Windows 8 Release Preview: Yet another nail in the coffin

As you might know, I’ve been following Windows 8, and spoke out against the dev preview and consumer preview.

I downloaded and installed the release preview and sad to say – couldn’t last more than 5 minutes. This post will not contain a detailed technical explanation as to why I dislike Windows 8, pretty much most of the blogging world have already covered everything I would say, and all the big tech sites mostly just agree – Windows 8 sucks.

What I suspect is, Windows 8 will launch in it’s current state without much improvement besides all the negative feedback, and most desktop users just won’t upgrade. Those buying new hardware being forced with Windows 8 might very well downgrade.

However, as I’ve said before Windows 8 under the hood is actually pretty good, so it could be that we see some shell replacements hit the scene, naturally these will be 3rd party. I wouldn’t be surprised if companies like Stardock jump on this band wagon. I’m pretty sure projects such as Sharp-enviro will find new found life.

So to recap on the history of Windows 8 so far:

1. MS released a dev preview – and desktop users world wide really hated Metro, but at this stage it seemed that it could be disabled, and Windows 8 would run in “desktop mode” or “professional mode”. Bloggers expressed their unhappiness and Microsoft got that feedback.

2. MS ignored the feedback from dev preview, and issued a more solid consumer preview – sporting Metro and this time with no ability to even have a start menu. The whole thing stank of tablet.

3. Recently MS gave us the release preview. This time really driving home the point that  “METRO” will be a major part of windows 8, and that any traditional desktop usage will require hacks to get the OS usable and give users the ability to multi-task. It was also confirmed that not much will change now until final release. Pretty much what you see in release preview is what you get.

So from here on out the only thing left to do is sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch with a certain “I told you so”, one of the biggest failures in the history of Microsoft.

Well it could also be a bad joke, and MS might release the final version with a desktop mode, and say “We had you there for a second”. But I don’t see that happening.