Don’t buy an LG Smart TV – Web OS 3.0 review

Long ago in the land of nod, regular TV’s existed, they had one function to play TV or video feeds. Anything else required consoles or players connected to the TV.

Then along came Smart TV’s, something many of us only started looking at when it was time to replace our existing TVs.


Warning 1: Not all Smart TV’s are created equally

What makes a TV smart? The ability to browse the web? Being able to connect wireless speakers, streaming content from Netflix, Hulu, HBO? How about checking the weather.

If we really break it down, ultimately we’re talking of a TV that has an OS and this OS has Apps.

That’s what makes it SMART.

As I learnt the hard way though, what LG are offering is less than satisfactory. In a frustrating kind of way.

Yes, it’s smart, just not smart enough.

The web browser

The web browser that comes with LG Web OS 3 is not customizable. You cannot install plugins and you cannot replace it. It does not support Flash. This might be less of an issue in 2017, but it’s still an issue because many sites still use flash. Most likely including your favorite porn sites.

It’s also not Chrome, so you can’t install an Adblocker. Other extensions such as custom subtitles in Netflix – forget about this.

The browser is ok for most things, but you will find yourself wishing it was Chrome. And there’s nothing you can do about this.


The app store

The LG app store consists mostly of crap you’ll never use. There’s not here to talk about but the few apps that are present are mostly Russian scam apps, and aquarium apps that require mini purchases.

The term FREE here is misused a lot in the app store, out of the few apps that are free, many actually require an initial purchase to get working. EG: The so-called free radio app. That costs a few dollars before you can even use it.

So what you’re ultimately left with is Youtube, Netflix and a weather app – that’s about it.

You’ll be begging for Play Store but you’re shit out of luck. 


Unfortunately the casting app is another one of those Russian scam apps. Too many ads to take seriously. So you’re left with some limited casting options. Basically you can only cast Youtube videos from Chrome browser – that’s it! Forget about trying to cast your desktop – you’re shit out of luck.

 The remote

Fuck me if this isn’t one of the biggest scams LG ever pulled. They bring out a remote that’s purposely designed to be difficult to use, then market a LG magic remote to you, so you can purchase a remote that actually works.


Ok so what can be done?

Firstly, go buy yourself a TV that runs Android. I should have gotten one that did, but the reviews I was reading said Web OS was roughly the same – It’s not

Next, if you’re like me stuck with an LG, you’ll most likely want to buy an Android TV dongle or smart box, with it’s own remote and interact through your TV via this box.

So here’s the kicker – LG’s smart functionality then cannot live up to Android or Google Play services, so you’re basically having to buy that extra hardware nullifying the built in smart functionality completely.

That means you might as well have bought a regular ass TV!




Warning: Do not use InstallShield (Why InstallShield Sucks)

I’ve decided to write this article during compiling my InstallShield project. It’s been roughly a month of development and my installer is nowhere near ready.

My project is not too complex either, only that I was tasked to build an installer without any prior experience with InstallShield.

Firstly there are other options. You can Google these, all I’m saying is there are 2 other install products out there which are better in every way than InstallShield.

InstallShield is the worst installer on the market

It’s not that it’s slightly bad, or needs a few minor improvements. It’s outrageously terrible. I have to question how Flexera are even in business. And it’s not just me, anyone who uses this product will experience extreme levels of frustration.

Things you can expect to encounter

  • Random build failures for no good reason. Simply retrying the build works
  • No way to dynamically update text edit text.
  • Constant crashes, crashing visual studio
  • Having to code both sides of a boolean expression. For example Button.Enabled = property – you would need to code in the button.Disabled property too.
  • Incredibly cumbersome UI. Performing the same action from different dialogs gives different results.
  • All the basic MSI limitations, so what’s the point of InstallShield?
  • Terrible help system
  • The forums are a ghost town
  • Flexera support – non existent (Do not monitor the forums)
  • No training videos, help yourself by trial and error mentality
  • Forced InstallShield branding
  • No way to customize icons for dialogs
  • No way to force upper case in text areas
  • Controls misalign just by selecting them
  • Service packs not available for public download
  • No control events, like keypress in a text box, only onblur


I’m purposely not going to talk about the competition, but if given any choice, NEVER go with this product or you’ll be ripping your hair out.

If you have any say in it, don’t give this company your business and actively boycott it.


