This website is better than Reddit

If you’re looking for a website like Reddit only better, I think I have found something for you. 

Now before I just post the link let me explain a few things. 

Firstly I understand the appeal of Reddit, and a massive part of the addictive value is the comment system. On Reddit virtually any kind of content you can think of gets posted, having the ability to comment on what you’re looking at is massively empowering. 

There are 2 main elements to this. 

1. If you did not like the content you can vent off some steam. This gives you an outlet, and since Reddit is popular you get a sense of justice by posting your disagreements in a place you can be sure people will read what you’ve said. Likewise you can also post positive remarks or even gratitude. 

2. Having a karma systems means you can gauge if you’re inline or understood with your peers. For people on Reddit, having highly rated comments or posts makes them feel loved and special. Having negative comments, well you figure it out. 

Now I’m mentioning this because I know how you might think it is important that you get into discussions with others over a variety of topics, but I want you to really be objective about those discussions. Are they really that helpful or useful or has Reddit of late become nothing more than a troll pit? 

What I am finding lately is that no matter what you comment on, you always find some smart ass trying to be one better than you, or someone trying to point out flaws, often completely missing the point. 

For example, you might make a statement like “I like driving with sunglasses on” and some dumb shit Redditor will say something like “Driving at night is better because there are less cars on the road and you don’t need sunglasses”, this is exactly how Reddit is, full of pseudo intellectuals who actively go around trying to outsmart you. 

Mostly I find Redditors think they’re super smart, often (mostly) missing the entire point of what you’re actually saying, even though it wasn’t that hard to figure out and to be fair there’s a lot of nastiness going on there. 

All in all, you need to ask yourself, in the long term what are you really getting out of the site. Do you really want to put up with the jerks who are trying to outsmart you. Do you really need to live with it, or is there a better place on the net. 

For starters you need to learn to stop looking for validation from others. If you can do this, then you’re ready to leave Reddit. If you want to discuss every small little find with others, well there are very few places to discuss such things on the net. 

I’m saying, put behind the discussion mentality, since there isn’t much personal value in it. 

Next thing I would like to discuss is that Reddit is an aggregator, so it doesn’t produce original content, except for text posts which all fall in discussion land. Whatever you’ve found on Reddit comes from somewhere else, perhaps even more specific sites. 

Once you’ve stripped away the need for discussion, you’re much more free to roam and enjoy the net. Most net discussions aren’t worth a damn and you might think you’re being proactive by participating, but since there are so many people discussing things, it is likely more than enough will express your view point and there is no need to get your hands dirty too, unless ofc you’re after validation. Just remember every time you post your point of view you’re at risk of some jerk coming along who wants to wipe that smile off your face. Why even bother? Make real friends, and discuss stuff with them, not with strangers on the net. 

If you’re after videos, then liveleak has a lot of the content you’ll find on Reddit anyways, only you’ll get it sooner and with much less reposts. Or just become a Youtube explorer, I mean instead of being passive, be more active and explore Youtube for content you’re actually interested in. 

If you’re after tech reports, Reddit technology is all about being paranoid, there are much better tech sites out there focusing only on tech, and so once again pull that first hand and leave the discussion for the peanut gallery. 

but if you’re after an aggregator that learns while you explore, then you want Stumbleupon:

It’s like Reddit without the basement dwelling know it alls.

That’s my recommendation. .