame Microsoft.

  29. I almost read all the comments and I agree! I used Developer Preview for 2 months, Consumer Preview for 2 days. It’s terrible. I hope it will fail and Ms will make an OS not for kids! But the Ms fans make me angry really, they have no real argument just call it nice for no reasons. Luckily they are just 1-2 million people because WP7 failed. I don’t even understand Ms why it’s making Metro UI for windows 8 when it failed.

  30. “Windows 8 under the hood is a beautiful creation – perhaps the best OS to date..”
    Really? how can you tell? Do you have windows8 source code in you hands?
    If so, I would greatly interested in you reasoning, please keep us updated!

    • Hi Twilight,

      What I meant by this :

      There have been great technical enhancements to Windows 8, which (theoretically) make it better than Windows 7 (under the hood). I.E: Better SSD Support, Better boot times, Kernel performance improvements, Stability enhancements, More useful task manager, etc.

      And to be very clear, none of this will mean a damn to the desktop user if the OS is directed at tablets and the usability is so bad on desktop machines that it just makes sense to stick with Win 7.

      • 100% Agreed. As much as I like the enhancements in Windows 8 the UI breaks the deal with me. I rather live with a few extra seconds booting to Windows and a slightly slower machine then use Metro. Even more so now since Microsoft has stated that they plan to 1) Disable any start menu hacks + skip to desktop hacks, and 2) Metorize the Desktop after the Release Preview.

      • It’s just not worth the effort if I have to run a bunch of hacks in order to have a less confusing desktop. I mean, I’m used to hacking Windows for customization purposes, you know, tweaking this and that, running third-party themes, etc……But if I have to hack the hell out of the OS just to have a normal desktop, then screw that noise. I don’t care what “under the hood” improvements have been added. If Chevrolet came out with a vehicle that drove itself, read my mind, and played my favorite satellite-feed on the radio,—I’d not buy it if it also required me to peddle it.

  31. Totally agree with you. Tried it out today for the first time and as a heavy desktop user I found it to be a total nightmare, far too disjointed, the lack of a start button / start menu is totally ridiculous and being forced to use the tablet style interface is a total joke. For a serious pc user windows 8 is just not usable

  32. If you GOOGLE WINDOWS 8 PREVIEW, the most searched item is HOW TO DISABLE METRO, and the first thing I did yesterday was get rid of the metro interface and re-instate the START BUTTON. It’s ironic that I have to have a VISTA app running in the background in order to achieve this (“ViStart ” Restores Start Menu, Disables Metro Ui in Windows 8 consumer preview.) At the moment I’m dual booting between Win7 and Win8 preview, and I will soldier on with Win 8 preview because I do feel that under the hood it may be a better OS than Win 7, time will tell.

    link to disable metro:

  33. I tried the windows 8 consumer preview although I wish I would have found this site first. Long story short, after , reinstalling windows 7, I vowed to stay with what works. The blue screen of death was enough for me. Although I will also add for those with touch screens, once it becomes stable, it may be okay. Just not for me.

  34. I installed Windows 8 yesterday. The Metro UI is so annoying that I reinstalled Windows 7 as fast as I could. Other than the horrid Metro UI, Windows 8 has a few enhancements but nothing to go singing in the streets over and definitely not worth upgrading from Windows 7. If Microsoft forces people to “boot” to the Metro UI I predict that Windows 8 will be a huge flop. Maybe even worse that Windows Vista. What is Microsoft thinking with Metro UI? It is so horrible. Also not having the start menu is such a turn off, instead of having a start menu we are force to open a “folder” so to speak with all the icon shortcuts to our programs. That’s really all that is going on, instead of a start menu you now have an icon to a folder that has your start menu programs. I want my start menu back and I do not want to see the Metro UI every time I boot windows. I will not be upgrading to Windows 8.

  35. Try pressing Windows logo key + W to open the ‘Settings in Search Charm’ screen. Now click in the blank area. I see a blank screen with only a Settings heading. A normal user is going to be lost there I think.

  36. I am a web developer and I use computers a lot.

    When I looked at Windows 8… COMPLETE CONFUSION.

    First of all, there are 2 versions of IE? An “app” version and “desktop” version.

    I just don’t get it. How could Microsoft do this?

    Thank God I have a MacBook Air now 😀

    Mac OS X is much more stable than Windows 8, and easier to use! ^_^

    The new start screen is horrible. It takes longer to get to something now.

    They’re not even close to Apple, and most likely never will be.

  37. Why do I think of Insane Clown Possy or Parade of Idiots!? This is like Titanic, Challenger Shuttle and 911 morphed into a Internet age software disaster. Hope some heads roll, but they never seem to learn.

  38. I was so fed up with windows taking so long coming out of sleep mode, I installed Ubuntu for the heck of it. Most of key sequences seem to work the same as windows. Computer comes out of sleep mode nice an smooth. I have made my career on MS products but with most of my apps running on a browser, who really cares about the OS, whatever is more usable and stable has my vote. MS better get it’s act together, just reading this Blog makes me not evern want to look at Metro.