Poor quality of Netflix in Czech Republic

EDIT: All quality issues are now resolved 01.11.2016

Netflix in Czech Republic sucks

Unfortunately there is no beating around the bush on this one.


The pricing isn’t the problem, I will give them that, it is really affordable roughly 300 crowns per month for unlimited viewing on 2 devices and they claim this includes HD too.

They also offer a free trial for a month, which is generous.

What sucks about Netflix in the Czech Republic?

Very low resolution streaming. I’m all for subscribing to a convenient steaming service when it is affordable and I really wanted to enjoy Netflix but sadly the steaming quality is so poor, it has really made me question if Netflix is over rated.

Am I sure the problem isn’t on my side?

Yup I am pretty sure. I’m not trying to watch HD quality on a 56k modem, I’m on a UPC Fiber connection with a 200 mbps download rate.

Here is some proof:


As you can see my internet is comparable to some of the best provided on the planet.

I spent 2 hours in a support discussion with 3 Netflix engineers

Not 1 or 2, but 3. They asked me to try viewing in another browser, then they asked me to restart my modem, and finally after 2 hours of taking zero responsibility, they told me the problem is with my ISP.

I am fairly confident the problem is not with my ISP

Up until now I haven’t had any issues with throttling or shaping. My internet is just blazingly fast and just works.

Netflix claim that only 7 mbps is required for full HD steaming. I just don’t see UPC purposely throttling Netflix. But I could be wrong.

So how bad is it?

Pretty damn terrible to be honest. Before we get to the screenshots. Netflix allows you to change your playback settings. Obviously I did this.

Have a look:


Now what you’ve been waiting for, the screenshots:





I hate Counter Strike Go (why CS Go sucks)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or old, you’ve played first person shooters. It’s a defining genre most gamers take to instantly. Most of these games are fairly intuitive. Every FPS can be described as running around shooting stuff – that’s pretty much it.

What separates great FPS’s from average are mechanics, weapon selection, maps and enjoyment.

Sadly no matter how good the mechanics, weapons and maps are in CS Go. The enjoyment factor is pillaged by one glaring problem – but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Let’s talk about intuition first. One would think when you hold an AK-47 at someone from 2m away and unload a clip, you should bloody well hit them. NOT in CS GO. This happened to me today. I was camping a corner, a guy came around and I was aiming at his stomach, I held the trigger down. He was literally 2m away.

Let me be clear – it’s not physically possible for bullets to avoid a target from 2m away! Now you purists might say learn the spray pattern – well indeed hence the gun was aimed at his stomach, this means I should have got 2-3 chest shots in right?

And this leads us to the next glaring issue.

Look at an enemy – Dead, Put your head around a corner – Dead, Try unload a clip – “You hit enemy for 11 with 3 bullets” vs “112 damage with 1 bullet by enemy”, result – Dead, Try camp – Dead, Try move – Dead. Breath – dead. Spawn – Dead

This game is divided into 2 groups. The super elite who can kill you just by thinking about it. Now I can’t emphasize enough how good these players are. They’re so good in virtually every match I’ve played there have been accusations of auto aiming. Well I can’t say this is happening – maybe they just do nothing else other than play CS all day long. I bet after 12000 hours of playing you might be good too.

Until then – the cannon fodder. Anyone else installing this game or trying to get into it. There is no middle ground. Right from the start you play against useless bots, or super fucking extreme world championship type players.

So is this enjoyable?

I guess if you’re that good – then new players must just seem like defenseless chickens. When you’re the one getting your ass shot off every 2 seconds, no it’s not enjoyable. I mean forget actual aiming. Before you can click your mouse you’re dead – even if you see an enemy.

When you try your best to get some kills and can’t. Or you do get a kill or two in from some fluke of luck, only to have your ass shot off by “a real player”.

So the game sucks and the guns feel broken. Or maybe I just suck, but I think I’ll never be super elite.

I would say unless you’re super talented with FPS games or enjoy getting your ass shot off, you’re going to have a bad day.

Ahmed Mohamed is lying and why you shouldn’t think he’s a victim.

Thank the teachers

Let’s get this out of the way. The teachers in this matter acted responsible and were looking out for the safety of the other students. When a kid brings in a device that looks like a bomb to school, that threat should be taken seriously. The US has a history of shocking school violence and killings. The teachers acted responsibly and were alert and attentive, looking out for the safety of all kids in the school.

