Windows 8 still sucks, a look at it after the Consumer Preview.

In my previous post I spoke about why Windows 8 sucks, the post was based on my experience with the developer preview.

Fast forward a few months, and Microsoft have released the consumer preview. So let’s review the progress.

The consumer preview sucks even more than the developer preview.

How so?

  1. It is tragic yet evident that Microsoft didn’t take any of the feedback seriously generated from the dev preview. Most serious desktop users and professionals who did try out the dev preview thought the Metro UI was merely a proof of concept, or something that could be turned off and have the OS run in “Desktop Mode”. Indeed the dev preview did give you some control when it came to running a fully fledged desktop OS, while the consumer preview just doesn’t do this. The whole consumer preview is geared towards Metro UI.
  2. Metro UI on a desktop is a¬†catastrophic failure. Many bloggers feel the same way, a lot of them go into great detail on the subject, but the main problems are a) It’s an interface designed for a tablet, on a desktop your productivity is hindered b) The interface is not consistent enough for daily comfortable use on a desktop.
  3. Windows 8 under the hood is a beautiful creation – perhaps the best OS to date, but it just doesn’t matter how good it is, unless Microsoft get their act together and release a professional version suitable of being called a “Desktop OS”, it doesn’t matter how good it is, people won’t use Metro.
  4. The Windows 8 UI is so bad, most desktop users don’t even want to try it. It really is a horror story.

So now we wait. What will Microsoft do?

The answer is pretty simple – To save face, just give us back a desktop OS UI, and put back the frigging start menu. Or make it nice and usable without the start menu.

Let me be very clear :

We don’t want a tablet OS, what we want is a desktop OS!!!

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