The IT Crowd is cheesy, old school and gay

Its not the worst show on tele, but it could have been a lot better if the plot of the whole thing focused on real day to day scenarios in IT. If you watch all 3 series carefully you’ll notice that Roy and Moss don’t do a scrap of work, and their pretentious project manager Jen doesn’t know the first thing about IT, all of this would have been semi plausible in the 80’s but since we’re all living in 2009, I don’t think the show really speaks to anyone.

Moss and Roy are help desk support staff, they’re not DBAs or programmers or designers. The company outsources it’s real IT work. The show feeds on the fact that support staff are useless, and indeed this is the general consensus.

Clearly the directors have no clue about technology, neither did they bother to actually interview too many developers or real project managers, if they had, they could have included our real frustrations in the show, and it would have been a laugh. Instead the show focuses mainly on strange interpersonal relationships that are just too fictitious to believe.

What’s with all the sexual harassment? It would have been enough to make a light joke about it, and move on to more pressing IT issues, but instead almost every episode seems to focus on it.

Is Moss gay? Well he sure aint metro sexual! So I wanted to watch a show about IT, instead I am watching what appears to be british Will and Grace. Yet another cop on the population to convince us that being gay is acceptable in our society, btw, we get it already!

Are the characters likeable? They’re not bad people I guess, but everyone featured in the show is a moron. I guess its easy to direct a show like this, have everyone do stupid things all the time, and add a laugh button where applicable. Very easy, very lazy.

This show is truly representative of somewhere , someone lost the plot, somehow.