Sony Vaio VGN-AR41S Motion Eye Driver for Windows 7 64bit

This is the latest post for you guys who like me own a Sony Vaio VGN-AR41S and want to upgrade to Win 7. Its taken me a while, but quite by chance I’ve managed to find a driver that will work with the built in web cam – Sony call it a Motion Eye, but its really a Ricoh device.

I got this driver from the Sony Vaio VGN-AR51S driver pack, but I’ve put it up here for you to download. I’ve only tested this with 64Bit, but as far as I know it should work with 32bit well enough.

here is the link:^5Ricoh^6%206^2209G%20-%206.1005.209.0^_logo.rar


98 thoughts on “Sony Vaio VGN-AR41S Motion Eye Driver for Windows 7 64bit

  1. Sony VAIO VGN-CR409E/T 14.1-inch Laptop
    Beautiful, fast, packed with features and software and ready to go in minutes right out of the box, I fell instantly in love with the thing. And being a longtime Mac person it was a difficult decision to give a Window machine a try. So yes the sound is a little weak, surprisingly from a Sony object, and now I hope it doesn’t break in 3 weeks, as I read a lot about Vaio problems… In the meantime I see in it everything I need from a laptop. And Amazon offered an incredible price, free delivery that happened to be the next day. So far a top consumer experience for me.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!

    Finally I get a working driver for Win7 64bit to use the Motion Eye webcam on my Sony VGN-CR420E!

    It’s working great!

    Thanks again!

    • Hey, I also have the VGN-CR420E Vaio laptop and upgraded to Windows 7 Prof. 64 bit.. having the same issue of not being able to make the webcam work.

      After downloading the link from this website, how do you go about installing the driver? Please help!!

    • I also have VGN-CR190. The camera seems to be working fine with this driver. Did you also lose function of your memory stick duo drive? I found a driver online but it is kind of buggy. I would appreciate it if you know of one that works better. Thanks.

    • Best idea: download the package, then open the control panel and click on device manager. It could be your device is listed under unknown devices or imaging devices, its also possible you have more than 1 unknown device, so you might have to use a bit of trial and error.

      Right click on the suspected device and then click update driver and browse to the folder containing the driver you just downloaded, Windows should take care of the rest for you.

  3. Yes,my camera in now working in Windows 7.I’ve been looking for this for almost 4 hours and finally I’ve found it here.Thanks a lot..

    It works in VGN-CR354.

    Again thanks..

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. I searched and spent many hours trying to find the right driver without any luck at all. This worked for my Sony Vaio, VGN-AR550U. Since Sony will not support Windows 7 for this laptop, I’ve had to piecemeal drivers from other laptops (Sony brand and others) to get everything working properly. I also had to hack the stupid CMOS to uncripple the CPU so it could use virtualization ops. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Sony after this.

    Thanks again!!!

  5. I cannot believe that i have finally found this. Sony didn’t give a crap and neither did they know how to fix this problem.
    thank you!
    this also works with VGN-CR420D

  6. hey i have a vgn nw 125j/t and i can’t find how to install it. i opened up the device manager and imaging devices or unknown devices doesn’t exist..

  7. Hi!
    I am looking for the same camera driver for a sony VGN-CR31Z but for Windows XP. Do you know where I can found it?

  8. hey i did the download and extracted the folder from winrar but now im stuck… i dont know what to do. could you help me????? im not so computer savy

    • ok , don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚ now make a note of that folder location, then find the device in control panel, devices, and update driver, then browse to that folder and you’re done!

  9. Amigo super agradecido…. Estaba a punto de regresar a vista, ya que no podia usar la camara web, el controlador que posteas tambien sirve en una sony vaio vgn-cr440f. Windows 7 ultimate 32 bits. rtm 7600

  10. Excellent tu post me sirvio tambien en 32bits, figura como Sony Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC6, quedo como una uva esta Laptop VGN-CR440F con motion eye.
    Win 7 Pro.

