Bluetooth woes finally solved, once and for all gone!

I had originally bought a pair of Creatives WP-350 Bluetooth enabled headphones.

I’ll be clear, the sound quality on these headsets is certainly top notch, and considering the price well I’m more than happy with my purchase.

Indeed via my Android tablet, I’ve had absolutely no problem pairing these headphones and listening to music or watching videos.

The problems crept in the moment I paired the set with a laptop. Sound quality reduced and hindered by stuttering or just loss of sound altogether.

This frustration lasted for about 2 months. I did more research, I installed Linux Mint, and even went as far as downloading the source code for Bluez and Bluez tools and started looking for how I could fix the implementation. I wrote bash scripts and yet still the BT experience was nothing short of terrible.

Windows was even worse, I purchased a copy of BlueSolaris which did absolutely nothing to help the problem. NOTHING HELPED!

Then I came across the final solution: Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-D1. In my previous blog I wrote about this dongle, but that was theory while I was waiting for it to arrive.

Been using it now for 2 days, and during that time it’s worked without any issues, absolutely flawless!

So yeah I’m recommending this dongle to anyone who is about to throw away their BT headphones, before you do that buy this dongle!

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