Ahmed Mohamed is lying

He calls himself an inventor and claimed not only did he invent the clock but that he also invented the circuitry in the clock and circuitry for other devices.

Here he is lying : this is evident within the first 30 seconds of the clip.

The device did look like a bomb

Let’s get this out of the way, the so called “clock” primarily appears to resemble a Hollywood bomb. He himself claims he changed some aspects of the “device” to make it look less suspicious.

The clock is a convenient cover story

Surely if the kid knew it could cause issues, to the point where he claims he made some minor changes, he should have made his teachers aware of the device. The kid is 14 years old, yes that’s 2 years away from driving age in the US. He isn’t 5 years old. He knew very well if he did get into trouble he could fall back on “It was a clock, and I’m Islamic”.

So much Islamophobia going around

It wouldn’t take much for a teenager or a group of them to know that they could always play the race / religion card against the situation. Perhaps that is the whole point of this exercise.

We need to toughen up

Just because the kid is Islamic and his name is Mohammed doesn’t give the kid the right to bring in a hoax bomb and then consider himself the victim when he gets arrested. Bomb threats are a serious matter and deserving of prison time.

Playing the Islamic card should be no excuse.

At no point has the kid offered any kind of apology or taken any responsibility for the matter

It’s simple the kid brought in a hoax bomb to school. A device that looked like a bomb, yet he doesn’t at any point say “I’m sorry if my device did look like a bomb and cause alarm”.

He’s not a role model but a disgrace

The message should be – “Kids be careful what you bring to school”. Instead the message he’s putting out is “Kids if you’re Islamic you can very well prank the system and then end up looking like the victim”.

Is Voat the new Reddit?

If you haven’t heard of then you’ve most likely been living in a cave, but I’m assuming not only are you familiar with the front page of the internet, also, you use it daily and spend hours on the site getting your intake of luls and information.

Reddit isn’t the place it used to be, primarily 3 things have happened to Reddit the site and the company, huge changes which are changing the landscape of the internet.

1. The Reddit hive mind is super evolved and trolling is prevalent. It’s been heading this way for a while, let’s just call it a long case study in voting systems. It seems that it’s very difficult to disagree on Reddit without getting trolled. Having a unique opinion on anything is frowned upon and there is often a very good reason for this, point 2…..

2. Corporations are using Reddit as a viral marketing platform. So for example company A wants to sell product B, and they come up with a clever viral campaign on Reddit. This is never direct advertisement. You might have your say in the comments but notice you get downvoted into oblivion. Is this coincidence? Or does Reddit backend have a system for downvoting unwanted comments? Since there is no way to audit it, who knows. How did that post shoot to the front page in the first place? Again no way to audit this, but it seems highly suspicious that for the most part garbage viral marketing is rife on Reddit.

3. Ellen Pao happened, yes that’s right her: Incase you don’t want to click that link. Essentially Reddit now has Ellen Pao as their CEO, they say no good deed goes unpunished, but should we really reward Reddit with our loyalty if they’re in bed with this bitch?

The Exodus

More and more people are moving over to Voat and there are some good reasons for this.

1. Voat is less about trolling and more about decent discussions with people who seem to be far politer

2 .Voat doesn’t censor posts, you’re free to post what you want, and create any subreddit you want

3. Voat doesn’t shadowban

4. For the most part Voat’s look and feel is very much the same as Reddit, making the transition easier.


Voat will be slowish until admins deal with the huge influx of Reddit users. Hopefully by the time you read this the speed issues will be sorted out, if not just be patient, and enjoy the Reddit you always wished you had.

How to fix the Whirlpool 6 sense F6E4 Error.

I’m writing this blog post in the hope that You find yourself reading this in desperate need of help to fix this issue.

Now I’m not saying this solution solves the problem 100% of the time, but I’m fairly confident that 90% of you out there with this error code experienced the same problem I did.

If you have the most common cause for this error, then I have some good news for you, you can fix this yourself in a matter of minutes.

So take a sigh of relief, It’s likely you won’t have to call in an expensive repair man.

Firstly what’s actually happened? What is the problem?

The bottom of the dishwasher contains a spill off reservoir, this reservoir will fill up over time from just regular use. Inside this reservoir is a sensor, if it’s too fill it triggers the sensor, and generates a F6E4 error.

F6, typically means that there is no water source connected. E4 means the reservoir is full.

So the full message in human readable form is “I your dishwasher, cannot take in more water because the reservoir is already full”. Hence F6 because E4.

