Mono failed miserably

I would just like to caution you guys on using Mono. A lot of hype is out there claiming that Mono is a “mature solution” and you get the impression that its an easy port. I am sure a lot of basic code will port without a problem. Its unlikely you’re going to face any problems with a simple “contact us” form.Just be careful if your app is complex, because like I’ve just discovered, its a lot of work getting things up and running in Mono.

At this stage I am not sure if my app will ever run the way I wanted it to under mono. I will have to debug it line by line and rewrite to accomodate Mono specific code.

None of this is what I had in mind, I really thought it would just work out of the box. Well it doesn’t.

I guess I might undertake it as a personal challenge to get it all working, but I can’t say I will enjoy working with Mono, its not very well polished.

Lastly don’t under estimate the Linux configuration you’re going to have to undertake to get things running. If you’re completely clueless with Linux, expect to get very frustrated, Linux can be a bit daunting, I dare say even a bit annoying, if you’re not used to it.