Nexus 10 review months later, a non circlejerk and objective look

I am not sure if I have a Nexus 10 from the first or second batch ever produced, but I had been waiting and watching daily for the N10 to release, and since it wasn’t available in my country on release date, I had to order it via a friend and have it reshipped.

I’ve been using it since then, so how has it held up?

The truth about the build quality

At launch, a lot of people said it felt cheap. Circlejerk fanboys responded with their “cheap is relative” and focused their argument on “is plastic cheap?”

The truth is the Nexus 10 build quality is questionable. It “creaks”. I kid you not! My Samsung Galaxy Tab in comparison exudes quality and feels like an atomic unit. The Nexus 10’s back cover has an air gap which means if you apply pressure (even gently) on the back, you the unit “creaks” and you can depress the back a bit.

“Creaking” aside, the rest of the device doesn’t feel like it will fall apart, but you can’t write this with the whole “plastic feels cheap is subjective” argument. The N10 in the hand does not feel truly atomic.


The Nexus 10 is a fast tablet, there is no doubt. This offers really tangible benefits for day to day use. Regardless of what idiots like Chris Pirillo have reported, the Nexus 10 is buttery and smooth.

 Battery life

This really depends heavily on the brightness setting of your display. In terms of general tablet computing the Nexus 10 has comparable battery life. So realistically don’t expect it to last all day with heavy usage. For the most part you’re using your Nexus 10 with the USB plugged in.

Laptop replacement?

Yes and no. For vital computing it will get you there, but for content creation, every tablet sucks, sorry fan boys but this is true.

Take for instance, recently I took a trip to Dubai and was job hunting. I decided to leave my PC behind. I needed to reformat my CV, and used the best office application Android had to offer. The final document ended up with formatting issues. I decided just to buy a laptop.


Pretty good actually. Only problem is it heats up, and so playing for extended periods of time isn’t really possible but this is again a general tablet issue. remember the N10 is a passively cooled device, so it gets hot, sometimes you wonder “Is it supposed to get this hot”.

Overall / Verdict

All considering price and competition and build quality, not forgetting date. I would not recommend buying the Nexus 10 v1. I would wait for the refresh which should be coming out soon.