  39. I installed it on my MacBook Pro using VirtualBox, just to see how it was, and after messing with it for about 5 minutes, I deleted it and that’s it. I have Windows 7 installed on a dedicated PC and that is pretty good I have to admit, this is total shite! Sorry, I don’t have a better word for it, it might be ok on a Tablet (I don’t know), but for a Desktop OS, this is total pig crap!

  40. I hate the Consumer preview too it is so crappy. I loaded it in virtual box and gave it a go. top five reasons why this will fail/why i will never buy win 8 stated above this was meant for tablets but tablets cant handle the OS because it needs all the desktops power to run the stupid GUI
    2.I couldn’t find the Control panel, start bar or anything windows normally has i had use the search bar to find the cmd prompt and pull up .cpl files just to change my background I also couldn’t figure out how to shutdown
    3.It took up so much disk space I gave it a 100gb partition and i could only use 47gb after i loaded the OS
    4.It lagged a lot (i have a large terminal at my house) I gave it 8gb of RAM and it took like three minutes to bring up Firefox which the OS didn’t like me installing in the first place
    5. I just feel offended as a developer and a hacker that Microsoft would put out a program that feels like it was meant for retards it was a useless platform I will only study it so I don’t make their mistakes. good thing UNIX exists because that’s all I’m gonna use from now on

  41. Microsoft is going the way of So many before it, Digital Equip Corp, Wang, Novell. They had a wave of success but they are falling further behind every day. They never saw the likes of Google coming along and futilly tried to get into the game with Bing. They never saw the potential in smart phones and Android and IPhone own the market to Microsofts single digit market share. With office apps becoming cloud based and Linux the preferred application platform, their market share will dwindle dramatically over the next five years. They never saw tablets coming and like everything I’ve just mentioned,.Microsoft keeps bumbling along trying to figure out what is next on the horizon. I’m using my Android smart phone right now. When I do use a laptop its a Mac or for a tablet an IPAD. Much less drama.

  42. I liked windows because it wasn’t a tablet!!
    So not upgrading from 7, once more they’ve done another ‘vista’ and everyone will be downgrading to 7 very quickly if they own a ‘real pc or laptop.

    • Yeah I’m getting really tired of people saying “You just don’t like change.” BS. I like changes for the better just fine. ME to XP. Vista to Windows 7. Good changes. Windows 7 to Windows 8?! Not so much.

    • I found the whole thing to be pointless. The Metro UI sucks. It seems like it just takes more time to do things and you end up circumnavigating. The current UI is great. There is nothing wrong with it. As far as what is under the hood–well, hard to tell in a Beta til you see the real thing. The whole idea is to keep you logged into Microsoft Live to use the OS. The OS is constantly syncing and lending itself to the cloud. You can see where this is going. Everything on the cloud and you end up paying for storage. Your PC will be a dumb terminal that will eventually log into a big server and you will pay to run apps À la carte and to store your files. I will run Windows 7 til the wheels come off and then switch to Linux. I am not paying Redmond or Cupertino to run a computer and own my data.

      • Jimmi,
        Your last name is “Shrode”, but it might as well had been “Shrewd”, because that is exactly what you are. 🙂

        Windows 8 and Microsoft’s cloud is a very transparent, very dim-witted attempt at vendor lock-in. Unfortunately, this is what one gets when one replaces someone who actually has vision (Bill Gates) with a monkey (Steve Ballmer) who essentially has no other playing-card but to milk consumer good-will painfully earned by the visionary. Fail!

  43. The best part about Windows 8 for me is that it makes me appreciate how good Windows 7 is. I really wanted to like Windows 8 hoping that they’ve broken the curse of the “every other Windows sucks” thing, but this is just an absolute mess of an interface. Hover here, move mouse down, click, press a key, click, hover up, click, stand on your head, and all I wanted to do was find out what time it was! Seriously, where the heck is the file I just downloaded? Why are all the interface controls hidden from the user? It’s like Microsoft is saying, “It’s intuitive, you dolt! Figure it out by guessing! And stop whining about the Start button. In our meetings, we decided you’re supposed to like Metro better.”

    It’s not all bad. It loads fast and it does seem snappy. Some design elements are beautiful and all the graphical transitions are liquid smooth, but those things alone are not worth the aggravation of this ghastly UI blend. It’s like a car where the steering wheel, pedals and seat keep changing position, shape and function on you while you drive. That’s what Windows 8 feels like. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who couldn’t wait to try it out.

  44. I was looking forward to getting my slave rig built so I could try out this fancy new OS. I am exhausted and can’t go to bed now because I really want this thing running and I have to start over because Windows 8 SUCKS!! I was willing to give it some time and see if I could adjust to it…..yes, Metro and all. I did have to adjust a bit with 7 after XP forever (NO Vista for me, thanks). After about 8 of the 10 software I tried to install had compatibility issues (All Win 7 compatible) I gave up. There is now way I am purchasing all new versions of all of the software I own just to use an OS that is frankly a royal pain in the …….neck! What an utter waste of time. Windows 7 is as close to perfect as they’ve ever been able to achieve. I could’ve sworn most of us just got around to moving from XP to 7 after the Vista disaster. Maybe Microsoft should take some time off………spend some of that money that they keep raping us for………just a thought….leave it alone for a while. Anyway, I see I’m not alone in my disgust, LOL.
    Peace to all of you 🙂

  45. I just spent three hours of m life trying Windows 8 and I am at a loss for words. This has screwed with my dopamine/serotonin levels, I am clinically depressed now. WINDOWS 8 SUCKS.. SUCKS.. SUUUUCCCKKSSS! FORGET IT!