The fix

1. Clean out any water from the inside of your dishwasher. This includes the filter area and the salt area. Don’t worry about getting it baby bottom dry, just make sure it’s somewhat dry. Also use this opportunity to give the inside a nice clean.

2. This is the tricky part but ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Get your dishwasher out of it’s built in cabinet. Give yourself a prep talk and get it out of there. More than likely you can just disconnect the power, inflow and outflow, but if it was installed correctly there should be enough play on the inflow and outflow to just disconnect the electricity and slide it out. Just make sure you do disconnect the power first.

3. Now once it’s out another easy part – just tilt the machine to get the water out the reservoir. Water will go all over your floor, this means you’re doing it right. Make sure you get it as dry as possible. Get as much water out as possible.

4. Put it all back, reconnect the power and inflow / outflow if needed.

5. Run P2 – without any dishes as a test, it’s the shortest cycle.

6. Jump up and down because you saved yourself a repair man.

Is Android getting boring?

Now look, I’m all for innovation and genuinely useful features in a smartphone.

I recall using my first smartphone and let’s be honest it’s a peripheral lovers wet dream. Featuring Motion detection, GPS, mic, speakers, BT, Wifi, decent enough screen any smartphone has the potential to be the most useful device you’ll ever own. 

With every platform there is the pioneering phase, and there are exciting times. New hardware features get added such as better screens or battery life, and the OS starts taking shape to support all the existing hardware so we end up with services like Google Now or fully fledged GPS applications. 

All of this is very encouraging for the early adapter. They get to see their device evolve with time and they too get to replace their devices often. 

Once what was a simple phone has become a portable assistant, and during the early days things just keep getting better. 

But sooner or later around the time of Android 4.0, the pool of new ideas starts drying up, and what we’re left with is a now established mobile ecosystem. 

Unlike Blackberry which died a slow death taking their inspiration from business level PDA’s. Android changed direction just after the release of version 3 HoneyComb. Indeed Android was going to be fun. Applications got nicknamed “Apps” and the App store soon underwent an iteration coming out the other side as “The play store”.  

This was in many ways a kick in the teeth to the more serious business users and to this day the store focuses on an adolescent target audience. To prove this point, filter the top selling “apps” and notice how many games come up?

You’ll be hard pressed to find any mature content on the Play store. Having to sift through the plethora of countless versions of Jewels and fake glass crack screen apps, and then there are the fart button apps.

If you thought this was a fad, you’ve been proven wrong. Sure you will too find useful applications designed for us who are over the age of 15, yet for the most part your 13 year old daughter will be much more impressed with the “Play store”.

So where does that leave those of us who want to see Android progress as a serious business tool or communication device, where is the innovation? 

Android the OS has run out of fresh ideas and are now working on “invisible features” such as performance and security. This happens to every stable platform, when was the last time you saw any real innovation in desktop computing? 

The phones that are coming out are a little bit more sleek, and a tad bit more powerful, but for the most part all do mostly the same thing. 

At the time of writing every single game, and I mean EVERY single Android game is casual. So while some might think it’s a great idea to be buying a phone that will be outdated in a year that costs the same as a small 2nd hand used car, I have my doubts. 

Phones too are no longer a status symbol, most smartphones look the same, and mostly people don’t give a shit about what phone you have either. 

You won’t impress your date with your smartphone, having a flat stomach and working out at the gym will! Owning a nice car will! Not your phone! 

Voice recognition isn’t anywhere near Star trek level, and we’re a long way off too, too long to even raise an eyebrow. As for the Google now stuff, it could at best be categorised as a gimmick. 

I’ve tried really hard to remain enthusiastic about Android and in the past I have been, but I that innovation has been flat this entire year and I doubt it will pick up again. Truly Android is stagnant. 

Maybe I am missing something huge, and if I am please tell me in the comments. 




Oral B Braun Professional Care 1000 vs Philips Flexcare Platinum

I’m writing this post because I couldn’t find a decent comparison.

I had started off with the Oral B Braun Professional Care 1000 as my first electric toothbrush and after having used it for a few days, I can tell you now there is no way I’m going back to a manual toothbrush.

I would also like to say before I start the comparison that when you buy an electric toothbrush, head to a dental hygienist for a good solid cleaning first, otherwise you’re wasting your time.

Get a good starting position and maintain perfectly clean teeth with regular brushing after each meal if possible, or at least twice a day.

