My compliments to the team behind the Chromium project

Google Chrome is without a doubt my favorite browser. I’m not alone it is fast becoming the most widely used browser on the planet.

I use the page translation feature a lot, mainly translating pages from Czech to English. Prior to Chrome 22 (which is in beta, not offical yet) there was a fairly serious bug which would stop pages translating if you clicked the back button. From this point on, not even a page refresh would correct this.

I was surprised to find the bug listed on the Chromium bug tracker site, and I thought the issue had perhaps gotten stale, so I decided to leave a ping and get a status update. I must admit I wasn’t expecting a useful response.

To my amazement I received an update saying the bug was fixed, someone had actually bothered to cross reference another issue and xref them! Wow. I immediately downloaded Canary and tested it, and it worked!

A day later the developer who fixed the bug emailed me with an explanation – again, I’m in awe at the hardworking, professional effort demonstrated by the members I’ve dealt with on the Chromium project. A massive thank you to Gavin P.

You guys are the best!


2 thoughts on “My compliments to the team behind the Chromium project

  1. That Chrome browser is not so free. How else does Google make money? Advertising. By using their producst you are allowing them to record personal information about you.

    I am down to using only one Google product.
    You should listen to Steve Rombom’s talks about Google and all the good stuff they collect on you.

  2. It is the only choice for people who use more than one device to browse the web. I use several. Having everything automatically sync’d is awesome. Firefox tried to do it but made a mess of it – firefox also became a stuttering mess about 2 years ago, which is why I changed (even though I still use Thunderbird).

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