  46. Windows 8 sucks plain and simple. Saying it is possibly the best OS “under the hood” is laughable. The Unix architecture is and always has been superior to anything Microsoft has ever made. If you want the best OS to date judging on a purely technical basis then you use Linux. Nothing else even comes close.

  47. In the future, Microsoft will be forced to revert back to its business roots. That’s where the Windows platform works best. Aside from the Xbox, Microsoft has failed the overwhelming majority of its consumer efforts. Microsoft doesn’t get consumers, Apple does.

    Microsoft is the new IBM. They should embrace that. They can still make lots of money by parting with the consumer market. Windows has always been an awful platform for consumers. Meanwhile, with Windows 8 they are really alienating their business customers in a desperate attempt to win the consumer tablet market that they don’t need.

    It’s like Microsoft is having a midlife crisis. It’s really pathetic.

  48. Totally agree with the original poster. I tried Win 8 Developer preview and hated it. Today I tried Win 8 Consumer Preview and it is still horrible. I accidentally clicked on Mail app icon and it seriously took me about a minute or two to figure out how to close the damn thing and how to navigate around that stupid metro BS. People who are not savvy with computers are going to get soooo lost and frustrated. This is going to be an epic fail.
    PS. I consider myself power user therefore SEARCHING for a way to close an app (without using keyboard shortcuts) should have never ever happened.
    I would love to give Metro UI a try on a tablet, but for PC I it will just not work! End of story.

  49. MS isn’t copying Apple if they were they wouldn’t be digging themselves a grave, Windows 8 just looks like a pug ugly Ostrich with it’s head in the dirt worse of all who the hell wants cloud?

  50. Awful, Awful, Awful, Awful. Windows 8 could actually be the cause of mass deaths worldwide. It’s that bad I assume some would rather give up on life than use it.

  51. My initial view is that the interface formally known as Metro looks really good as a tablet OS, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Surface when it ships ( still need to choose between RT and Pro tho’)

    I decided to have a look to see how it performed as a desktop OS, so I installed a copy of the consumer preview on a Virtual Machine, installed my standard applications and tools ( I’m a developer) and used it for a few days.

    Using Windows 8 as a production environment was really painful, where the hell is the Start Button Microsoft?? I would really like to know the makeup of the consumer groups that MS used to justify removing the Start Menu.

    I’m completely lost without it.

    No, I don’t want to pin all my application to the taskbar, nor do I want to have my desktop filled with shortcuts, and having to search for my application each time I want to run it is a real pain in the arse, and No! I don’t want to have to keep switching into the interface Formerly Known as Metro every time I want to fire up an application.

    In short, Windows 8 for the desktop, is a real cock-up for Microsoft, and I for one will not be rushing out to upgrade my desktop to Windows 8 – I’ve still not yet forgiven MS for Vista, and having to shell out >£100 for it’s service pack (aka Windows 7).

    I think they desparately need Steve Ballamer to step down as CEO. The company’s lost its way since Bill left.

    They need a new leader to bring the vision back into their products, and to stop making these incredible godawful mistakes.

  52. I too have “tested” Windows 8 but It failed to impress us. I remember when XP was released, we actually were so happy the night of the install that we all sat down and looked at the install setup screens. Those days are long gone gone, We been looking at non Windows OS for our current Desktops. I am very upset with MS but what can we do about it? Well we can hit them were it hurts most. No more sales from us! Thank you.

  53. Windows 8 is just plain horrible. I have an android phone & do not like the phone interface. I know it works better on a phone than a desktop version OS, but I don’t like it. Why the hell would I want a phone OS on my desktop? Apple makes ugly computers with horrible looking OS’s. I will never own an Apple product, ever. I have tried Linux, & install Linux on computers we sell, but Linux is completely useless for me. It is harder to use & does less, no wonder it’s free.
    I am a PC gamer. Linux is not an option at all for that. Yes you can run windows programs in Linux with programs like Wine, but they run like crap. Apple OS does have some games for it, but not even close to what Windows has. Plus I would have to buy an over priced, ugly computer with an ugly OS.
    Looks like I will be using Windows 7 until they drop support for it. Hopefully Microsoft will pull their heads out of their asses by then & will have made a proper desktop OS again.

