Oral B Braun Professional Care 1000 vs Philips Flexcare Platinum

I’m writing this post because I couldn’t find a decent comparison.

I had started off with the Oral B Braun Professional Care 1000 as my first electric toothbrush and after having used it for a few days, I can tell you now there is no way I’m going back to a manual toothbrush.

I would also like to say before I start the comparison that when you buy an electric toothbrush, head to a dental hygienist for a good solid cleaning first, otherwise you’re wasting your time.

Get a good starting position and maintain perfectly clean teeth with regular brushing after each meal if possible, or at least twice a day.

Oral B Braun Professional Care 1000

This is by no means a bad toothbrush. It is certainly much better than a manual. Without going into too much technical detail, it has a rotating head and the action is mechanical.

My main gripe with this toothbrush is that the action rotates which isn’t great for your gums. Sure you’ll end up with clean teeth but what about gums?

However the price isn’t bad, so if you really cannot afford a Philips then get this one.

  • Price is right
  • Better than a manual
  • Does the job
  • Not great for gums

Philips Flexcare Platinum

This was a bit more expensive, so I recommend buying one from your dental hygienist who might be able to offer you a better price.

What I noticed is that the brushing experience is much more satisfying. Since it doesn’t rotate it’s great for both teeth and gums. You can even clean your tongue with it.

As a cleaner it’s perhaps a little better than the Oral B, but the Oral B cleans teeth perfectly too. The main emphasis here is on the gums, you can clean right up to the top of the gum line with the Philips, something you cannot do with the Oral B.

The Philips is overall a Porsche, while the Oral B is a Volkswagen Golf, while a manual toothbrush would be a 2nd hand Mazda 323.

The Golf is great compared to the Mazda, but the Porsche is leaps and bounds better than the Golf.


If you can afford it, just get the Philips.

Any questions will be answered in the comments.