WordPress and WPDeals

If you’re feeling adventurous you can head over to http://www.royalspadeals.com, and check out the potential of WordPress and WPDeals. Both are free open source solutions, and as you already know WordPress runs on PHP.

Royal Spa Deals (http://www.royalspadeals.com) offers luxury spa deals in Dubai. My initial idea was to use Joomla and a plugin, but after finding WPDeals, I decided to use that instead.

It perhaps wasn’t the easiest approach. WPDeals has some massive flaws out of the box, namely within its stock system. Also since Royal Spa Deals is located in Dubai, Paypal does not support AED. You can read how I went around solving this in an earlier blog post (or leave a comment).

All in all I found WPDeals to be a bit frustrating to work with. Needed a lot of fixing, but eventually with enough hacking and slashing, I managed to get it to the point where it was useable.


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