  54. Windows 8 finally suck they changed UI and replaced START button with TILES (for TABLET PC)

    Windows 3.1x (1992) – Good
    Windows 95 (1995) – Mixed bag, at the beginning it sucked
    Windows 98 (1998) – Good
    Windows ME (2000) – Sucked (hard)
    Windows XP (2001) – Good
    Windows Vista (2006) – Sucked although not as hard as ME
    Windows 7 (2009) – Good
    Windows 8 (2012?) – EPIC FAIL

    We’ll see Windows 9 (or whatever they’re going to call it) released sometime in the next 3 years and it will fix nearly every problem in Windows 8.

    until than goodbye windows, glad to leav yu, Hello Apple 😉

    • I love the idiots – like you – spreading this same shit over and over again in every corner of the internet. You probably don’t remember how much your beloved XP sucked before the SP2 came out. On the other hand you presumably did not try Vista after the SP1 came out that solved many problems and made it a decent and far more productive OS than the post-SP2 XP. This is easy to prove, since after a few minor changes and rebranding it became the most successful OS in the history (Windows 7). So, yeah please keep telling this same shit over and over again while you are having fun with your crappy useless OSX.

  55. People bitching here about Window 8 failed to realize one very important thing!


    Why? Because never in the history of commercial desktop operation systems was a product sold at this pricetag.

    If you buy a copy of Debian or SUSE from a store you will be paying perhaps 10.- less than the full version of Windows 8. If you bought a netbook or laptop now you have untill 2013 to update Windows 7 Starter to Windows 8 Pro for 15 dollars!!!!!

    I have tried the release preview on my Apire One Happy netbook hooked to an 21″ optical touch monitor. I was less than thrilled to find out that all multitouch swipe gestures will not work with touch monitors that have a bezel that is elevated from the screen surface (e.g. all Optical Touch Monitors). I really wish they would fix that but I doubt it.

    It’s faster to access all my mail accounts (1x gmail,2x hotmail, 1x yahoo) from the same interface and some live tiles like facebook and messenger really get your productivity up because it’s lightning fast and all in one place. You just get used to hearing the new mail/message notification sound and instantly hitting the windows key to have a look at the tiles than hit the windows key again to get back to work.

    Sadly the Release Preview still looks and works better on resolutions near 720p… 1920×1080 looks very bad (pictures in the live tiles look blurred) and the tiles get so tiny that you can’t read well.

    A big plus was when recently Google Chrome hit the Windows Store because it outperforms both Explorer!

    What I really didn’t like was that many apps try to lure you into the Start menu by hijacking you from the desktop…. like if you double click an image, movie our sound file… I had to redefine the standard action for these (with good old “…open with” menu).

    I know I will upgrade to Windows 8 because Windows 7 Starter is really very very bad and a full copy of Windows 7 will cost much more than upgrading.

  56. My answer is simply NO! I won’t use tablet OS for programming stuff. Tablets OS are for my reading and browsing purposes other than that nothing.

  57. Windows ME = Windows Vista = Windows 8. Every few years Microsoft has to release a complete failure of an operating system. Our company of 280 users will be riding Windows 7 through to Windows 9, and if the Start menu isn’t back by then, I’m going to be forced to go Mac. Ugh.

  58. WHAT A FREAKIN MESS!!! Im sure if I was some user who didnt care about managing my internet connectivity and other security related settings this would be a great thing. However, Im not the typical person who simply relies on a company making things ‘user friendly’. While I appreciate it for folks like my 60+ year old mother, as the PC’s administrator Windows 8 is a complete joke.

    Maybe when ‘user friendly’ isnt so ‘criminal wet-dreamy’; this (GUI) would have been a good approach but we all know that user-friendly usually means unsecured, open, and very visible to a network and Im tired of it for one. Like Microsoft OR Apple would leave their corporate PC’s/MAC’s so extremy open, right?

    Im thinking we need to get together and start discussing how the move to mnaking things so ”user friendly’; there should be some policies a developer should follow and treat it as though they were setting up their corporate network. Then I might feel safer on a OS that sets up with a GUI that hides almost ALL the methods of setting it up properly!!!

  59. I am running the released version RTM of Win8. For desktop OS, it sucks. REALLY sucks. There will be a learning curve in corporate environment, a BIG one. The concept that the Start button and menu are no longer needed is a joke. It might make a good phone or tablet OS, but not sure how you will right click on a tablet in IE10 to get to the URL box. Desktop to power down is now a 5 icon/menu process, logout is 3 steps. Seriously think that this should be another skip it, like Vista.

  60. Oh yeah, and the Win8 RTM will not install on the same hardware that Win7 runs great on. The preview releases did, but not the actual release.

  61. By the look of things even the icons is retarded (music, pictures, etc)… spotting the right icon to click on will take a considerable time because it all is mainly green, orange and purple with only a white indicative symbol on top

    It’s not ideal, you want to spot the things you want to click on almost instantely

  62. thing i’m laughing at is the Microsoft Trend

    Windows 3.1 – never tried it but hear it sucked
    Windows 95 – Freeze City!
    Windows 98 – Froze but ran better then 95
    Windows 98 SE – i hear was a great OS.
    Windows 2000 – very Solid OS
    Windows ME – Failure
    Windows XP – <<still using and Great OS
    Windows Vista – so many say it was was a Failure as well
    Windows 7 – i hear is a Great OS.
    Windows 8 – Next Soon to be Failure.

    so if History repeats as it is, Windows 9 will be the next better OS. but Lets find out huh? but at this rate i might look into a Linux OS rather then the next Windows OS.

