I hate Counter Strike Go (why CS Go sucks)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or old, you’ve played first person shooters. It’s a defining genre most gamers take to instantly. Most of these games are fairly intuitive. Every FPS can be described as running around shooting stuff – that’s pretty much it.

What separates great FPS’s from average are mechanics, weapon selection, maps and enjoyment.

Sadly no matter how good the mechanics, weapons and maps are in CS Go. The enjoyment factor is pillaged by one glaring problem – but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Let’s talk about intuition first. One would think when you hold an AK-47 at someone from 2m away and unload a clip, you should bloody well hit them. NOT in CS GO. This happened to me today. I was camping a corner, a guy came around and I was aiming at his stomach, I held the trigger down. He was literally 2m away.

Let me be clear – it’s not physically possible for bullets to avoid a target from 2m away! Now you purists might say learn the spray pattern – well indeed hence the gun was aimed at his stomach, this means I should have got 2-3 chest shots in right?

And this leads us to the next glaring issue.

Look at an enemy – Dead, Put your head around a corner – Dead, Try unload a clip – “You hit enemy for 11 with 3 bullets” vs “112 damage with 1 bullet by enemy”, result – Dead, Try camp – Dead, Try move – Dead. Breath – dead. Spawn – Dead

This game is divided into 2 groups. The super elite who can kill you just by thinking about it. Now I can’t emphasize enough how good these players are. They’re so good in virtually every match I’ve played there have been accusations of auto aiming. Well I can’t say this is happening – maybe they just do nothing else other than play CS all day long. I bet after 12000 hours of playing you might be good too.

Until then – the cannon fodder. Anyone else installing this game or trying to get into it. There is no middle ground. Right from the start you play against useless bots, or super fucking extreme world championship type players.

So is this enjoyable?

I guess if you’re that good – then new players must just seem like defenseless chickens. When you’re the one getting your ass shot off every 2 seconds, no it’s not enjoyable. I mean forget actual aiming. Before you can click your mouse you’re dead – even if you see an enemy.

When you try your best to get some kills and can’t. Or you do get a kill or two in from some fluke of luck, only to have your ass shot off by “a real player”.

So the game sucks and the guns feel broken. Or maybe I just suck, but I think I’ll never be super elite.

I would say unless you’re super talented with FPS games or enjoy getting your ass shot off, you’re going to have a bad day.

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      • me and my friend where told how good csgo is we take our other friends advice we get the game we play for like a hour my friends messages me and says he does not like the game. i agreed and we talked a bit more aobut the game. i told him it felt like a 20 year old arcade game with crap graphics guns felt broke on scope is with snipers how gay is that alone. just the movement gameplay and graphics weapon selection WOW just by far the WORST shooter i have EVER played. so like i said played for aobut a hour or so we did average for being new to game got some kills ect . than we both UNINSTALLED that crap game. NEVER to be installed again.

  1. There’s a lot of small things that players don’t know about, if you haven’t been an avid FPSer on the computer, that make it hard to become good at the game. A couple examples are mouse acceleration, adjusting your mouse sensitivity properly, and how to actually go about improving in cs.

  2. It seems you’re frustrated at the game because of personal experience and think that just because it;s bad for you, that means it must be bad for everyone else.

    The ak-47 is a powerful weapon, and has a lot of recoil. I am not just saying that for the game. If you’re going to shoot someone, you have to be ready for any recoil that comes out of it. Thus why you must aim down when spraying in counter strike.

    The death thing seems to be an issue all the time in deathmatch. I must admit, their spawn placement decisions were off by heaps, but then again, they only placed random spawn locations around to prevent spawn camp to a higher extent. Try playing competitive.

