How to make the most of your productivity if you are running Vista

This is a very important question. Windows Vista users everywhere are having substantial productivity issues. These include software incompatibilities, hardware incompatibilities, and a whole host of other performance issues.

In a way this is a bit ironic, since the Vista marketing campaign portrays that Vista boosts your productivity, this is simply untrue. Vista has many problems, most of which require fairly advanced computer knowledge to get around, which is a shame because the end user of Vista does not necessarily possess these skills. Nevertheless, Vista has annoyed a great many people, and because of this I don’t think that too many of us are now holding our breath expecting the next version of windows to be anything but another let down.

There is no doubt, if you want to increase your productivity, the very best and effective method, is simply to upgrade your copy of Windows Vista to Windows XP SP3. By doing this you will solve most of your problems in under 3 hours. That is if you have XP drivers for your PC.

If you are unable to do this… there is not much you can really do to help your computer that has this disease called Windows Vista. Even turning off all the graphics fuzz does not help much, I found that it actually made the rendering to screen look slower than with it turned on… There is one thing you can do, there is some final hope you your system yet, you could try upgrade to Windows Workstation 2008 (Windows Server 2008), more info can be found here

If you are a gamer, then again devastating news. Windows Vista gaming performance in my experience is about 33% slower than windows XP. Unfortunately no tweaks helped, no wonder magic cures, the only thing you can really do is install XP, or else rush out and go and buy a gaming console, just make sure that console wont require upgrading to Vista anytime soon and you should be fine.

I recently performed a quick scan of this article… it still holds true, even after the release of SP1. The general opinion out there is Vista is somewhat of a failure.

All fun and games

There were 2 main reasons why I took at interest in computers at an early age, one of these reasons came from watching the movie War Games, which paints the picture that with computers anything is possible, the only limitation was your intelligence, and the other main reason came from playing games and lots of them.

I’ve played many games in my life, on many platforms and over the years steadily watched games evolve from Pacman to Kings Quest to Doom to Serious Sam to Diablo 2 to Hell gate London.

I’ve spent way too much time mastering games like Heroes of Might and Magic 3, weeks busting my way through the Greek plains in Titans Quest. I fought bravely and killed many spiders in Revenant. I’ve survived countless Sieges while playing Age of Empires 2.

Yesterday I bought Hell Gate London. I was quite excited, I took it home having been told by the shop assistant that it was created by the same team who produced Diablo 2. So I thought well in that case, it must be good. It was the most expensive game in the shop!!! costing 3 times as much as some other titles on display. Alright it was so pricey it cost just a little less than Office 2007 Student and Home version!!!

I installed it… and that took quite long, long enough to take the dog for a quick pee outside… but once it was installed, I eagerly started the game and watched the “intro”… ALL games like this have intros and for some reason you can’t turn them off, So you are forced to watch them… Still it was an impressive display of graphics, and like a peacock, the intro showed some truly splendid feathers. Still I am not so naive, usually the intros look really awesome and the game play is nothing like the videos you wish the game was like… So I sat and waited for the real game to start….

I started the game… and sadly lost all interest in about 10 minutes…

I am appalled to have wasted my money on this game. The game is rubbish. The graphics are crappy. Its a 2nd rate FPS and its a very standard RPG, rolled into 1. It feels a bit arkward, like the game was designed using game studio A5 (for game beginners). The enemies are these charging demons that just run at you in a most brainless way. The game has this cheap tone, nothing seems well executed….

This next statement might shock. I am so annoyed by this experience, that I think its time I have a reality check, and leave gaming all together. There is not much sense in playing games lately if the authors are going to be so lazy, and truly I am not really that impressed by anything that is on the market lately.

The CPU’s and GPU’s get better, but the games are actually getting worse in my opinion. I think that the days of playing games on the PC are over… All the best games are on profitable platforms like PS3 or XBox, the PC’s hardware is being fully used up by Windows Vista and there is no real reason to have Direct X 10. Cause Vista has already eaten up any resources you need to show off the advanced features.

Games I bid you farewell till 2020 or whenever you decide to thrill hearts again.