Anarchy Online a good game left in the hands of goons

Although I am still an avid fan of AO, I no longer play the game, but during my AO career I played it to the max, daily sometimes for more than 8 hours a day. It was my first MMORPG experience and I really loved the game.

I stopped playing around about the time AOC came out, I realized that Funcom didn’t care much about AO anymore and instead were chasing their dream of having a WoW clone with better graphics hoping to pull in players from ‘That other game”. Only it didn’t quiet work out for them, but that is a whole other story.

This post is about AO, an epic original sci-fi game that originally captured the hearts of gamers and had a massive following. When AO launched it was revolutionary and captivating, but as the clock ticked things got progressively worse for this game, as the people responsible for guiding the games direction made massive mistakes essentially ruining a good game.

The first major blow to the title was introducing the shadow lands (SL Expansion). Up until SL all the game content was Sci-fi related making it one of a kind and really enjoyable to play. So how exactly did SL make it into AO? The answer is pretty simple, somewhat disappointing and perhaps a bit shocking. SL was actually a whole other game, which Funcom decided not to launch. SL wasn’t supposed to be a sci-fi. It was a fantasy style game, that did not get completed and rather than waste the content they pulled it into AO.

This rift caused the game to wonder of the path. SL actually has some amazing content, but my point is – it isn’t sci-fi content!

The next major bad decision by the product team was not enough devotion for upgrading Rubka. Once SL launched vast sections of Rubka became obsolete. Froobs could still benefit from the original playing experience, but paying players found richer pastures for levelling and game enjoyment elsewhere.

The final straw is the situation with the graphics update. It has been promised to players for around 8 years now, and all they’ve managed to muster up is a few preview videos. I’ve been checking the situation now for 4 years, and each year it’s the same old promises and no delivery. During this time the game has had 3 different marketing managers, the servers have mostly been combined, and perhaps 80% of the player base has left.

Also interesting to note is that in the 4 years I’ve known the game the website hasn’t been updated – same old shitty dated website. This is proof that the game isn’t getting the love it deserves.

Why do I care? Because AO has game elements not found in any other game, and I fear never to be found in an MMORPG again. The game is epic on a gigantic scale, and it is a shame seeing it all getting flushed down the toilet by idiots who don’t know how to manage the game. It really is one of a kind. The original game design team did a fantastic job. I wonder how they must feel watching their master piece year by year just fading away.



2 thoughts on “Anarchy Online a good game left in the hands of goons

  1. I totally agree with you! I started playing the game in 2011 (!) and it’s a great game. I got a soldier to 220 and had him nearly decked out. The problem was the game’s clunky old-school mechanics, lack of real updating and yester-tech graphics. I totally agree that AO is, not a great game, but a fantastic one. AO’s biggest problem is Funcom. Funcom is mostly Grindcom, Half-Ass-Productscom and Greedcom and are responsible for killing their own great product. I played their wow-clone for a whole week – junk. And I’m already predicting TSW will be a total fail/waste of time. TSW should’ve been AO2. If they had done this I would’ve been there in a heartbeat. I was just describing to a friend yesterday the beautiful sunsets over Rubi-ka as I flew around in my jet-pack. The only thing is needs is a graphics update for perfection. You can forget any promises of updates. The greasy-fingered, dirty-tie-wearing money managers are too busy trying to get rich rather than doing the right thing for their customer base. I pray for a complete Funcom financial implosion. That way, perhaps, the great AO can be sold to someone who really cares about it and can be give the respect it deserves.

  2. Yeah it’s a real shame, I really enjoyed AO before shadowlands but I left during notum wars. It’s not just funcom ruining the game though, I quit because of the players were just as disgusting and greedy as the company bean counters.

    Having the end game’s content controlled by a small clique of neckbeards back then in a few orgs like synergy fagtor and storm was out of order, they used 3rd party rigged rafflebots and sold taraque loot for $1000 on ebay, at other world raids loot was simply deleted if there wasn’t any real $$$ buyers around.

    Tower wars PVP was also ruined by the same bunch of pricks.

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