    • I disagree there snowy, the game is bad right now, guns are very broken (they are all basically 2 taps – or 1 taps if you somehow manage to get a a head shot at first glance like most of these super elite people somehow manage to do). So in the end the weapon doesn’t matter, because its either an AWP, P90, AK, or either of the two basic pistols in the game because anything the other guns can do, those guns can do better. Secondly I’d like to point out how insane the reaction time is in this game for some people, they don’t even need to see me to get a head shot, yet somehow I’m the only one struggling to get these “ah yes if I click here right now I will get a head shot” moments where its just so easy for the player. Now you little twelve year old’s are probably sitting in your comfy chair that your mom bought you and saying, “You just suck at FPS kid get rekt.” Well you’re wrong because I excel at almost any other FPS I can think about, whether it be a strategical, team cooperative game such as Overwatch, or the oddly similar to CS:GO game of TF2. In fact, I was so good at TF2 that I made it into a comp team as a sniper because I could snipe so well (for the people who haven’t played TF2, sniping in competitive is rare because it is normally unreliable as other classes are better, yet I could hit head shots so well, and my flick accuracy was so good that I was able to play sniper in comp. However, as soon as I decide to finally buy CS:GO my aim is gone. I have figured out how I should set my sensitivity and how alert I need to be in the game compared to TF2. They both require flick accuracy, but I have also changed to accommodate the slow but sure downward movement of your mouse to reduce the recoil and hit your shots, however it doesn’t matter in the end because the enemy has already magically head shot you because his gun is just better? No no no, I can’t be saying that right but it is, I simply cannot be this BAD at this game, I mean every match I play I get even more tilted as to how the enemies hit the head shots so fucking fast… its exceedingly ridiculous and I can think of 1,000 better ways to spend my time online or outside, because the aiming mechanic is broke… head shots don’t even have to actually be head shots. Go on and reply, call me “bad” but deep down you know that the game is broke and just because you have figured out how to aim in the enemies general direction and somehow make the first bullet ALWAYS a head shot makes you the person to defend the broken game because its the one thing you are good at and if someone calls it bad that means I am threatening the one thing that you have going for you.

      • Awesome mate I totally agree I’m a old player and I love the game I am in a shit region and it is what it is but I just worked with guys I did not know we never talked we just looking out for one another I got up to 3rd a few times. It just been in on my first night I’m a noob player cannon fonder to the better players but I just get back in there and give it a go no matter much I get kicked down I found when I went out on my own yeah sure I got chopped up but I said to myself team up to stand a better chance and as soon as you start working out looking for your guys in your squad they start helping you it was a real good thing I’m only playing death match at the mo throwing grenades is a bit much for me so I have decided to work on aim at this stage there are so many great players out there regardless of the other that lets say win in other ways so Thanks for the positive feed back no I know I won’t be giving up where you at if your still playing

  3. CS has always been a competitive game where you need to have skill in many ways to win. This isn’t like Call of Nooby games where you can simply “aim” “just about in the same direction” of an enemy and still hit and kill them. CS never has been a game for the “casual FPS player”. You need tactics, good hearing, knowledge of how the weapons work, map knowledge, good aiming and overall a good “game sense” (knowing the state of the game like how many of the enemies are dead, how many of your team are alive, where is the bomb/bomb carrier, for cs_ maps where are the hostages and are they still where they should be) to win. The situations you described can be described correctly as:
    1. Look at an enemy – Dead
    If you run blindly into the enemy, yes. You deserve getting shot. This game isn’t about blindly running into enemies like a maniac. It is a team based tactical shooter. Play with your team and talk to them or you will not win.

    2. Put your head around a corner – Dead
    Basically the same thing like the first but a little different.
    a) When crossing corners you should know where to expect enemies and prefire those spots and
    b) before actually crossing a corner where a sniper might be aiming at you should do “shoulder-peeking”, that is: Quickly only show your shoulders and hide again, to see if someone fires a sniper rifle etc. and if they do, you can peek again and take them out.

    3. Try unload a clip – “You hit enemy for 11 with 3 bullets” vs “112 damage with 1 bullet by enemy”, result – Dead
    Always aim at head level and learn spray control or you’re the described “cannon fodder”. This isn’t rocket science.