    • Speaking of Linux… Valve and Nvidia is working together to port Steam and Left 4 dead 2 to Linux. It is time for linux to throw it’s toys out of the cot and shine

      And then before any critism… I know Linux is not user-friendly and not mainstream, but it is evolving and getting better (all the time). If Linux can gain some consumer momentum, soon gave dev companies will be porting their games to Linux – ulimately, freedom of choice

      • sorry to disagree….the last release i used of ubuntu linux was very user-friendly. came pre-intstalled with browser, word processor, spreadsheet and presentation app and much more. interface is clean and everything is easy to get to. yes, the linux community needs to do some work to make this more mainstream, but linux is a proven platform.

  63. I’ve heared the will no longer use the world Metro for the UI… Not sure if they want to change also the OS name from Windows 8, but after I tested each version of it I may suggest Windows Vista 2 or Windows Bob 2. Windows BobVista would also be an appropriate name.

    The whole fuss about W8 is inconceivable to me!

    In one hand they have an OS with a great API every developer uses, they have desktop to store files, shortcuts, applications, web links, receive notifications and all the stuff everyone need and MISSES ON IPAD/IPHONES AND ANDROID TOYS!
    They have a great, successful OS with 95% market share, that neither Apple nor Google nor Linux distros had harmed in 20 years (neither playing the coolness card, nor GIVING AWAY THE OS FOR FREE).
    They have a successful OS that keep up the PC sales during the worst economic crisis of the century.

    In the other hand they have a full scale disaster, Metro phones with a fisher-price UI no one wants, no one buy, no one cares about.
    They had pitiful market shares with CE, no competitor was going to even consider it a threat in 21st century, and Metro-UIed generation of devices managed to utterly lose ground up to being totally irrelevant.

    Ok, f*ck logic, I’ll bet the company on the second product and desperately try to kill the first one as fast as I can! Congratulations Mr Ballmer, you may definitely succeed in this!

  64. If Microsoft was smart they wouldn’t just change the name Metro to something else they’d change the name Windows 8 to Linux 8 or OS X VIII! 🙂

  65. what a piece of might be great under the hood but if i want a tablet UI then i will buy a dam tablet.Microsoft should forget about trying to take apples place in the mobile market.i use my desktop for work and play so give me a DESKTOP UI!!!!!

  66. Do all of yoiu have nothing better to do than complain about a fucking operating system on a computer that if you don’t like it so much then don’t buy it, its not food and water so if it pisses you off why spend ur time writing about it. Fucking idiots!!!

    • So I suppose that if we don’t like something that is important to our lives (my business is IT support) then we shouldn’t complain about it? How are vendors supposed to know what users like or dislike if we don’t tell them?

      Your mommy should wash out your mouth with soap.

    • Hey, DUMBASS—The more people like us complain about it, the better chance Microsoft will notice. That’s the point. Why did YOU come here? Just to be contradictory, to insult people you don’t know? Get a life, smartass. If we don’t like it, we don’t have to buy it? Thanks for telling us that, Captain Obvious……Useful info.

    • Yeah not that your complaining about the complaining is the same or anything!!
      If it bothers you so much that people are complaining that might be about you and an inability to handle criticism.

  67. You wannabe admins made my day, terms like windows ‘n’ security just don’t go together.
    I have been a blendows jerk for many wasted years, then saw the light of unix, bsd and linux and never looked back.

    i want a os where i am in charge, where i am in control, where i have privacy, which have a fast update cycle, which is written open source to prevent backdoors etc etc etc – windows – macos – certainly not!


  68. I don’t understand what all the complaining is about. This is the perfect operating system for the Facebook/Twitter generation, with no learning curve from my $400 smartphone (which I still have not learned how to make an actual phone call from). With my $1100 QuadCore P7, I can really get my facebook results fast. And man, isn’t it pretty?

  69. Most Microsoft stuff is just a disaster. Seriously, Windows and in general all MS products are terrible:

    1) Microsoft software installs itself all over the place like a cancer, and leaves traces all over the place after uninstalling it. Like a cancer.

    2) Every third-party solution is invariably better than whatever MS comes up with e.g. Notepad (I use Editplus), IE (I use Firefox), batch scripting (I use AutoHotkey), Windows Media Player (I use Media Player Classic Home Cinema), the start menu (I use TrueLaunchBar), the task bar (I use 7Taskbar Tweaker, what a godsend), BitLocker (I use TrueCrypt of course), their System Restore (I use Paragon Backup & Recovery), Explorer (I use Total Commander), their included Chinese input methods (I use either Google Pinyin or Sogou Pinyin), and so on. I don’t have a problem with this software being included as an optional feature that users can optionally install it and uninstall, but making all this crapware an integral part of their flagship product i.e. Windows is just a shambles.

    3) Writing batch scripts in Windows is like typing with your feet. By far the dumbest, most limiting, most unintuitive syntax. I don’t use Linux at all but yesterday I had to write a bash script for my router and for the firs time I realised how much scripting in Windows sucks. All my Windows scripts are written in Autohotkey.

    4) System settings are inconsistently and randomly scattered around the system and duplicated all over the place in the Windows Registry, the Roaming folder, Program Files etc, Program Files\Common files, etc. My computer is NOT a toilet.

