Ahmed Mohamed is lying and why you shouldn’t think he’s a victim.

Thank the teachers

Let’s get this out of the way. The teachers in this matter acted responsible and were looking out for the safety of the other students. When a kid brings in a device that looks like a bomb to school, that threat should be taken seriously. The US has a history of shocking school violence and killings. The teachers acted responsibly and were alert and attentive, looking out for the safety of all kids in the school.

Ahmed Mohamed is lying

He calls himself an inventor and claimed not only did he invent the clock but that he also invented the circuitry in the clock and circuitry for other devices.

Here he is lying : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mW4w0Y1OXE this is evident within the first 30 seconds of the clip.

The device did look like a bomb

Let’s get this out of the way, the so called “clock” primarily appears to resemble a Hollywood bomb. He himself claims he changed some aspects of the “device” to make it look less suspicious.

The clock is a convenient cover story

Surely if the kid knew it could cause issues, to the point where he claims he made some minor changes, he should have made his teachers aware of the device. The kid is 14 years old, yes that’s 2 years away from driving age in the US. He isn’t 5 years old. He knew very well if he did get into trouble he could fall back on “It was a clock, and I’m Islamic”.

So much Islamophobia going around

It wouldn’t take much for a teenager or a group of them to know that they could always play the race / religion card against the situation. Perhaps that is the whole point of this exercise.

We need to toughen up

Just because the kid is Islamic and his name is Mohammed doesn’t give the kid the right to bring in a hoax bomb and then consider himself the victim when he gets arrested. Bomb threats are a serious matter and deserving of prison time.

Playing the Islamic card should be no excuse.

At no point has the kid offered any kind of apology or taken any responsibility for the matter

It’s simple the kid brought in a hoax bomb to school. A device that looked like a bomb, yet he doesn’t at any point say “I’m sorry if my device did look like a bomb and cause alarm”.

He’s not a role model but a disgrace

The message should be – “Kids be careful what you bring to school”. Instead the message he’s putting out is “Kids if you’re Islamic you can very well prank the system and then end up looking like the victim”.

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