    4. Try camp – Dead
    Here the “game sense” rule applies: If you don’t have the experience to know when it’s a wise move to “camp”, you shouldn’t do it.
    Chances are that everybody already knows all the typical camping spots and prefires them. Camping usually is a bad idea. From the “Descent” series of video games someone summed it up with “Stop, drop and roll” (roll – the death roll of a player’s ship when getting killed).

    5. Try move – Dead, Breath – dead
    Look at the points above.

    6. Spawn – Dead
    Only applies to Deathmatch when you’re unlucky.

    To sum it all up: This post must come from someone who has never played any other version of CS before and expects that he will be instantly able to play like professional players.
    And just to finish here are some clips how it looks like when players have fun playing with skill:

    • Your points are valid. However this game only appeals the super try-hards. I am pretty sure that real soldiers don’t pre-fire around corners… This game is probably the least inviting game I have ever played because two of the most important mechanics are also to hardest to learn, new players stand no chance against more experienced players. Yes the experience gap has an effect in every competitive game, but in CSGO it makes reasonable game play impossible for new players.

      1. Counter Recoil

      Sure if you stand in front of a wall and fire without moving you mouse you can see and learn the recoil patterns. But mastering them to the point of being able to land all your AK 47 shots in a space the size of a counter terrorist’s head (one shot headshot kill btw) takes a lot more work. It’s hard enough without considering the fact that it is easier firing at a wall than a moving target, as a moving target.

      2. Prediction

      Prediction happens a every competitive game, but in CSGO it ends up being as overpowered as seeing through walls… if you know Dust II like the back of your hand after 2000 hours. I have lost count of how many times someone has ran around a corner and insta killed me, nice counter play.

      So overall this game is only good if you’re a hacker or a try-hard that is willing to log 700 hours to start having a little fun. If you want a good game that you can start having fun with from game one then try almost any other FPS. I don’t think kids and 40 year old men that spend $600 on a different colored knife deserve to insult people who just like having fun while playing games 😉

    • See the entire damn purpose of playing a game is to have fun, and when a game has that much complexities, it pretty much kills it. I bought CS GO and been playing for a while now, although I can play well and compete in death match and arms race, bug the casual and competitive gameplay modes, just ends up giving me depression and loss of braincells, with ultra super fucking expert players blowing my brains off with a single shot (and most of them carrying an awl, which means they shoot by brains off, from virtually anywhere on the map their scope sees), not to say, if by any minutest chance, you’re the last player or somehow the game just jumps on you, the obscenities they yell from their mics. I honestly don’t know much, I am a casual gamer, I am not like those mad gamers with their mountain dews building gaming PCs and ace at every game they play, this is one reason I tend to stay away from games like Dota 2, etc because people take them too goddamn seriously, I mean hell with it, it’s a fucking game !!

    • I own overgrown so bad i know when to shoot in the wall. I have been kicked and banned because of a so called wallhack…. My name was da_bas (now n00bas) and I played cs_militia for 3 years 8 hours a day. Only one persoon was a challenge named ‘bad mother’. I can get 6:1 k/d with knife only and a surround headset. I stopped because my sister her rats are the cable…

  4. how to not suck:
    0. Don’t use controller (obviously)
    1. lower sensitivity
    2. turn off mouse acceleration
    3. don’t mlg yolo run around randomly with a rifle and expect it to be laser accurate
    4. aim at head, not floor
    5. Shoot
    6. Pull down
    7. ???
    8. Profit!?!!

    Congratulations, not silver anymore

  5. Dude, you are totally right on about all of this. I can’t stand CS:GO because it actually IS broken. Ignore the fan boys, these kiddies have no idea what they are even talking about.

    if you’ve been playing CS for years since the late-fucking-90s and are getting demolished like this, then something is obviously wrong with the game’s mechanics. When I played CS:S and CS 1.6, I had good games and bad games and anything in between. In CS:GO. seems like it’s almost always a bad game. Seriously, the game is busted and I have had enough. They ruined this game. And where the FUCK are my sprays!