    5) In MS software, things just don’t do what they are supposed to do: in MS Word, typing 4.5 and it changing to 4.86 or whatever when setting margins, not being able to enable/disable password protected file sharing on the public and work network profiles, setting a folder to Read Only and still not being read only next time you check (then why the F is that option there at all?)

    6) File sharing is problematic to set up, because it’s not intuitive.

    7) Microsoft go great lengths to add features nobody uses (well, only people who just live with the default settings), such as Home Groups. I disabled this real fast.

    8) There is no easy way to back up all your settings (e.g. system preferences, Explorer settings, etc) to a so that re-installing the OS is not a two-week job.

    MS products suck infinitely.

    • you are right about microsoft leaving a bunch of garbage around. this is going to rear its ugly head on these tablets, which may have a 32gig solid state hard drive. two months of surfing the net in IE will eat that tablet up!

  70. After 28 years of developing Line-Of-Business apps on DOS 2.1 thru Windows 7 (loved Windows ’98SE, XP Pro and Win 7 Ultimate), I saw the Developer Preview and saw their plans for things like Silverlight and decided it was time for a change, I bought my first Mac. A MacBook Pro Retina. I found that transitioning to OS X on the Apple was much easier than trying to use a Tablet interface on a Laptop. I can run Win7 or Win 8 in virtual machines on this Mac and find that I can start the Apple OS and load the VM faster than my son can start his Win 7 machine, I will never go back to Dell / Windows. I find the interfaces on the Apple much more intuitive and easy to adjust to than the Windows 8 interface. If I wanted a Table OS I’ll buy a tablet with one. I also have no interest in the M$ push toward HTML and JavaScript. I don’t want to build TinkerToy apps using Bailing Wire (Ajax), Chewing Gum (HTML) and Spit(JavaScript). How many more things are they going to add to this to make it work. No matter how much gift wrapping you put on a dead skunk, it is still a dead skunk. M$ is trying the IBM method of revolutionary change instead of their historical evolutionary change. I think the market will show them they screwed up.

  71. Microsoft does not seem to have a clue that the majority of their customers are mid to low level users. In the REAL world, one does not sell a pair of paints that are turned inside out with pockets on the outside. And requires a third party patch for it to look and feel normal. Despite the claims of advancement, it just boils down to a matter of choice. Windows 8 should have been made available separately for touch screen and desktop/laptop users. After many years of having the start button, many common users will reject it on that fact alone. You would think that after the Vista fiasco, Microsoft would have learned not to be indifferent to the customer.
    The kill switch inside Windows 8 is a privacy concern as well.

  72. I just Bought a new dell Lap top I really like the computer but Windows 8 has to go I’m going to buy windows seven and try to install that on this computer if I cant this is going in the trash and will be buying a MAC.
    If they had only put a start menu in 8 it wouldn’t be quite as bad

  73. “Sinofsky has sold Ballmer a turd sandwich, and the latter bought it.”

    It looks like that quote from here made back in March was prophetic because Sinofsky has been “retired” from his position at M$ due to poor market numbers for 8.

    Meanwhile Apple-sticking with different interfaces for tablets and keyboard devices sold 3.5 million ipads the week that they released the ipad mini. That might not be totally relevent but Apple doesn’t usually treat their customer base with complete indifference and that is relevent!

  74. I am so very upset. I am 60, own my own small business and my Vista run computer died. I truly feel I wasted MANY hundred of dollars on this new computer and file save from my old computer as I cannot understand the gibberish I make of the DAM Windows 8 tiles. What on this green earth made MS think an average older person could figure this CARP out??????? I feel like I have been given some sort of torture system. I HATE even coming up to this DAM system but I need my files and contact to run my business.

    Is there any way to get the old desk top to be the default in some way so that everything does not go into the torture system they take me too when I start the computer. I can’t even find a trashcan – or a way to turn off the computer without first logging off. I am further driven to near catatonic state by the fact I bought and installed some sort of “Passport” backup that won’t back up all files, won’t show what is in the “Passport”, and has no sort of “desktop” to utilize if I go into it to see what is there. What the HELTERSKELTER is someone with my limited experience to do? I do not have hundreds to spend buying windows 7 and then paying someone to retransfer my files backward into the last system that would make any sort of sense to my limited computer skills.

    I hate my computer now and there are no words to adequately describe what I think of MS and their new SYSTEM of torture.

  75. Well everyone, I’m prolly gonna get cussed-out here….
    For those of you who’ve been here a while (posting here at Mike’s Techbox), you know that I have been one of the biggest Win8 haters around here…..
    But. After installing Windows 8 Pro w/ Media Center about a month ago—and leaving it installed, giving it a fair chance—I’ve come to actually like it a great deal! No getting the start-menu back for me, none of those hacks to make it look like Win7! I do not miss that stupid start-menu at all (Charms Bar has all that and more), I like being presented with my start-screen at bootup, with all my live-tiles and custom feeds, and after tinkering around I’ve found there are a lot of things you can do to skin Win8 (themes, etc.)! I’m very pleased with my own setup right now, as far as looks go, and I think Win8 is MILES above Win7 in a multitude of ways!
    No way can I go back to Windows 7 now. Win8 is permanently installed on my machine. I tried using 7 again–on my wife’s lappy—and hated the experience! Using Win7 was depressing! Like being locked in a closet! LOL!
    Win8 is very great! Click my avatar here to go to my deviantART profile, look around, see all the cool ways you can customize the os.

