Distro Hopping : Antergos

I would love to tell you all about this spiffy distribution, but alas the installer did not even work.

After checking the official forums, it seems that this is a common problem depending on what display adapter you have.

Apparently it used to work, but since Antergos is based on Arch, and since Arch is a rolling distro, this no longer works? Excuse me are you kidding me?

So I liked the idea of being able to install Arch using a graphical installer with a DE selector, since I was thinking if pairing the install with Cinnamon.

Please also note: I tried 4 times. And the live CD takes a considerable amount of time to even boot.

Fed up finally I threw the install media in the bin. Conclusion: Antergos is far from ready.

Next : Opensuse 13. 

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