Windows 8.1 another try and another strike

Windows 8.1 hasn’t technically been released yet, but I think I can afford a few predictions.

This will be strike 2 for the big guy. I was spot on the money with what I said about Windows 8.0. At the time a lot of Microsoft fan boys spoke out against my views. I had a reality check, and thought “Well either I am wrong or Windows 8 is going to be the most epic failure since Millenium”. Time has certainly ticked and Windows 8 has just about become that failure.

So to really put this in basic terms. Microsoft had Windows 7 and people were loving it. Prior to 7, Vista was another epic failure, and 7 restored all the bad blood. Most of us were thinking ok finally they’re on the right track and the news of 8 got us all super excited because surely you can’t fuck this one up right?

Microsoft however released a tablet / mobile OS. Desktop users recoiled and explained exactly why they were unhappy, and explained exactly what they wanted.

Microsoft took that feedback, and basically were not willing to back peddle completely. Instead they’re now pushing 8.1 – which is again a compromise on what their users really want, but it is again an attempt at pushing their mobile offering.

This could end up with Windows 9 being the hero of the day, Infact I wouldn’t be surprised if the code name for nine was something like “Windows roots” or “Codename : Tree” And essentially provide that real desktop experience once again.

Failing that Microsoft, since the departure of Balmer could start showing us all a new face, providing a full open source implementation of Windows, OR at least completely rethinking the GUI, and having the GUI completely replaceable. While the core of Windows steadily improves the tablet OS stuff has to go for it to remain seated in corporate life or taken seriously as a workhorse OS.

It could also be that soon we see entire workgroups being replaced with Linux desktops, and only servers running critical Windows functions. Exchange for example, with Outlook not being the client of choice for emails.

It could also be that shell replacements become the norm.

One thought on “Windows 8.1 another try and another strike

  1. Microsoft made a big mistake not making a Service Pack 2 for Windows 7. Or a SP4 for XP, which is still well loved and used around the world. I just feel ambivalence towards Windows 8. It’s mostly the interface which has gone backwards for power users to cater for everyone that’s the big problem. And the GUI is the most important feature, IMO.

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