Does my geek wife exist?

So I’m recently divorced. When I told friends, family and people I work with their initial reaction was “Oh sorry to hear that”. I guess it is the polite thing to say. I guess “Wow, that’s awesome, congrats!” borders on presumptuous.

Best part about being single is you know that there is now great potential to find a suitable life partner. Also having been through a marriage of roughly 8 years. More than enough time to learn some valuable lessons.

This got me thinking instead of rushing into my next relationship based on attraction and just general muck about romance. I’ve come up with some initial criteria as to what attributes my next girlfriend -> possibly to be wife should have. Basically what I’m after is a “Linux chick”

debian girl

No, she doesn’t literally have to know Linux, but here are some guidelines:

  • Must be a geek. Not really after a very nerdy girl, but not ruling an extreme nerd out, but absolutely she has to be a geek.
  • Must be a gamer. Not talking about the casual game of solitaire or Zuma either. At least should be able to take me on head to head in a game of Unreal tournament. At least have played an MMO. Is interested in gaming, and doesn’t mind playing late into the night.
  • Must be a tech enthusiast. I want a girlfriend who doesn’t just look at the screen with blurry eyes and grin strangely at what I’m doing but who understands at least conceptually what I’m programming, or working on. Knowing how to code herself would be a strong advantage. Not knowing how to install programs or use a computer – totally unacceptable. Not after girlish giggles on this one – I really can’t have someone who 3 years in says “All you do is sit on that computer”.
  • Also must be into doing fun things. Not after a complete freak either. Walking, running, camping, biking, all these things are good. But not obsessed with fitness.
  • Reads occasionally, or reads considerably online.
  • Has a geeky dress sense.
  • Playing a musical instrument would be a strong advantage, at least should be willing to learn some basic guitaring.
  • Loves to cook – and here I stress – NEW THINGS…..
  • Is a creative thinker.

Wonder if such geek chicks exist?


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