  6. Some people pick it up really fast and are good but people like me absolutely suck shit through a crazy straw in a 2L bottle of coke. The ONLY thing that will get me more than 2 kills and 40 deaths is running around in narrow and small places (maps like office) with a negev and just piss away all 150 bullets when the enemy turns a corner.

  7. Now, not everything can be perfectly realistic in a game.

    But saying you need 12000 hours to be elite is an overstatement.

    If you actually put time into learning the game, you’ll have a good time.

  8. “”You hit enemy for 11 with 3 bullets” vs “112 damage with 1 bullet by enemy”” That is because they shot u in the head. When u didn’t shoot them in the head.

  9. i agree with this posting good job. CS GO is nowhere near as good as the Previous games. The graphics look great but that’s about it. Counter Strike Source had far better gameplay and that’s a fact. The recoil mechanics in this game are just retarted.

  10. This game is pure skill. If you want to be specific, 90% skill and the last 10 comprises knowledge, teamwork, and perseverance.

    Biggest learning issues with this game lie in the mechanics. It’s interesting because they’re not that intuitive, nor are they that deep. They’re borderline artifical in their difficulty and their only purpose is to separate the players who are good and the players who will never have a chance of being good.

    Yes 90% of these people will tell you to “git gud” or “read a guide” but honestly? There is no environment in this game that cultivates learning dying is not learning. Understanding why you died does not make you better either.

    Fact of the matter is, there are those who dumped hundreds of thousands of hours into this game. And those whose first game is GO and may be their first FPS. The result? They get crushed obviously. The deficit is only one issue of many. It’s nobody’s fault really, this is a do or die game. Person with the faster reflexes wins. End of story. Some people will never be fast enough. Some are born with those skills.

    Anyway you hate CS GO? More power to you. I don’t know why these fan boys are trying to discredit you or blame you for your hatred. You played the game sucked for you, therefore it sucks. The end. No “b b but you’re not playing right!!!” This is just more fanbs you do you. Move on if you want. Have fun with BattleCodHalo or another gaming genre. You do you OP, cheers.

  11. I really enjoyed “Oh alright!”‘s post, it was very realistic and should stop the blood from boiling.

    So my take is:
    CS (The series) is a beautiful game primarily for being a building block for ESPORTS and promoting team work. There is that feeling you get when you and your team work together against a team who is more talented and you win that is undeniably one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. The flip side to it being a great team play experience is the individual play.

    The best way to master individual play is to play a lot of deathmatch (good for warming up before matches too) and watch professional CS:GO matches (Primarily Tier 1 teams e.g. Fnatic, SK) and to learn to mimic how the players are moving and aiming and also where they are (Some positions are better than others).

    What to look for when watching the pros (Easy/Important things to master):
    Headshot(s) – Only(sometimes not) go for headshots and don’t be greedy and spray. It is easy when you leave the crosshair at head level where the player will run into the crosshairs and sometimes you can naturally land a shot just by barely seeing a pixel stick out.
    Strafing – This is crucial, even when you can’t see anyone, you will notice they move back and forth slighty, this makes it harder for the game to register a hit onto you because of latency and other factors and also it’s just harder to hit someone strafing when someone pops out.
    Walking – Be invisible, sound queues are huge in this game and you can basically hear people through walls and use that to your advantage.
    Flash bangs – these can feel tedious at first but after using them often they have a lot of uses. If you right click you can lob a grenade, and you can lob it in the air or towards the ground so that when timed right, you step in front of it and engage a blinded enemy (a.k.a. pop flash). This will allow you to cover less angles when engaging a site or position and also can be used to slow down your enemy.
    Movtails/Incendiaries – These are great to force someone out of a position or it can be used to prevent a bomb defuse and to also make a temporary wall which is nice for being able to cover one less position.
    Smoke Grenades – These can also be used as a temporary wall or can be used to: trick an enemy like a flash (my favorite), stand in the back of the smoke and catch greedy people pushing through it, covering planting of bomb or defusing of bomb, and to also stop a movtail. You will often see someone throw a smoke and then throw a flash or other nade through that smoke after some time to catch the opponents off guard which can mess up their timings more.
    Angles – holding angles and not staying in the open or over exposing yourself will give the competitive edge.
    Buying/Saving – it is important to understand when to buy and when to save as a team and even half buying small weapons or nades. It is also important to understand when the enemy is doing the same as to help when deciding strategies.