Oral B Braun Professional Care 1000

This is by no means a bad toothbrush. It is certainly much better than a manual. Without going into too much technical detail, it has a rotating head and the action is mechanical.

My main gripe with this toothbrush is that the action rotates which isn’t great for your gums. Sure you’ll end up with clean teeth but what about gums?

However the price isn’t bad, so if you really cannot afford a Philips then get this one.

  • Price is right
  • Better than a manual
  • Does the job
  • Not great for gums

Philips Flexcare Platinum

This was a bit more expensive, so I recommend buying one from your dental hygienist who might be able to offer you a better price.

What I noticed is that the brushing experience is much more satisfying. Since it doesn’t rotate it’s great for both teeth and gums. You can even clean your tongue with it.

As a cleaner it’s perhaps a little better than the Oral B, but the Oral B cleans teeth perfectly too. The main emphasis here is on the gums, you can clean right up to the top of the gum line with the Philips, something you cannot do with the Oral B.

The Philips is overall a Porsche, while the Oral B is a Volkswagen Golf, while a manual toothbrush would be a 2nd hand Mazda 323.

The Golf is great compared to the Mazda, but the Porsche is leaps and bounds better than the Golf.


If you can afford it, just get the Philips.

Any questions will be answered in the comments.


Facebook in a nutshell

Facebook gets stagnant quick : It doesn’t matter if you have 20 or 400 friends, your feed is heading in one direction and it aint up.

It’s initially engaging: Sure it is, while the general populous get loaded up. There will be a ton of interesting photos and posts, stuff from their childhood and other treats.

That content dries up: Yup most normal folk exhaust their hidden gems quick, and so what follows? Remember FB is about content creation. “What’s on your mind posts” and “Daily wall posts” are all FB mechanisms to get you (the digital sharecropper) to create new content, along side this content ads get posted and that’s their business model.

So what the hell does the average person do once they’ve uploaded all their photos and shared their story of their annual holiday to Greece?

User classifications form: Check your feed right now and you’ll see that the people who post on a regular basis tend to follow a certain theme and continue to post in the style of that theme.

For example I have someone in my feed who posts aviation pictures, literally every single day. Another posts news about her kids.

Check it out, the content creators in your feed can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Original content creators
  2. Reposters

Original content creators usually post along a certain theme and don’t deviate and usually have a defining hobby or interest.

Some examples:

  • Look I’m a mommy. Look at our normal, complete family, blah blah blah
  • I’m a skydiver or an adrenaline junky.
  • I do something you will never be able to do and am proud of it (make furniture, fly, surf)
  • I’m a musician (Self promoting)
  • I’m a party girl / student / hipster and I do these social events at least once a week

Original content creators will never run out of new material because as part of their life cycle, they’re either obsessed with that one thing, or they’re very proud of it, and you totally need to have this shoved down your throat.


These are people who have a busy life. Usually the work they do might be considered “standard” work such as an office job or something not worth bragging about.

Reposters want a piece of the FB pie, they too want inclusion, love and acceptance but they have no new content of their own that they would consider posting.

They then, without original content post all kinds of crap that they’ve manged to find on the internet, stuff they think a) Defines their identify b) Stuff you might find interesting – worth noting that A is the primary objective.

Some examples:

  • Motivational images
  • Famous speeches
  • Funny stuff / Daily humor
  • Shocking content
  • News

That’s nearly it, and we could leave it at that, but there are still 2 other types to cover which fall into the original content creation category.

Poor old wretched me: Poor old wretched me shares pitty stories with you. These might not even be totally dramatic and their updates can be one liners in an attempt to find acceptance and worth. 

Poor old wretched me might make posts like:

  • Cars they only break down when you need them
  • It’s Tuesday and I’ve already had it up to here
  • Would someone explain to my boss that overtime should be paid

The list goes on, usually they rope you in with blanket statements that could apply to many people and this generates likes which makes them feel valued.

Good guy Greg: He might not have original content, and he might live a mundane life but he doesn’t bitch about it, instead his posts are all about exposing some hidden enthusiasm towards life.

These people will post stuff like:

  • Sorry to say Goodbye weekend, see you again this coming Friday.
  • Monday we try really hard to love you too
  • I’m typing this then shutting down my computer and off to have a Bacardi with the boys
  • As the holiday season approaches I hope you all get a good break and see you all soon.

That’s it, Facebook in a nutshell.