  76. I bought a nice new HP laptop that has windows 8, nice machine BUT the windows 8 sucks so bad I can’t even use it, I’ve tried for 2 days but it’s shit. I am returning it asap. Whatever was wrong with the start menu anyway? Windows 7 works so smooth but windows 8 is inconsistent, choppy, a total pain to use. I’ll get my money back and use my windows 7 and old laptop. I should have researched first as it seems I’m not the only one with a problem. Bad mistake buying a computer with windows 8.

  77. WHAT TF WERE THEY THINKING?! I’m a Sys Admin by day, audio mixer by night. My home pc, a 5 year old Dell XPS, was due for an update so I bought a new one… which of course came with WIN8, which is apparently the desktop equivalent to Windows Server 2012. I thought, GREAT! I can get some early exposure to the new stuff before they start making us deploy Server 2012 at work… But…. I HATE IT ALREADY and it’s only been two days! BAD, MS, just BAD. You can’t force a tablet OS on the PC users, you just can’t. STOP IT.

  78. Yes i installed windows 8 and very dissapointed metro is shit so i went back to windows 7.
    Even tried to get rid of this os on ebay but no sale what now, do i throw it in the bin where it belongs ??

  79. My computer bit the dust so I bought a new computer with windows 8. This windows is a big waste of time. I can’t do what I want to do I have to do what windows 8 wants to do. Installed my own picture editing program, try to use it windows 8 program comes up instead. I’m going back to windows 7. I need a computer not this apple tablet.

  80. I hate my new laptop and windows 8. I can no longer use the “search” and “apply” buttons on a job site I have been using before to apply for jobs! No one can give me an answer as to why this is all of the sudden w/ the new programs. And good luck getting a simple answer from Microsoft that a computer idiot like me can understand! I am going to look at apple computers tomorrow and see if it’s easier.

    • ha…nice knowing you. heck, i might even join you. ubuntu linux is also a really nice alternative OS…and its free. way to go, microsoft for driving your customers to the competition! idiots!

  81. Well, after trying 2 different windows 8 desktop computers in the last month, both of which killed the hard drive within 2 weeks, I returned the piece of junk to Best Buy, and went and found a Windows 7 desktop. I am thoroughly convinced that two hard drive crashes, where the operating system was completely erased is not a hard drive issue, as the techno geeks at best buy tried to claim, it’s an operating system issue. So, as far as I’m concerned Widows 8 absolutely sucks.

  82. I agree that this sucks. I’ve been using windows for 15-20 years, and this is the worst. It’s hard to get in and out of things. My email is screwed up. I can’t get Rhapsody, because it’s not compatible. I lost a lot of my regular stuff. Jees, I’m not highly technical, but I like the things I use. Who designed this. And, as others have said, you can’t get a new computer unless you get this worthless crap on it. Why else would I write on this site.
    fred in maine

  83. this isn’t the only time microsoft has done this. i am a programmer of the dot net platform. i use a development tool called visual studio to write all of my programs. since i stare at this application for at least 8 hours a day, the UI is very important. well guess what? they implemented the Metro UI in the development environment and made all of the tools black and white. they removed all color from the program (which is helpful to quickly find my often-used tools). They got slammed in the previews fro this, and Microsoft basically said “relax and enjoy it”….kind of like rape i guess (see clayton williams). well, there are forums dedicated to people screaming bloody murder about this.

    i installed windows8 on my toshiba laptop at home. fortunately, since i am a developer, i can get windows 8 for free…i certainly wouldn’t have paid for it. for a laptop that does not have a touch screen, this is basically unusable. i couldn’t even find the f**king control panel. they screwed up BAD! Oh, i also make decisions on my company’s software purchases. no way in hell am i going to put this on my employee’s laptops and desktops!

    if you do have a touch-screen tablet or something, then this os might not be too bad, if you don’t mind making your PC have the limited abilities of an iPad.

    • I have the same situation as george heardy. I am a software developer who uses Visual Studio as his primary development tool. Someone inside Microsoft got a hair up their you-know-what, and decided to remove the color from the application. Now it comes in mostly white, with faint lines of black. If you have 20/20 vision, it won’t last while looking the new version of Visual Studio. And just like George said, when all these programmers, some of which are seasoned engineers who had children before the people at Microsoft who did this crap were even born, SCREAMED saying, WTF where you THINKING??????! Guess what Microsoft said:

      “Relax. Enjoy your cool new tools. It’s great. You will learn to love it. It’s awesome.”

      For moments, that’s all they said. “It’s cool. It’s awesome”, like a bunch of robots.