    Communication is also good and having someone lead the strat calling is huge. There are a lot of things to master in this game with communication only which is also another meta strategy.

    I do have an issue with the spraying in this game and am working on a simple shooter that can blend the competitiveness with counterstrike but also be appealing with newer/intermediate gamers. If you or anyone want(s) to help design the shooting mechanics (or other mechanics) please reach out to me @ sivx@sivx.co

    Thanks. There is more that I left out but that should be a good start.

  12. Counter strike has always been a boring game. The shooting mechanics are bizarre and difficult even for experienced players, and the graphics are nothing to be excited about. Also, I don’t really understand why people say Counter-Strike has more skill than other FPS games. Counter-Strike is actually more forgiving than Call of Duty in some ways. For example the shooting system basically rewards camping by making you stop in one place before you can shoot accurately. However, the real problem with Counter-Strike and the FPS genre in general is the extremely high skill ceiling. When I say that, I mean that they are too hard to be accessible to the average audience. Not everyone has the time to play video games all day, and it’s obnoxious that casual gamers are made fun of in gamer culture.

  13. Wow. Your speaking from my heart. When I was younger I played hundreds of hours 1.3-1.6 CS and CSS and I never seemed to be bad. Like others have said: you basically weren’t instakilled on a regular basis. But now on CSGO its basically like you said. You just die unless you know the maps by heart or learn those spray patterns. Plus you have this amazing toxi community… When you do something stupid ppl don’t just laugh – they get really mad and kick you from even casual games.











  16. If you want to play those mindless-point-click-casual-fps kill a bunch of enemies (I don’t even need to think about shits just point the crosshair (Aim-assist) walking around point and click. Have fun that’s your choice..but CS is for a MAN. You know what I’m sayin bruh? CS is never meant to be play like those call of newbs , It’s competitive. Brain , Skills , Communication are required.

    Different people different style of fun, Many people having fun with it that’s why It’s still alive. You’re noob that’s why you said all those stuff. Like some people say Darksouls is sucks.

  17. Counter-Strike is actually more forgiving than Call of Duty in some ways. For example the shooting system basically rewards camping by making you stop in one place before you can shoot accurately.

    That’s only in newbie games. In high skilled games it’s punished, or when having a read on enemy player/team, it can be rewarding. High skilled games in CS are the best fucking mindgames, individual, but even more when playing in team.

    However, the real problem with Counter-Strike and the FPS genre in general is the extremely high skill ceiling.

    Gaming is a hobby, a hobby thats challenging is more appealing for most gamers. Maybe you like things easy (or you are not a competiteve player), that doesnt make a high skill cap a “real problem”.

    There is no environment in this game that cultivates learning dying is not learning. Understanding why you died does not make you better either.

    Uhmn yes it does. Understanding something you didn’t understant before, is learning and making you better.

    Counter Strike Source had far better gameplay and that’s a fact. The recoil mechanics in this game are just retarted.

    Seriously? nice “fact” you must be retarded

    this is one reason I tend to stay away from games like Dota 2, etc because people take them too goddamn seriously, I mean hell with it, it’s a fucking game !!

    Offcourse have fun and don’t take it to serious, but not taking it serious at all probably spoils it for your mates, like having a football match and one guy just doesn’t care and waits to get the ball passed. Fuck that guy

    Your points are valid. However this game only appeals the super try-hards. I am pretty sure that real soldiers don’t pre-fire around corners…

    It’s appealing to competitive players, not ‘try-hards’, you shouldn’t be so butt-hurt bro.

