Don’t buy an LG Smart TV – Web OS 3.0 review

Long ago in the land of nod, regular TV’s existed, they had one function to play TV or video feeds. Anything else required consoles or players connected to the TV.

Then along came Smart TV’s, something many of us only started looking at when it was time to replace our existing TVs.


Warning 1: Not all Smart TV’s are created equally

What makes a TV smart? The ability to browse the web? Being able to connect wireless speakers, streaming content from Netflix, Hulu, HBO? How about checking the weather.

If we really break it down, ultimately we’re talking of a TV that has an OS and this OS has Apps.

That’s what makes it SMART.

As I learnt the hard way though, what LG are offering is less than satisfactory. In a frustrating kind of way.

Yes, it’s smart, just not smart enough.

The web browser

The web browser that comes with LG Web OS 3 is not customizable. You cannot install plugins and you cannot replace it. It does not support Flash. This might be less of an issue in 2017, but it’s still an issue because many sites still use flash. Most likely including your favorite porn sites.

It’s also not Chrome, so you can’t install an Adblocker. Other extensions such as custom subtitles in Netflix – forget about this.

The browser is ok for most things, but you will find yourself wishing it was Chrome. And there’s nothing you can do about this.


The app store

The LG app store consists mostly of crap you’ll never use. There’s not here to talk about but the few apps that are present are mostly Russian scam apps, and aquarium apps that require mini purchases.

The term FREE here is misused a lot in the app store, out of the few apps that are free, many actually require an initial purchase to get working. EG: The so-called free radio app. That costs a few dollars before you can even use it.

So what you’re ultimately left with is Youtube, Netflix and a weather app – that’s about it.

You’ll be begging for Play Store but you’re shit out of luck. 


Unfortunately the casting app is another one of those Russian scam apps. Too many ads to take seriously. So you’re left with some limited casting options. Basically you can only cast Youtube videos from Chrome browser – that’s it! Forget about trying to cast your desktop – you’re shit out of luck.

 The remote

Fuck me if this isn’t one of the biggest scams LG ever pulled. They bring out a remote that’s purposely designed to be difficult to use, then market a LG magic remote to you, so you can purchase a remote that actually works.


Ok so what can be done?

Firstly, go buy yourself a TV that runs Android. I should have gotten one that did, but the reviews I was reading said Web OS was roughly the same – It’s not

Next, if you’re like me stuck with an LG, you’ll most likely want to buy an Android TV dongle or smart box, with it’s own remote and interact through your TV via this box.

So here’s the kicker – LG’s smart functionality then cannot live up to Android or Google Play services, so you’re basically having to buy that extra hardware nullifying the built in smart functionality completely.

That means you might as well have bought a regular ass TV!





15 thoughts on “Don’t buy an LG Smart TV – Web OS 3.0 review

  1. I agree do not buy LG TV no good only last 1 year an LG will not fix it so my advice to you don’t buy LG I would never purchase anything with LG name on it again..

  2. Sad observation, since the one thing LG makes well are screens, everything else, not so much.

    Which mainstream manufacturers (besides Sony) make Android TV sets, especially smaller sizes?

  3. I am so disappointed with my lg smart TV always been a fan of lg stuff but the bad sound and no browser have made feel cheated and I will never buy another lg item.

  4. This is sooo true!! My LG “Smart” TV is basically a regular tv with Netflix. I’m so disapppinted in it, I really should have bought a Samsung Smart TV.

  5. Hi, I too unfortunatly bought an LG Smart TV and it sucks as far as smart goes. At the time I did not see any android smart tv’s. So I’m stuck with it unless it breaks down and then my extended warrenty will replace it, I hope. And yes I have bought a box for android tv. It does kill the purpose of having a smart tv. I was gutted when I saw a Sony tv and it said android os. Does mean one thing though if you watch kodi as an example they can’t take your box away if they try to stop you.

  6. I agree, this LG WebOS is crap! It’s like whoever developed the interface has never used a smart tv before or bothered to use their own product for a little while. Also the lack of apps is truly disappointing. It’s all garbage, almost like a proof of concept rather than a final product that people are expected to pay for. I hope they are able to turn it around, but something tells me that they aren’t throwing many resources at this. Sad!

  7. sorry I haveto disagree with you I have a lg webos 3 tv it has quantum display and dolby vision hdr.
    netflix amazon prime and hulu work great (even though I am not in usa little hack) I get more usable apps than apple tv witch I own so I know there there is no amazon prime but one thing never buy a tv because it has netflix or is smart you are always better off with a box like apple tv roku or android tv box they are exchangeble not the tv buy a tv with as good picture quality you can get for the money thats what I did I know I wont use my tv for those things more than two year or so I will get a box

  8. I am more than satisfied with the Webos…you all are dinosaurs…do you need someone to hold your hand to operate a good TV.? I have a 2015 Sony 4K, a 2016 4K Sharp, and now a 2017 4K LG. The LG is far better in the Smart TV area and its picture is equal to the Sony….my first LG and I am now sold it.

  9. Hi all my friends!

    I also bought lg smart tv 49″ from argos uk and have got the same issue as yours and i am not satisfied!!

    I just wonder how they could have added google play movies but not google play?!!!!!!!!?

    I must notice that i’m still paying towards my debt to argos😠😤😤😤

  10. I own a 65 inch LG 4K webos 3 and I love it. In fact I am using it right now as I type. Yes no flash support or outside 2nd and third party down load or change screen saver ( cause virus ). I can stream web content , Facebook etc.

  11. Bought LG 4k 43″ smart tv. Picture is good enough. The LG content store is embarassing. The web browser crashes constantly and is a pain in the arse to use. Sometimes decides not to connect to network without a manual fix. Smart tv more of a “tryer” than smart. Remote pointless. Should charge a bit extra and include magic remote. Magic? The tv is smart but not, I’m guessing the remote can juggle and hide the sausage but that’s about it.

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