      It got so bad, Microsoft finally caved and created a SEPARATE APPLICATION whose sole purpose is to add color back to that bland black-and-white Visual Studio 2012 crap. And in typical Microsoft demeanor, instead of saying, “Yeah, you’re right guys and gals, we f*cked this one up. We should have listened to you. We fired the person who sold this to management.”, they said,…

      “Yes, it’s a really neat coloring tool. It’s great. It’s awesome.”

      Guess what, Microsoft? You don’t get to take credit for finally fixing something that you f*cked up in the first place after we had to hound you for months to get you to do so.

  84. the thing they stil could do when they need to start making updates is go like this
    Windows 7>w7.1>w7.2>w7.3>etc gaming
    Windows 8 >w8.1>w8.2>w8.3>etc touchfknscreens

    KEEP THESE SEPARATED YOU TURDS, the only reason i use pc is that i know how to use mouse and keyboard, if thats taken from me i wil defo switch to consoles and mac or whatever

  85. Greetings. Your article is spot on. It is a piece of crap. Unfortunately, Microsoft like many American companies do not respect the consumer enough to care what we think.

    Secondly, if it comes preinstalled on your computer then you are screwed and stuck. I HATE it.
    Why is start an issue, why can’t items be placed with ease on the desktop. It is an UTTER piece of crap!!!!

  86. Honestly windows 8 is the worst I literally just punched the shit out of my windows 8 laptop and going to go return it for a gopro. theirs an update every other day and i started using my phone more then that stupid laptop, Fuck you windows 8

  87. Just bought a HP p7-1414 with Windows 8 and I must say Microsoft has really created a nice product. I love it. It took a little time to get used to the enhancement of the new start screen, but now I feel comfortable with it. If you are having problems just tap the desktop tile on the start screen and the familiar desktop of all previous versions opens. Also you can run applications from the start screen. Right click and tap all apps that appears and icons for all apps appear. Otherwise from the desktop proceed as normal. I especially like the instant on/off feature after getting used to that on my android phone. Give Windows 8 a little time and you too will love it.

  88. Windows 8 Sucks! Big Time! If for no other reason than it makes using the touchpad pointing device on a laptop ridiculously hard to do. Stray too car to the right on the touchpad and you’re bringing up the charms menu. I don’t want the freaking charms menu!

    It’s a tablet OS, and if I want to use a tablet, I’ll use my iPad, thank you.

    Plus, there are plenty of things that I haven’t been able to download and install, such as a pdf printer program. If I can’t create a pdf from a Word document without doing it through an online option, then look no further.

    Windows 8 sucks!

  89. Microsoft threw away an OS that was very usable and intuitive for a crappy Windows 8 OS. I struggled and wasted so much time just to find the start button to switch off my machine until I gave up and pressed the ultimate CTL-ALT-DEL key. If they have lost direction, they should use some common sense. But if they lost common sense, they are doomed. Microsoft is finished!

  90. what I hate the most about windows 8 , essentials 2012 and wp8 is the fact that MS wants to force you to use the cloud, the cloud sucks, the touch interface is good for touch monitors, they should concentrate en making an OS that works for everybody with freedom, we need to start looking more to Linux, bsd etc.

  91. Worst O.S. EVER !!!! I have spent about 2 weeks trying to get this P.O.S. to automatically create system restore points daily. XP did this with ease. Take a giant step back Microsoft. You ought to provide free upgrades to Windows 7 or XP to all of us idiots (myself included) who gave you our hard earned dollars for this. At least they might actually work. I have now had this for 2 months and still hate it with a passion. So much for giving it a chance. The big problem is that it is non-functional and not at all human friendly. In short…..IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  92. I suspect the entire OS security was too predictable with desktop GUI (pre Win8) therefore some necessary obfuscation was needed- THANKS FOR THE TIP that the underlying OS is at least acceptable- I will try to go against the Win 8 annoyances again.

  93. Bought a great new computer with windows 8. After two weeks of it trying to make me feel a whole lot dumber I took it back to Costco and got my money back. Hello new Apple laptop.

    • Yup this is the problem. They’ve chased their mobile pipe dreams and “to hell” with their existing user base. Windows 8 is one of the primary reasons we’ve seen Linux take on new life. Why Steam is now focusing heavily on other platforms and why people like yourself are looking for a more polished device which does what is it supposed to do.

  94. I’m doing something about my Windows 8, I’m returning it to the store that I purchased tomorrow. I found an older and new Windows 7 computer that I purchased today. If a Mac was cheaper, I would buy a Mac. Until that happens maybe Microsoft will come to its senses.

  95. I am no longer a Windows die hard fan………..Windows8 is the dumbest move Microsoft has ever done. I’ve had 8 for a year now and I give up……….going to be looking at a MAC soon!!!!!!!!!!!! Good bye Microsoft! by the way, all my Dr offices use XP and the hospitals do to. Do you really think they will be able to treat you efficiently not knowing how to now use windows8? We are so screwed! Those offices do not have the time to send each employee to training school to learn windows8!!!!!!! It cannot be learned easily and will take forever for peeps to figure it out………

  96. After a year of Win 8, I still have to go online to find a calculator, and have lost so much time doing things that were intuitive on XP etc… MS really screwed up, 20 years of Micro Soft, I am going MAC Good Bye MS!

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