    So overall this game is only good if you’re a hacker or a try-hard that is willing to log 700 hours to start having a little fun.

    *kuch* noob trashtalk *kuch*

    I don’t think kids and 40 year old men that spend $600 on a different colored knife deserve to insult people who just like having fun while playing games😉

    Nobody deserves to insult other games for no reason, but hey, you sound like a cocky guy who might need some insults now and then.

    Anyway, i just wanted to say what i just said, hope most of the people who commented here stay away from esport games 🙂 gl hf

  18. The main problem i had was the recoil pattern. In other fps games the crosshair(aim thingy) suffers from recoil too, but in CS:GO it doesn´t. That makes it impossible for new player to correct the recoil and people have to memorize the recoil pattern from each weapon and aim accordingly.. which is really stupid and completely unnatural

  19. You are not the only one..
    I’m decent at the game but it still sucks. How many times can you play the same boring maps over and over again? Are people insane? I’m done with CS all together. Been playing it for years (since 1.6). Nothing drastic has changed.. nothing to lure me in to give it a try. Skins also ruined the whole game. Now it looks like teletubbies with guns. It’s Team Fortress 2.1.

  20. I played a lot of CS back in the day during the times when gotfrag was still around and people hung out in mIRC all day. Played a few seasons peaking at cal-m.

    I recently tried cs:go and hopped into competitive. The game feels different (obviously). The strafe-burst-strafe doesn’t feel as good as I remember it being in 1.6. Enemies appear on your radar now????? Smoke grenades are an actual thing. Molotovs and decoy grenades are a thing, too… Dead players can talk ingame and alive players can hear them??????

    It seems that the skill level of the average player has increased dramatically since I last played, at least from the first few competitive matches I tried. Just watching people’s aim… everyone seems very, very good. Players are actually somewhat mindful of what noise they’re making. Asking if they can get a buy if they’re low on money. Some strat talk. These are presumably just random people doing competitive at a fresh account mmr, so I basically expected it to be a pub.

    I think it’s clear that the whole e-sports thing along with twitch streaming, youtube, and the like has brought up the skill level of the average player considerably. There is more of an avenue for someone to practice as much as they want in a competitive environment… no more waiting around in #findscrim or #findringer for a game. I’m sure there is a ton of content out there for people who want to improve and get competitive with the game. That’s pretty cool.

    However for a newcomer to the game this makes the barrier to entry very high. I have CS experience so even though I sucked after all these years I could still follow what was generally going on and why I was dying. If someone were new to CS or even to FPS games in general, or didn’t naturally pick up quickly how to aim, when to peek/not peek, what sort of general strategy to use quickly… I could see them finding the game extremely frustrating.

    This is no one’s fault really, it’s just the nature of the game. But it’s a game where if you die, you are watching the rest of the round. A tenth of a second misstep and you’re dead. I could see how a beginner would find that unenjoyable. Not to mention how many in the community seems to flame and insult people who aren’t good at the game (“get gud scrub” etc). One guy in my first game got screamed at and left.

    Those who are new and suck… some of them will have the time and energy to grind it out and get better. Most of these people will be younger people who generally have more of the time and incentive to do so. Others will shrug and play something else. I’ll be doing the latter. On balance, I think the game is pretty fun, however I know enough about CS that getting good at it doesn’t happen overnight, and I have neither the time nor energy to do so (I’m getting old). But that’s just my experience

  21. I completely agree with the fact that you need to invest an extremely big amount of time to be able to play CS-GO.

    It doesn’t matter how many times you have played and enjoyed CS in the past , CS-GO is something you wouldn’t want to play for long.

    This one is a big disappointment for all the CS fans.

