Creative WP-350 Stereo Bluetooth headphone review

Hi guys, time for another hardware review again, this time I bought myself some nice bluetooth headphones. My criteria was simple:

  • Affordable
  • Good quality sound
  • Decent battery life
  • Quality build and comfortable

I read a review of 7 of the best budget BT headphones, and the Creative WP-450’s came up top. So although the WP-450 is reasonably priced, it isn’t exactly what I call a budget set. Furthermore I checked comparisons between the WP-450 and 350, and the only practical difference is that the WP450’s can fold away. Not that essential for me, since I use them primarily for home listening. Infact some reviewers insisted that the older WP-350’s were more comfortable. 

So let’s have a quick look:


Yup let’s talk about this for a second, Mini USB charger – thank you! I refuse to buy another proprietary plug when Mini USB will suffice. No more faffing around for that exact cable, like my last set which was the Logitech clearchat wireless.

Bluetooth not 2.4 wireless 

I’m not into Bluetooth gadgets and for that reason this is the only BT device I have running. Which means the signal is free without any interference, unlike the Logitech I had which used the same frequency as my 2 wireless routers, wireless mouse and keyboard – and that friends was a mess. 

Bluetooth also has decent enough range. I can move around the house a bit without the signal breaking up, such as a quick trip to the kitchen – no problem. Likewise behind the closed doors of a toilet – haha, again no problem. 

Sound quality

Prior to owning this headset I didn’t quite realise that the sound quality of any BT device is HEAVILY dependant on the device its connected to. So for this reason my sound quality review is going to be based on the 2 devices I connected it to. 

1. Nexus 10 Android 4.3

The sound quality connected to my Nexus 10 is crystal clear. It’s a marriage made in heaven. The first time I plugged them in and listen to them I knew immediately that I made the right choice in buying them. And they still impress me. Lows are deep but not overpowering. Bass is serious without being too overpowering. Mids are sweet and clear. The sensation would be akin to swimming in Evian. Highs leave room for slight improvement but overall I would rank highs 8/10 while bass and mids score 9/10. They’re also vibrant. 

2. Windows 8 Samsung Laptop

Rubbish sound quality out of the box. I am so glad I didn’t try out the headset on Windows 8 first. 

Turns out Windows picks up the profiles for this device incorrectly. You need to disable the headset profile and the microphone too. Then it sounds ok. 

Notice I said it sounds OK, but not ever as clear and good as when connected with my Android device. 

I can only imagine that Creative must have get a large amount of customer complaints over sound quality – clearly they’re not to blame. Microsoft need to get with the picture. 

3. Battery life

Maybe it is just because they are new, but they last all day on a charge. 

Now I could be very wrong here, but it seems these things charge in 30 minutes. I haven’t measured it with a stop watch, but they charge phenomenally quicker than my last set which would take hours to charge. 

Because of this they feel truly wireless. 

Overall impressions and would I recommend?

Well like always every single review on my blog is completely honest, never been paid 1 dime for writing this stuff, or for reviewing products. I write this stuff as a hobby, and so my verdict is, if you’re in the market for an affordable crystal clear quality headset that is comfortable, then the WP-350 is the droid you are looking for. 

If you own a pair leave comments.