  11. I have a sony vaio VGN-NS14E model number is PCG-7141L and i cant get the motion eye to work.I install a xp driver which is my model and when it recognize it and i open a program to view it the devices disconnect and show as a unknown device..I’ve been search for drives for three mouths now…then i turn up on this page,and see that people here are getting good result,so i hopefully i can do so too

  12. I think manufacturing a pink Vaio is the best move that Sony has ever made since it started manufacturing laptops. Pink is a color universal to all women, transcending culture, race and religion. No wonder it’s such a best seller among women. – Tanya Bayo

  13. I’ve been looking for this driver since August. I’ve got a VGN-CR320e running Win7 Enterprise 64 and the driver worked great for me too. Thank you!!!

    I got zero help from Sony and no one on the forum had any solutions either (I posted your link for this solution out there. Others are looking for this solution too). I can’t say thank you enough. Keep doing what you do!

  14. Sony VGN-CR590E/Vista>Win-7 upgrade: Ran the RICOH driver S/w–Motion eye Camera works great! Thanks!

    You wouldn’t know where I can get the AV Mode application S/W?(I think it’s called Vaio launcher or zone package)

  15. some people are right Sony gives zero help.
    Can some one help me with the link for MOTION EYE camera driver for WIN7, SONY VAIO model VGN-TZ27GN please ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  16. hi and thanks but still can’t get to work not very good with computers any help thanks my laptop has had new version of win 7 put on it is a vgn fz150e many thanks

  17. lo instale funciona pero de repente ya no se veee solo funciona 5 segundos y luegos se pierde la imagen q le pasa tengo la vgn-cr190 windows 7

  18. Bonjour, je n’arrive pas ร  retrouver le pilote de motion eye VGN-AR41E sur le net. je vous prie de bien vouloir me guider

  19. Hi, this didnt work for me. pls help me someone. I upgraded from vista32 to windows 7 professionl on sony vaio FZ38M. I can not find drivers for web cam.

  20. Michael… YOU ARE A GEM…
    I got my camera problem resolved after a week’s search.. i got into your resolution above.. and it is working NOW..
    A Billion thanks..

  21. Iโ€™ve been looking for this driver since August. Iโ€™ve got a VGN-CR320e running Win7 Enterprise 64 and the driver worked great for me too. Thank you!!!

    I got zero help from Sony and no one on the forum had any solutions either (I posted your link for this solution out there. Others are looking for this solution too). I canโ€™t say thank you enough. Keep doing what you do!

  22. Hi. I am using Sony Vaio VGN-CS36GJ. i downloaded da above mentioned package and installed the driver by running the file DPInst32. The dialogue box said dat da driver was successfully installed. But da cam still dsnt work. I tried updating da driver from device manager by locating the package. But windows says it did nt find any relevant file. the device manager didnt even list any imaging devices.. pls help asap.been tryin to make my camera work since an yr!!! thanks in advance

  23. Thanks mate, worked for my VGN AR41S <however still several devices that don#t work correctly under windows7 64 bit. Unbeliveable from Sony noit to support windows 7 on such a expencive device. I payed around 32oo EUR for this machine and does not support a next windows release (7) dual core double disk etc… Sorry never a Sony again. Worse investment made ever!!
    If you have some tips and tricks for me to get some more drivers for the bluetooth device, IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and Universal Serial Bus controllers then I saved my Vaio even when harware functions can not be used again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  24. Searched a couple of places and stumbled upon this link by luck. This driver worked for me on Sony VGN-CR190, WIndows 7 32-bit. Awesome!! Thanks Michael.

  25. Can someone tell me how to turn on the lowlight compensation for my camera? My camera is working now for VGN-CR420E but i cant turn on the lowlight button for the webcam companion 2 program?

  26. Work perfect in Windows 10 pro 64 bits for VGN-CR320E change the usb video camera to Sony Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC6

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