  22. The game is rigged because in COMP the system works where, first, if you lose, you go down a rank, which means that there could be some guys that lose on purpose in order to down rank and destroy noobs. I don’t know why I got to be that one, now I have noob syndrome for it, but my mom raised me trying to brainwash me video games with even a pinch of blood in them are, “Evil”. (I never believed her, that’s religious BS.) And only recently have I gotten privlages to play most all games out there, I feel like I am stuck being a suck. honestly, I am stuck being a noob, bad aim, bad movement tactics, bad everything. I only play it any more because I get skins and then sell them to fools who think that shit somehow does something. CS GO has made me so bored with gaming I am more outdoors-ey now, that’s how stressful it is.

  23. It was a waste buying this game, after 800+ hours of playing 1.6, my friends finally convinced me to buy this game. Boy was I surprised (and after a while frustrated for letting myself convinced).
    1. The maps. We can argue about this, but personaly for me, the CSGO maps are total garbage. There are so much “litter” on the maps when its compared to 1.6, hell even Source didn’t had that much s@#t on the map (cars, foliage, garbage cans, and so on), they all have different colors, like an lsd parade, you cant spot any movement, because, by the time you spot the enemy (who is not visible thanks to the s@#t scattered on the map) you are dead. I can’t tell the difference where the wall starts, or is it just a visual for “graphics-hungry 8y-olds” and its frustrating as hell.
    2. The second is connected to the 1., namely, that, the CTs and Ts are very, very hard to spot, and they are very lookalike from the distance. In 1.6 even if you couldn’t see the difference (the wardrobes of the T and CT side were very different then in CSGO), the cursor told you instantly that you spotted an enemy (big red text showed up), in GO, the “message”shows up 1-2sec late, you target your “maybe” enemy for 1sec, when the text turns red. In 1 sec you can kill an enemy couple of times, if you are good. I’d been killed for not being able to see the difference from an ally and foe very often (I didnt shoot cause I tought it was an ally).
    3. Its just my presonal opinion, but, for an 1.6 player its very hard, to adept the new buying system, most of the weps are not on the same buying spot then in 1.6 or Source (and yes, every1 can get used to it by playing, but it frightens the new players, who switch from other CS games to GO).
    4. granades are very hard to spot (thanks to all the colorful graphics), and their dmg radius is way bigger then the actual graphics, that plays when for example a HE blows up. Flash is garbage aswell compared to earlier titles.
    5. You have to manualy choose from the inventory if you want a silent M4 or USP, and you always start with the chosen (it takes ages to get the silencer down from the weapon).
    6. Character movement is silent, you cant realy tell if there is an enemy aproaching, even with headsets on, not to mention hearing the way form where enemies are comming.

    These were my personal feelings, opinions and downsides of the game and the main reasons why decided to leave the game where it should, away from my PC.

  24. Went to play BF1, couldnt go back from there. CSGO is just too plain and simple. You dont have to look out for planes dropping bombs on you from the sky or mortar shell barraging onto you that you have to quickly find cover and duck into the mud and trenches, dealing with the unpredictability of a large scale battle, vehicular threat, judgement of long range target 300m away.

  25. The problem is that this game is just broken and the skills required to master it is actually to learn the flaws of the game and how to use them rather than to do something “realistic”. It’s like owning a really old crappy car where you need to know a few tricks to get it started, while the owner of the brand new Cadillac just starts it. The only difference is that then you don’t see the owner of the crappy car brag about it being superior in all regards to the brand new Cadillac…

  26. CS:GO’s ‘issues’ make it more skill based, and that’s why people love it. I only now just got into matchmaking after playing a casual community server, and rounds are never dependent on RNG. Its all skill. If you hear a flash, you need to move away and look away. If you hear footsteps, you need to aim at where their head would be after they walk forward. And the recoil patterns can be frustrating, but after you play a few solid days of deathmatch, recoil is not a worry for you. Overall, having to git gud is where the fun of the game is.

  27. im bad at all fps games but csgo is very hard to actually kill someone, even if theyre at 2mt and i unload all the clip no bullets hits and the crosshairs are on his chest, only gun im somewhat good is the awm and the mg

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